... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 Yeoun -Blood Moon Guard Squad

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PostSubject: Yeoun -Blood Moon Guard Squad   Yeoun -Blood Moon Guard Squad I_icon32Fri Mar 29, 2013 7:37 pm

:: OOC Information ::
Moniker: JQ/ Els
How did you hear about us?: CoFounder

:: Character Information ::
Yeoun [Nickname: Un (oon)]




Age/ Turn of Birth:
22/ 481


Place of Birth:
Territory of Telgar Hold (exact location unknown to him)

Place of Residence:
Telgar (wherever he is stationed)

Hold Guard

Occupation/ Role:
Blood Moon Guard Squad member & Heir of the Chorong Rebels

Character Aspirations:
Yeoun desires to be one of the best swordsmen in Telgar. Now that he knows who killed his father, and that he is the Heir of the Chorong Rebels, he is bent upon righting the wrongs of the current rebels and either disbanding them, or having them drafted back into the Hold Guard under new identities. He doesn’t want to to unnecessary harm come to them, or those outside of the rebels. He wants to take responsibility though, for what they’ve done, seeing as he is Chorong’s heir.

Father: Chorong, leader of the Rebels [D]
Mother:  Yet unknown to him [D]
Siblings: Yet unknown to him [unknown] (one younger sister)
Children: None
Other Significant: Captain/ adopted uncle & foster brothers of the Blood Moon Squad; Sorcha (Rebel agent); Swift (Rebel agent); Lord General Galedon (leader of the Chorong at present).

Yeoun -Blood Moon Guard Squad Dc41bdb9-d438-4229-b683-82cdbfd0dff4_zps8b0ffa0bYeoun -Blood Moon Guard Squad 67c4b365-3615-4148-97c0-f65d9a726877_zps26ce5913

Face: Yoo Seung Ho
Hair: Long jet black layers, the longest of which are cut a little below shoulder length. His hair is straight and cut with side swept bangs while the top layers are often drawn back out of his face into a short ponytail.
Eyes: Umber brown orbs that tend to seem a bit sleepy and unfocused much of the time. His eyes hold his anger.
Height: 5’10”
Build: Long and lean, cut musculature that is incredibly trim due to both his young age and great amount of physical activity. Still has a bit of a boyish build as his body hasn’t quite fully developed into adulthood.
Other Notable Physical Traits: The usual work-caloused hands.
Style of Dress: The fabric of his clothing is typically black or blue in colour and the weight of it heavy by necessity considering his occupation. His dress consists of shalwar-like trousers, fitted loosely for freedom of movement, tucking into and blousing over mid-calf boots. The wrap-around tunic shirt he wears is long sleeved, tying at the right side of the breast. Its sleeves, to just below the elbow, are wrapped by cloth bracers snugly about the forearm to keep them out of the way. Layered over it, he dons a sleeveless outer garment which is long and belted by a wide sash about the waist. One of the outer robes he usually wears is patterned simply, but by striking crimson threads. A utility knife is sheathed in his right boot and both of this swords are housed in scabbards across his back, the sheaths being secured into place by cords that encompass his waist and cross diagonally over his chest.
Possessions usually found on persona:

    ✣Utility knife✣A short sword about 4-5 inches longer than the length of the forearm & a secondary short sword about even to the length of his forearm (Worn in back sheaths. one over the left shoulder, one behind the right hip.)✣ID badge (light, palm sized wooden pass with name engraved onto it, attached to a red cord and tassel. Kept tucked under the left side of his outer garment layer near the belt.)✣A number of fine needlethorns stored and concealed well enough where they are pinned through the cloth of the belt around his waist and under the bracers at the wrist. Since they are very small and lined close together, typically they are not visible.✣Bow and quiver of arrows (if he’s traveling long distance)✣Handful of Cherry-sized smoke bombs (sometimes).

Born in 481 to a Guardsman and his wife, he was the eldest of two children, having a younger sister who was only a turn and a half younger than he. His father had been a very skilled Guardsman, known for his brilliance in combat. His mother had been a woman of upstanding reputation, skillful when it came to healing. She’d long been employed by the infirmary that most frequently treated the Hold’s Guard.

