... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 Kevarre of the Blood Moon Squad

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PostSubject: Kevarre of the Blood Moon Squad   Kevarre of the Blood Moon Squad I_icon32Fri Mar 29, 2013 6:51 pm

OOC Info:
Moniker: Caoimhe
How did you find out about us?:

Character Info:
Name: Kevarre

Pronunciation: Kev (like Kevin) are

Title: Member of the Blood Moons

Age & Turn of Birth: 20  (born Turn 481)

Gender: male

Place of Birth: Mountainous region between Telgar and Crom

Current Place of Residence: Telgar Hold Territory (Mountains)

Craft: Unofficial – Guard craft

Rank/Occupation/Role Desired: Head Archer—best shot on Pern— MARKSMAN OF PERN…(delusions of grandeur aside: He’d like to be a member of the Guard for starters)

Character Aspirations:

  • To find his sister and bring her to live with them at Telgar River Hold
  • To become the best marksman on Pern (a man can dream can’t he?)
  • To learn to trust people more. He wants to be more accepting but finds it hard to be so.

OOC Character Development Goals:

Family: (Give their name, age/year of birth, rank and signify if they are deceased.)
Father:Deceased – Mordekai (would be 46) Weaponsmith  
Mother: Alcaia –Wandering pillowcrafter- left one sunny morning and never came home. ✣Siblings:  Half-Brother (18),  Half-Sister (16)
Children: None
Other Significant:His friends are his family, they have earned his trust.  

Face:Jeremy Irvine
Kevarre of the Blood Moon Squad JeremyIrvineModel_zpsb81626de
Hair:Dark brown, straight, kept fairly short though not shaved down to his head.
Eyes: Blue
Build:Broader in the shoulders, trim waist, muscled arms and legs.
Other Notable Physical Traits:*smirk*
Style of Dress: Sloppy. He wears whatever he has that fits. Often what he wears does not match or go together. He is slow to get his clothes washed and so he often wears his clothes multiple times. (smelly!)
Possessions usually found on persona:

    ✣ His Bow✣ Badge✣ Tools to make arrows for his bow are kept in a small leather pouch he always has with him. ✣  Two butterfly knives on this inside of his jacket, a dagger in one of his boots, a long sword (sheath hangs off of his belt),


It began as most lives do; there was crying, screaming, exhaustion, sweat and blood. He took longer to settle than his mother would have liked. She had come home, to her parent’s place in the mountains of Telgar to find it abandoned. Either they were dead and gone or they had gone to live with her brother. Either way, she was alone, so very alone. She hated these mountains, she wanted to get awa more desperately than anyone could ever have known. Still with a child on her breast it would be hard to find work so she had had to do what was necessary at the time.

At first she had every intention of leaving the babe with her parents. Now though, finding them gone, her mind turned to other much darker ideas. The babe would keep her trapped here, farming or mining. She didn’t much care for that idea. All she could do was cry for her fate and wonder what she had done to deserve it as she was too exhausted to do what she should have done with the babe.

To stop his cries, she allowed him to feed. When he fell asleep she made sure to keep him cradled safely in her arms and suddenly she realized there was no way she could get rid of him. He was kind of…cute.. he looked like her. Dark hair, fair soft skin, he wouldn’t make a good farmer or miner. She was determined to get them both out of the mountains as soon as she was able. Candlemarks turned into days which led to months. They were still living up in the mountains but his mother needed to do something to buy food and wood to keep them warm so she did the only thing she knew would bring in enough money to support the lifestyle she wanted.

And that’s how he ended up with two younger siblings. Meanwhile he was growing up from a toddler to a boy, he was four when his sister was born. His mother was gone more and more supposedly to buy them food but she rarely remembered to do that. One morning he woke up to find she never had come home and it didn’t seem to faze him. He was used to shouldering responsibility to make up for her inconsistent behaviors. His sister was now three, his brother was five and he was seven.

He packed u some warm things, what food they had and made his brother walk with him to the nearest cothold. He carried his sister the entire way, even as he thought his strength was going to fail him he would find a renewed strength stemming from his anger at his mother. How could she abandon them? He supposed the why didn’t really matter, what mattered was they were on their own.

When they arrived, they found very few people who were willing to help. They took what little they could scavenge and beg from people and began to walk some more. When he ran out of strength to carry his little sister, he stopped. His brother practically collapsing on the ground when they did but not saying anything about how tired he was. Both of his siblings were hungry, he gave them the more perishable food first, the small fruit was tasty but hardly filling.

