... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 TLINA -Handmaiden

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PostSubject: TLINA -Handmaiden   TLINA -Handmaiden I_icon32Mon Apr 01, 2013 3:57 am

OOC Info:


Character Info:

Name: Tlina

Pronunciation: tl-EENUH

Title: Lady (-in-Waiting) / Handmaiden

Age & Turn of Birth: 19 Turns, born in 482

Gender: Female

Place of Birth: Crom Hold

Current Place of Residence: Crom Hold

Rank/Occupation/Role Desired: Handmaiden to Lady Galaeanyss

Character Aspirations:

    ✣ Freedom: Tlina has never known it. The concept has an almost divine mystical quality to it. She wants it but is unlikely to have any idea what to do with it if she were receive it.

    ✣ A Dragon: In her mind Dragonriders have supreme freedom. They can go where they want, do what they want, and have no Holdbound responsibilities.

    ✣ N’kyr: ‘Cause he’s yummy. A goal slightly hindered by his revulsion of her. She can’t imagine why he doesn’t feel the same way about her that she does about him.


    ✣ Father: Nilenear - (former) Miner, age: 42

    ✣ Mother: Wentil - (former) Merchant, age: 45


    ✣ Tilen: Brother - Tanner, Journeyman, age: 28

    ✣ Telwin: Brother - Merchant, age: 26

    ✣ Neilenta: Sister - Smith, Journeyman: Jeweler, age: 22

    ✣ Wellin: Brother - Harper, Apprentice, age: 12

    ✣ Iterilen: Brother - Holdbrat, age: 6

    ✣Children: N/A

    ✣Other Significant: Lady Galaeanyss: Not in a romantic way.



Bailey Buntain

TLINA -Handmaiden Tlina1_zpsf30fd9da TLINA -Handmaiden Tlina2_zps60d82da1 TLINA -Handmaiden Tlina3_zpsb355c4c3 TLINA -Handmaiden Tlina4_zps5108c75d

    ✣Hair: Honey Blonde in color. Tlina’s hair is just short of reaching the small of her back. It is thick and a bit too heavy to have much by way of bounce. It also takes forever to air-dry.

    ✣Eyes: A middle shade of Green

    ✣Height: 5’7”

    ✣Build: Tlina is of average weight but her body is on the lanky side which gives the illusion of her being thinner than she truly is.

    ✣Other Notable Physical Traits: Tlina has a few minor scars here and there. There are a couple on her face with more on her arms and legs. A life serving Lady Galaeanyss is neither simple nor pleasant.

Style of Dress: Tlina prefers to wears plain gowns. She tends to shy away from the overly ornate, sticking to underplayed designs. Unfortunately, she rarely gets a chance to dress up as anything nice that she owns would not last long. Tlina is instead often limited to rough-and-tumble clothing falling in to the thick blouse-and-pants category.

Possessions usually found on persona:

    ✣ Twin Jambiya-style Daggers


    Tlina was taken from her family at the age of toddler. She was placed alongside the recently born daughter of Crom’s nobility. For the next few Turns of her life she was never allowed to be apart from little Galaeanyss for more than a handful of hours. As such, she imprinted on the little Lady. The bond that formed between the two was much that of family as it was friendship.

    As the pair grew in to childhood, Tlina developed a subservient personality. She easily fell sway to Galaeanyss’s domineering mindset. The Junior Lady often acted out to get attention as well as get revenge on any perceived wrongs. Tlina was dragged along with all of the mischievous events that her Mistress concocted. Admittedly, she did enjoy the mischief that centered around making messes. She was less eager with the ones that involved hurting others. Still no matter what they did, they invariably got caught. Her loyalty prevented her from tattling and caused her to get in to just as much trouble as Nyssa did.

    When Nykyr was Searched by the Weyrs, Galaeanyss took over his duties as the de facto Junior Lady. Nyssa did not like they actual work however, only the recognition that came with it. That meant that all of the actual labor was pushed on to Tlina. While Tlina resented her borderline slavery, it has allowed her to develop her natural organizational talents as well as instilling a bit of independence.


    ✣ Somber

    ✣ Indignant (These two are often limited to her interactions with Lady Galaeanyss even though the little Lady ~is~ her BFF)

    ✣ Assistant Trouble-Maker, Occasionally Unwillingly So

    ✣ A Bit Of A Tomboy


    ✣ Subservient: Her Turns functioning as Galaeanyss’ handmaiden has effected her independent development. While it has weakened somewhat now that she has grown to adulthood, she still occasionally has difficulty standing up for herself.

    ✣ See: Fighting Style

Mannerisms or Habits:

    ✣ Melodramatic: She uses a lot of Flourishes and Twirls in her movements. Also: Pose

    ✣ Frequently Utilizes Poetic Speech Patterns


    ✣[Skill 1]: Logistics: She can easily keep mental tabs of several dozen Records and their numerical contents. She can do complex mathematics in her head. This makes Tlina especially skilled at large-scale logistical operations. It comes in handy since Galaeanyss pushes all of her Hold Maintenance and Record-Keeping duties on to her.

    ✣[Skill 2]: A Surprisingly High Pain Tolerance. Also comes in handy when dealing with Galaeanyss.

    ✣[Likes 1]: Doll Collecting

    ✣[Likes 2]: Weaving: But she can only do small, simple items.

    ✣[Likes 3]: N’kyr: ‘Cause he’s dreamy.

Dislikes/Unskillful at:

    ✣[Dislikes 1]: Abuse. She suffers it often.

    ✣[Dislikes 2]: Frumpy Clothing.

    ✣[Dislikes 3]: Nyssa decapitating her Doll Collecting

    ✣[Dislikes 4]: Dragonrider Lancelle, whom she blames for getting in the way of the would-be love between herself and N’kyr.

Fighting Style/Weapon of Choice:

Tlina primarily uses her dual daggers in a fight.

She is fairly limber and agile which gives her an edge in close combat.

Despite her physical prowess, Tlina possesses only marginal combat training. She works best in a support role. She is more adapt at harrying an enemy to keep them distracted from their main adversary than she is at direct confrontation.

She also tends to rely on weapon strikes rather than using her own body which limits her attack options.

Tlina also has difficulty tracking multiple opponents. She gets easily confused in such situations and tends to freeze up. This stands somewhat contradictory to her proficiency with written logistics.
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TLINA -Handmaiden
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