At the age of seven, in 488, a great conflict began taking its toll on the people of Telgar, causing a rift in political perspectives and rousing their passions enough for them to take action. Yeoun’s father became a dissident, leaving the Telgar Guard, at which point he was known as a traitor. The Guard pursued him and the rest of his immediate family to exact retribution. So, in order to keep his children from being dragged into violence and possibly killed, Yeoun’s father hid the children away and then ran in another direction with his wife in order to keep the eyes of the Guard off of them. Yeoun’s father was able to avoid detection for a while, because he was familiar with how persistent the Guard was, and their tactics however, the pair were eventually discovered and the wife murdered.

Able to escape his own death for the time, Yeoun’s father went into hiding again, but this time somewhere much further from the reaches of the Holders. The ex-guardsman went to the furthest reaches of Telgar, near the Igen border so that if it was necessary, he and other defectors could cross the Igen border to save their lives. For several months in hiding, keeping a low profile so that the Guard would not be able to track him down, Yeoun’s father began to take charge of other dissidents, finding them a place to reside with southern cotholders. Having a relatively secure place to begin organizing themselves and renewing their strength and numbers, Yeoun’s father became the head of what would later become known as the Chorong Rebels.

While organizing and training the small force of dissidents, the ex-guard did his best to try and find his children. Avoiding detection made it very difficult and he struggled, as any parent would, with knowing that he’d had to abandon them, even if it had been to save them in the end.

A fragile young mind blocking out the trauma of ensuing events, Yeoun no longer remembers the younger sister of his (that is still alive), and some part of him wants to believe that his parents are somewhere still to be found; but in his heart he knows they are dead. Since he does not retain almost any memory of them, he does not know what happened to them nor does he know for sure that they are dead. The Captain that took him in eventually began assuring him that they had most certainly perished in the conflict but how much more than that the Captain knew of their story, was also left obscured from his view. From time to time he’s pressed the Captain and other trainers in the camp for more information about his parents and how they died, but none could seem to offer him more than that. Somehow that makes it seem as though they were only hiding something from him. No,..it made him absolutely certain that they were hiding something.

The best reply he’d ever gotten from any of them boiled down to this:
“Just know that your mother was dead long before your father left this world. Yeoun, will it really make a difference to know how they died or who killed them? It cannot bring them back or change anything that has already happened. You are a great kid and they’d be proud of you. Can you not live your life simply knowing that? Knowing that you have family here with us now?”

“Knowing does make a difference. I don’t mean to say that I don’t appreciate all that you have done to raise me and give me the skills that I have, but my father will always be my father, and my mother will always be my mother, even if I cannot remember them. But I should be able to remember. I need to. Please tell me... who was it that killed them?”

“Yeoun..I cannot say what happened to your mother, but your father’s killer is very skilled in combat and...is somewhere high. With time, it will only be more difficult to reach him.”

Those words were too ambiguous to mean much to him except suggest that whoever it was that killed his father was going to be difficult getting close to. If not because of martial skill, then because it would seem as though the person was a ranking individual. Immediately his mind started sorting through potential suspects, but it was no use without more clues than that. There was no way he could narrow them down enough...He had no idea when or where his father had been murdered. Unless the Captain had been referring to the Holder himself? Their Commander? The Heir Apparent? In which case, he wasn’t sure how he’d go about exacting his revenge. Those contemplations have continued to plague him, and became an even greater motivation for him to become the best swordsman he could be. He has not shared with anyone his suspicions about who he suspects as the killer.

490 -Age 9- His parents having been assumed dead for several months, Telgar Hold’s Lord Matoi was beginning a campaign in secret to round up eligible boys orphaned by the escalating conflict in order that they could be raised from a young age by the Hold Guard to be molded into future Guardsmen.
The project was known to no one except those most privy to the information who were in the Lord Holder’s innermost circle of confidants because it was a daring move and questionable in some eyes, even if it did provide food and shelter and occupation for orphaned young.  