Unlike their whoring bitch of a mother, Kevarre was going to put the younger children first. While he had no good example to learn from, he knew what he would have wanted when he was little. His mother only ever cared about herself. Now he could make sure neither of his siblings ever felt like he cared for himself more than he cared for them. He ate less food at first but his sister’s appetite was growing smaller so he would eat what she wouldn’t finish.

It took them nearly a month to make it to Telgar Hold proper. The last sevenday they’d stopped more than they had moved. It had nothing to do with his ability to carry one but his sister’s health was failing. She was sleeping more than she was awake and on the morning they arrived at Telgar Hold, the little girl’s fever ran hot. He found himself at a loss for what to do. He left his brother to watch their sister as he went to find someone who could help. After two candlemarks of wandering and begging for help, he broke down. Slumping down to his knees he began to cry.  A well dressed woman approached him, putting a soft hand on his shoulder, “Boy, what is the matter?”

He shook his head. Not wanting to think his savior in this instance might be a woman. Women he did not trust much at all. She bent down to face him at his level. “Tell me, I might be able to help.” Kevarre figured he didn’t have much choice otherwise though he would have preferred to keep this to himself, he wanted his sister to get well. “My sister, she’s sick.”

“And your parents sent you for help?”

He shook his head. “Mother told me my dad’s dead, we don’t know much about my sister’s father or my brother’s father but I have a feeling if they are alive they don’t know about them.”

“And your mother?”

“She left.”

"I can take your sister to a healer, if you'll allow me." The woman said in a very sincere sounding voice. So he allowed her to follow him back to his siblings. His sister was unconscious.

"She is feverish?" asked the woman who went to touch her but Kevarre got in her way.
"Yes. She has been feverish all of today."
"She needs immediate care. I cannot bring you with me, or the guards might think I'm Holdless. One ill child they will understand."
He didn't really trust her but he really had no choice. This was his only hope of saving his sister's life.
"And you'll bring her back when she is better?"
"Of course."

He picked his sister up and hugged her to him, kissing her on the forehead, "Be well my dearest sister. We will see you soon." He passed the small girl up to the woman, turning around as the woman left. He had a horrible, sinking feeling in his gut. His little brother held on to his hand, trembling.

They never saw their little sister again but a few days later, Kevarre was brave enough to ask after her at the Infirmary. They said there was a little girl there and that she had recovered but she left with her mother.

Mother? That woman had the no right to steal his sister...

Women were not to be trusted. He should have known better. At least his sister was alive, she might not remember him or why she was taken from him but he would never stop wondering and worrying about her life. Maybe one day they would cross paths again. He truly hoped it was so.

He spent the next three turns scraping a living, moving from cothold to cothold finding work where they could to get food, begging when they couldn't find work. Most people who took pity on them understood how hard the world was and had very little to spare themselves. These people left a lasting impression on Kevarre. The people who had a lot gave very little and the people who had very little would give everything. He learned about true kindness, goodness and compassion and decided he wanted to live his life that way.

One old man who hunted and trapped animals for a living showed Kevarre how to use a bow to hunt food for himself and his brother. He even showed him how to make his own bow. Kevarre did and began to use it to feed himself and his brother. Knowledge was something many people took for granted. To know something that could save your life was knowledge worth having.

After just turning ten, he re-entered the large Telgar Hold, his seven almost eight turn old brother just behind him. It was apparent by their clothes that they did not have anyone taking care of them, unless their parents might be Holdless. Still they were there not two candlemarks when they were taken by the Guard. It was an odd experience.

He thought he was being arrested for thieving which he had never and would never do. He wouldn't even allow his brother to do it. There was a make-shift bow strapped to his back. He and his brother were taken to where several other youths who looked tattered and weathered and perhaps less well fed than he and his brother.

A man began to talk as soon as they were settled in. "Boys, you've had a hard life. You are not here for anything you may have done. We are offering you an opportunity to come and learn a special set of skills that will be useful to Telgar's Guard in the future. You would be fed, clothed and educated however it requires a lot of hard work and dedication. If you have the heart to do this, then say so, if not, you may leave. "

Kevarre whispered to his brother, "We should go."
The younger boy nodded and held his brother's hand.

"We will come."
A couple of the boys did not come along but a majority thought about the free food and couldn't ignore the pull that had on their choice.

When he arrived at camp, he insisted his brother train with his group despite being two Turns younger than he was. He refused to let his brother out of his sight for nigh on a Turn before he trusted anyone to be near the boy without his presence. They took to calling him a mother hen which was not pleasant but he endured the name calling. After what happened with his sister, he wasn't going to allow anyone to take his brother from him.

At the camp things were set up in a way that was organized and well run. The Captain and the few other Guardsmen heading the squad of boys called themselves uncles to each of the boys since they would be the only family the boys would grow up knowing. The Guardsmen responsible for them however, were allowed to bring their own wives and children to the camp to live and work with them, providing staff for the kitchen, infirmary, weavercraft and the like; so these too, became the boys' family. The entire camp functioned much like a cothold in its own right.

It was typical that the boys found their own methods of providing for themselves where there was otherwise no means available. Being as secluded as they were and required to remain in isolation from the rest of the world for the Holder’s purpose, they were not allowed to venture outside of the camp and its vast training grounds until they’d reached the age of 15. At that point, they could be assigned minor missions for the squad and on runnerback, travel to the nearest minor hold in order to purchase and bring back supplies. At the age of 15, the boys were finally entering the beginning stages of their “journeymanship” as far as the Guard was concerned, which was three turns ahead of the normal trainees.

Throughout their growing up, the Commander of the Guard, and once even the Lord Holder himself, came to visit them. It was important that the children understood their efforts were highly regarded and appreciated and they should recognize the man they were serving. It was equally necessary that their progress be evaluated. Training was incredibly rigorous, so expectations were high. The Blood Moon Squad had been given opportunities to prove their survival skills in the wild and was drilled four days a week in combat skills, two days a week were dedicated to classroom learning so that they were not without proper education, and then they received one days break.

As the children have grown into their 'journeymanship' period, they have been given small allowances similar to a Guardsman's starting pay (which isn't much), but they cannot receive higher pay until they have been to one of the Guard Halls to take the Guard entrance examination to determine their abilities.

It was apparent very early in their training that Kevarre was fast, agile, a hunter. He already had some knowledge of the bow which he then spent turns perfecting. He was quick on his feet, he was quick in his mind. There were many things they would be able to do with him. He was taught many weapons but his favorites were the bow and the smaller weapons, knives, daggers the occasional sword. He liked thinner swords that were less impressive but easier to cut through the air with.

He was taught things he never thought to learn, numbers, writing, reading... even some etiquette which frankly he didn't have much use for yet but when they joined the Guard it would be useful. The total number of boys in the camp was 50, and they were split into two main teams of 25, each housed in their own barracks.

He and his brother were with Yeoun who became one of Kevarre's closer friends they were nearly the exact same age only a couple days lay between their birthing days on the same Turn. They both preferred lighter weapons and often sparred with one another to improve. Recently, turn 501, just after another yearly evaluation, a number of the Blood Moon boys were chosen to be transferred to Telgar River Hold. There, they would be able to take the Guard examination so that they could be assigned an official rank in the Guard. From there, they would be given their orders by the First Squad Division Captain. He, his bother and Yeoun were among the few transferred.