The boys taken in to the camp of orphan trainees were all around ages 8-10, and were given a choice to join what was called the Blood Moon Squad. They could also leave and go back to the life they lived previously. Even if they chose to join the Blood Moon Squad, the first month of training was exhaustive and their success would determine if they were fit enough mentally and physically to make the cut to join in the real training.  The camp itself was secluded in the mountains of Telgar Hold to the East and was located so deeply therein that even the holdless did not venture there. The Captain  and the few other Guardsmen heading the squad of boys called themselves uncles to each of the boys. That would be the only family they would grow up with from that point forward.
The Captain and the few other Guardsmen heading the squad of boys called themselves uncles to each of the boys since they would be the only family the boys would grow up knowing. The Guardsmen responsible for them however, were allowed to bring their own wives and children to the camp to live and work with them, providing staff for the kitchen, infirmary, weavercraft and the like; so these too, became the boys' family. The entire camp functioned much like a cothold in its own right.

It was typical that the boys found their own methods of providing for themselves where there was otherwise no means available. Being as secluded as they were and required to remain in isolation from the rest of the world for the Holder’s purpose, they were not allowed to venture outside of the camp and its vast training grounds until they’d reached the age of 15. At that point, they could be assigned minor missions for the squad and on runnerback, travel to the nearest minor hold in order to purchase and bring back supplies. At the age of 15, the boys were finally entering the beginning stages of their “journeymanship” as far as the Guard was concerned, which was three turns ahead of the normal trainees.

Throughout their growing up, the Commander of the Guard, and once even the Lord Holder himself, came to visit them. It was important that the children understood their efforts were highly regarded and appreciated and they should recognize the man they were serving. It was equally necessary that their progress be evaluated. Training was incredibly rigorous, so expectations were high. The Blood Moon Squad had been given opportunities to prove their survival skills in the wild and was drilled four days a week in combat skills, two days a week were dedicated to classroom learning so that they were not without proper education, and then they received one days break.

As the children have grown into their 'journeymanship' period, they have been given small allowances similar to a Guardsman's starting pay (which isn't much), but they cannot receive higher pay until they have been to one of the Guard Halls to take the Guard entrance examination to determine their abilities.

In 496 -Age 15- Yeoun’s father had spent several turns evading the law and also trying to locate his children.  Having discovered from locals that his boy had been taken by the Guard, at first he believed that they knew the boy was the son of a traitor and perhaps killed him. Later on however, he found out that many other parentless boys seemed to be disappearing from the streets as well, and for those turns, poured every effort he could into finding out what happened to them. It was by chance that he managed to find out that Yeoun was being held in a camp with the other orphans, deep in the mountains of Eastern Telgar.  Being a well known traitor having defected from the Guard, the man had his reasons for not wanting his son involved with them, so he decided to rescue his son from the orphan training camp.

Following the only lead he could get his hands on, Yeoun’s father came upon the opportunity of trailing the envoy of officials heading to that very place in order to evaluate their progress. Having finally discovered his son’s whereabouts after so many turns, Yeoun’s father wasn’t even sure he would be able to recognize the child. He waited until the envoy of officials left the camp with spirits high and less alert, before he went in. Assuming that taking Yeoun away would be relatively easy in comparison to the troubles he’d gone through getting to that point, the boy’s father faced a bit of an unexpected problem entering through those doors. The number of adults in the camp were few however, he had not anticipated that the children would get involved. Trying to rescue one, whom he might not even recognize, he was faced with many others who’d come to defend against the traitor as his presence became known. Being very skilled, not wishing to dishonour himself by being responsible for the death of childnre, Yeoun’s father put them down quickly without killing any, only rendering them unconscious...but then something unexpected happened. And with almost none left standing to see what transpired, an unexpected presence came at him, there ending his life.

Only the Captain and one other Guardsman were present to witness exactly what happened. It was at this time of Yeoun’s father’s death that the Captain learned of Yeoun’s relationship to the traitor. Since that time, unbeknownst to Yeoun, the Guard has kept close watch over him in case he should end up following his father’s path. It is in part for this reason, that the Captain has always refrained from telling Yeoun how his father met his end.

Yeoun was unaware that his father had entered the camp that night, even as the man’s life was taken in a desperate battle to be with his son.