    ”Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. “
  • Distrustful - He doesn't trust anyone when he first meets them. Everyone he has let into his life has had to ear his trust. Even those he has finally come to call friend know as little about him as possible. He doesn't truly trust even his closest friends. The only person he believes will always have his back is his little brother because they have lived through everything together.
  • Adventurous - He likes seeing new places and exploring them and whatever these places contain. New things are interesting to him. While he doesn't particularly like meeting new people... finding new things to do and trying them is also an adventure to him. He likes having his skills tested too.
  • Dare-devil- If its dangerous he'll do it, especially if anyone suggests he might be scared to try. He does have to prove himself to the other because he is not one of the guys who wields the larger weapons.
  • Cocky - He's young, strong, intelligent and he believes this makes him better than your average guard. so he does have his fair share of arrogance. He might one day outgrow it but for the time, he believes he is one of the best if not the best marksman Telgar has ever seen. Just like many young men trained for battle he does''t really believe he will doe. he believes no one can bring him down.
  • Fun loving - he kind of sees training as a game. A big game full of adventure and messing around with his friends. He likes to have a good time and will often go out of his way to liven things up if they get boring.
  • Bitter- He might have a problem with women. Okay he has a huge problem with women. First his mother who was a poor mother to start with leaving him to take care of his siblings most of the time,  abandoned him and then his sister was taken and never given back by a woman. He has serious problems trusting women and though being surrounded by young men most of the time avoids having his bitterness come out, he can every so often be seen being less than chivalrous to a woman. He is bitter and he doesn't plan on changing that part of himself. He holds onto his bitterness like a shield for his heart.
  • Unforgiving - If his mother came crawling back to him on her knees he wouldn't forgive her. If she had any excuse be it she was ill or injured, he wouldn't forgive her. If anyone ever breaks what little trust he has in them, he will never forgive them.
  • Responsible - He feels responsible for people who are worse off than himself. He has a soft spot for children and will go out of his way to help those younger or less strong than himself. He feels a huge amount of guilt whenever someone falls behind on a mission and will go back to help them. He feels like he needs to be the big brother to everyone or even a surrogate father. He has had to be a grown up for a very long time. Even when the gang is goofing around he likes to make sure there isn't any real danger to the others.
  • Moral- he has a very definitive sense of what is right and what is wrong. He does not do well when asked to do something others might view as a gray area as he doesn't perceive anything to be in a gray area, its either right or it isn't.
  • Good/Kind- His heart is usually in the right place. He is a good person and wants to create a better world for people to live in so that they don't have to live on the streets begging for food as he once did. He might be bitter but he is not the type of person to want blood or vengeance.


  • Pride- his enormous pride and ego, keeps him from being able to forgive others and keeps him from seeing some of his own issues. He can judge other people but they cannot judge him.
  • No Chivalry- He has no interest in treating women any better because they are weaker. He treats them like men and often worse than that. He holds any women who want to be friends with him at a much higher standard than the men he allows in his social group.
  • Talks first, thinks later- He has a problem where he says exactly whats on his mind and doesn't think about the repercussions of saying it. This might go in hand with him coming off as cocky. The fact of the matter is he really doesn't care what your opinion of him is. He is awesome, be awed. (He isn't a big talker nor is he quiet)

Mannerisms or Habits:

  • Ugh- something he says when other people are being idiots or when they are in a really tight spot. Its said in place of words like dimglow or by the shell. It might not be an intelligent form of communication but it tends to work for him.
  • Staring off into space- He does this when he thinks about something that he has no interest in confiding in other people. Its also a way to avoid conversation when he wants to avoid it.

[Archery]: He feels like a Lord whenever he has a bow in his hands. He loves archery and he excels at it. Its his biggest passion.
[Goofing off ]: He is a young man and he enjoys goofing off with some of the other youths. Life is short, he might as well have some fun!
[Adventures/Missions]: Being entrusted with a mission or quest makes him super excited to the point where he might begin rambling about how much fun the mission will be. He enjoys exploring and adventures of all kinds.
[Children]: He has always had a soft spot for children. He enjoys being around them and playing games with them but more importantly he likes to watch over them and make sure they are safe. Its something he has been doing all his life.

[Women]: They are not to be trusted. (Although they are pretty but perhaps being pretty makes them less trustworthy....)
[Bulky weapons]:: He doesn't like them. He wants to be free to move around when he fights and having large weapons on hand slows him down and makes him less effective.
[Low Expectations]: He wants people to think he can do something with his life. When people have low expectations of him or the Blood Moons he gets a bit miffed. Truth be told he really just doesn't like people judging him before they know him.
[Traitors]: If you betray people one time, who is to say you won't do so again. He doesn't trust anyone who would even consider changing sides. He has a deep hatred for people who betray or abandon their comrades.

Fighting Style/Weapon of Choice: Bow and Arrow- his favorite, what he excels at, what he likes to beat the others in. However he is not limited in his training to just that one method. He prefers it. He is much better at distance fighting when needed; he has a sharp eye, good judge of distance and speed. His marksmanship is not limited to a bow, he can also throw knives effectively and has been known to scare one or two of the younger boys with his knife tricks. He is not fond of bulky weapons, but he can use a long sword if need be. Again he would rather use a knife or dagger in close quarters. He can move much faster without carrying a bulky weapon and avoid being injured that way. He has learned to ride runner-back and is practicing shooting on runner-back and boy he’s learning fast.

Crafter Information:
Craft: Guardsman

Years in Craft: 11

Rank: Junior Journeyman

Location of Journeymanship: Telgar River Hold

Specialization: Bows, knives, daggers,

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