Little did anyone know that after that, the Rebel’s Second in Command who took Yeoun’s deceased father’s place, was also aware of Yeoun’s whereabouts.  Only he had other ideas about how to raise the boy. Since his father had been the one who wanted to train him but was now gone, the Rebel’s new leader left the boy with the Blood Moon Squad in order that he should receive the best training Telgar had to offer...and like a Cuckoo who replaces another bird’s egg with its own, he would be raised by them, taught deadly skills by them, and then one day, they would realize that Yeoun was not truly one of their own. All that would be left was to grab at the most opportune moment to retrieve him and sway his young mind to join them.

Because of his steady and decisive nature, the camp’s leadership has often assigned Yeoun as a team leader for training exercises. He has always excelled at the tasks given him; learning combat skills seemed almost effortless to him -especially granted his uncanny sense of self-discipline and how reserved he was, even when it came to expressing pain and discomfort. Curiously enough, unbeknownst to others as he himself did not remember, Yeoun’s father had begun teaching him such skills at a young age, prior to his defecting from the Guard. Yeoun had actually begun training with his dad at the age of 5. Having no recollection of these things however, the boy was unaware as to why he might have any more insight to physical training than anyone else. Early start or no, Yeoun was still very skilled.

He was skilled enough and smart enough in fact, that those in charge of their training quickly took notice of him. It was their duty after all to keep good account of all that went on in the camp, especially if it was in the interest of the Guard, in order to report back to the Commander and Lord Matoi. There were a number of children amoungst them who expressed similarly fantastic talent.

The total number of boys in the camp was 50, and they were split into two main teams of 25, each housed in their own barracks. This automatically created competition between some of the boys, which only added to the trouble Yeoun would be faced with. It was obvious he was skilled, the word spread fast, so Yeoun in particular often ended up the target of other boys who desired nothing more than to test their skills against him. None of them he fought ever won -even if it had to end in a draw. Yeoun was also teased frequently for being as soft spoken as he was, or for his long hair and slightly softer manner in general, though as he grew older and his body hardened and began filling out more, it was not as easy for the boys to poke the same fun at him as they had at a younger age.

Regardless of how anyone else perceived him, Yeoun’s talent was such that in physical training he always pushed himself very hard, but when it came to sparring exercises or fighting anyone, he rarely felt the need to exert himself unnecessarily. That being the case, it was safe to say that few of the Blood Moon Squad had ever seen him fight to his full ability, which spoke volumes about his true capability, seeing as he could easily defeat any of his brothers in the Blood Moon. The only one who’d given him a very good challenge was his closest friend, Kevarre.

Since part of their educational focus is to grant the students a basic understanding of the body and it’s most vulnerable points, he took it upon himself to learn from the camp’s healer who happened to know a bit about an old technique the ancients used called acupuncture. Its use was not widespread anymore, as knowledge of it was gradually on the decline, slowly being forgotten and replaced by other healing methods. In fact, most healers would argue in present day that it was not a healing technique at all, but some other strange and misunderstood practice of their ancestors that was clearly outdated. Nevertheless, Yeoun learned what he could and applied the basic principles of it to his defensive practices in combat.

Recently, turn 501, just after another yearly evaluation, a number of the Blood Moon boys were chosen to be transferred to Telgar River Hold. There, they would be able to take the Guar examination so that they could be assigned an official rank in the Guard. From there, they would be given their orders by the First Squad Division Captain.

Diligent and hard-working.
Suffer-in-silence type, he does not feel compelled to push his problems onto others.
Quiet and soft spoken. He is known for not speaking much and keeping to himself.
Because of his general quiet nature and the fact that he does not instigate trouble it might be assumed he is more of a follower-type but that would not be the case. He is in fact rather opposite. Being mentally mature and focused for his age, he simply avoids the troubles caused by others, often watching from the sidelines how his brothers enjoy making commotion and goofing around. Thus, being viewed as a good kid overall and trustworthy, he is often held to higher expectations and asked to assume a leadership role amoungst his peers.
Highly self-disciplined both physically and mentally. This allows him to be very focused.
Decisive and insightful in moments of necessity; typically the first to take initiative when circumstance calls for it.
Angry. And frustrated that he does not have anyone to focus that anger on because his anger is for those who killed the family he was never allowed to grow up with.
Consistent in his actions/ reactions in general.
The sleepy look that comes over him is probably due to the fact that he is able to pretty well control his body’s adrenal responses, and therefore able to keep his body relaxed, even in a stressful situation. This appearance however, belies his [/b]highly alert and calculating nature.[/b]
Calm and collected; level headed, even when under pressure.
Yeoun feels no need to prove himself to others unless they are his ranking officer in the Guard though, due to his recognized level of skill, he is often put to the test by others. He finds no appreciation in asserting ego in such a way.
Steady heart and steady gaze.
Yeoun happens to be relatively unassuming, and though he has a strong will to go along with a lot of hard-earned self-confidence, these traits do not manifest in a way that is overbearing or outwardly exerted. He’s much too reserved for that. This makes him feel easy to approach and to be around.
Posses good common sense. He’s quick witted and intelligent.
Unsure of his sense of right and wrong, but he does not lack at least a proper sense of chivalry.
Comfortable being on his own or working in a team though, prefers working alone when he can due to his level of self-confidence and general mistrust of others. Sometimes this causes him to isolate himself from others though he doesn’t really intend to consciously.
Though mature for his age, he still possesses the heart and mind of a man in his youth
Vengeful, having a killer’s instinct but he is not cold hearted toward those undeserving of it. He believes that to bring harm to another, one should have a good reason for doing so -to fulfil some purpose.

Unsure of his sense of right and wrong wavers, but a strong sense of honour seems to balance that.
Harbours vengeful anger toward those responsible for the death of his family, but now that he believes that it was himself who took the life of his father, he directs that anger and loathing upon himself, seeing his goals as a way to both punish himself and right everything that’s happened.
He is unable yet to fully conceal the aura of murderous intent about him that feeds off the anger he possesses over the death of his family. Even when his eyes often look sleepy and unfocused, there is a dangerous light in them.  Therefore, anyone who is insightful enough or well trained enough to look for it, will see through his attempts to mask it...though, it can easily be taken for youthful rebellious attitude and anger whose depth is no more than skin deep.
Though he possesses great self-control, he still also possesses a young and rash heart which he must battle.

Mannerisms/ Habits:
Lets others do the talking.
Tends to wander off to take walks by himself without communicating it to anyone else. So, it’s not uncommon for his comrades to find him missing for periods of time without notice.
Folding arms over his chest.

Skills/ Likes:
[Physical training]: He is well known in the Blood Moon camp for being an above-average student of martial arts ...an over-achiever if you will. His reflexes are exceptional and he typically faster than most when it comes to being able to apply newly learned techniques to his own practical use. He finds great enjoyment in not only the accuracy, flexibility and strength he’s able to achieve when besting others in spars, but it’s very much a personal challenge for himself to continue to do better. He dreams of becoming the best swordsman in Telgar.
[Acupuncture]: Anything to improve on his knowledge of the body and how to overcome those he will direct his anger at in the future. Yeoun learned what he could of this strange, ancient practice and applies the basic principles of it to his defensive practices in combat.

Unskilled at/ Dislikes:
[Rude behaviour]: It is bothersome and unnecessary.
[Overly confident people who feel the need to prove themselves to everyone else.]: Usually this is to his displeasure because others see or hear that he is skilled and then impose on him to fight against them. That way, they can prove who is the better just to assert and feed their ego. This irritates him to no end, especially when once isn’t enough.

Fighting Style/ Weapon of Choice:
Short sword/ long knife/ hand to hand.
His fighting style is similar to that of the Telgar Guard of course, but there are a few other tricks he’s learned along the way that differentiate him from the typical Guard style of combat. The orphans of the Blood Moon camp were not issued typical Guard weapons. After basic training courses, when allowed to specialize in a weapon suitable for themselves, matching their own strengths and talents, he chose short swords being that they were lighter and allowed faster manipulation of the weapon. This suited his style.
Gradually he is becoming more adept at using acupuncture needles and even his Guard ID badge to fight with.
In general, he appreciates subterfuge and stealth tactics.

:: Crafter Information ::

Turns in Craft:

Junior Journeyman

Location of Journeymanship:
Telgar River Hold

Short swords. Hand to Hand. Pressure points/ Acupuncture Needles.

Yeoun -Blood Moon Guard Squad Mysignature002_zps7d9c52d2

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