... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 S'jiro of Bronze Zemarith

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PostSubject: S'jiro of Bronze Zemarith   S'jiro of Bronze Zemarith I_icon32Sun Mar 17, 2013 12:56 pm

S'jiro & Bronze Zemarith

:: OOC Information ::
Moniker: JQ/ Els
How did you hear about us?: CoFounder

:: Character Information ::
Seijiro (nickname: Jiro)


Bronzerider (Ascian Wingsecond at Igen)


Age/ Turn of Birth:
25/ 477 AL


Place of Birth:
High Hill Hold

Place of Residence:
Fort Weyr


Occupation/ Role:
Wingrider/ Wingsecond

Character Aspirations:
He’s always felt a little undesirous of following the path selected for him at birth. As a cousin to the holding family at Fort, he has always led a privileged life and does not feel in touch with commoners yet as he grew older he felt more out of touch with the calling to fill some role as a Steward or minor holder or some such. He’s never talked much about why with others other than his parents, and he does not resent his station in life or the life his parents led, it simply does not excite him.

Has no real drive to be in a wingleader or anything of the sort any time soon. Perhaps he’s just too young, but he feels a bit about that like he did about being put in a position to have to take a leadership role in the Holds. His dragon ends up being a compelling force and doesn’t doubt that when the time is right his rider will mature to want to do his part. After all he chose S’jiro and S’jiro is of good breeding enough to be a good leader, he just needs to find his own motivation /cause/ etc.

Protect his sister

Father: Kodan, Minor Holder [451 AL]
Mother:  Kinna, Lady Holder [450 AL]
Siblings: Older Sister [473 AL], Older Sister [474 AL], Younger Sister & Jr. Journeyman Harper Tsuki[482 AL].
Children: None
Other Significant: Best friends, Bronzerider Sh’nar, Z’rim and L’mar; Former lover & love of his life Veyani; Betrothed Fiance Idylari.

S'jiro of Bronze Zemarith Sjiro8_zps0bc5ec51
S'jiro of Bronze Zemarith Sjirobanner_zps3fa60b0d

Face: Oguri Shun
Hair: Straight short to medium length hair of dark, rusted brown combed forward for bangs that sweep over his forehead and brows.
Eyes: Dark russet brown that often appear curious
Height: 6’1”
Build: Since he’s tall and lean and not highly physically active outside of the minimum of what being a dragonrider requires of him, he is pretty lanky.
Other Notable Physical Traits: Left ear pierced twice with diamond studs or periodically two small hoops. Right ear pierced only once.
Style of Dress: Almost always a pair of white shoes/ boots. Thin sweaters, arm warmers and scarves, plain, casual shirts and other layerable clothes suit him. Dark semi-slim-fit pants are typical with a white belt and white riding jacket with grey fur around the lapel. Keeps it dressed-up-casual. The make of his garments however, are always of high grade and in high detail, even if considered ‘casual’ wear. He does wear suits nicely on those occasions that require it.
Possessions usually found on persona:

    ✣Nothing outside general clothing articles usually, except for sometimes a book.

477, Seijiro was born into a Minor Holder’s family in Fort territory, called the High Hill Hold. He is the nephew of the Lord Holder at Fort. Seijiro has always had a good relationship with his siblings and parents; he’s always been an obedient child and agreeable around his retainers and tutors, and those he’s been schooled with from a young age. He was always a good student, diligent and obedient but had very few friends. A relatively isolated and pampered upbringing as far as the company his parents chose for him to be in, has caused him to retain the perspective that he was simply not born nor meant to be in the company of certain others who are beneath his station. To this day, he still feels that sense of being removed from those outside a more privileged and noble upbringing.

In general, he does not necessarily dislike common people, but believes they have their place -which is to be subservient to those above their station or to just stay out of their way. Of course, Seijiro is still young and immature in many ways as he lacks certain life experience that might end up reshaping those perspectives.

As far as his relationships with other children, he was typically the follower in the group dynamic and rarely spoke up when he felt wronged. He has always been a forgiving type when it came to friends and family, always trying to maintain peace in relationships. Seijiro has typically been of relatively pacifist nature though, when it comes to those not inclusive in his circle of friends, he’s always found his own way of indirectly confronting others when it comes to letting them know when any of them have been insulted. As he’s grown up more, Seijiro has become a little more direct about how he confronts people about his feelings.

494 -Rather than being legitimately searched candidate snooped out by a Search Rider, Seijiro had decided that he wasn’t cut out for Hold life and wanted something different for himself; but it still had to be something prestigious. Discussing these things over with his parents, they decided to allow one of his elder sisters to inherit their holding by marriage to a man of noble birth whose own family holdings would be given to other siblings. When they’d agreed to this, the family did a little string pulling to have him accepted in a Search for an upcoming clutch at the Weyr.

495- Impression was the first event in his life that opened S’jiro’s heart a little more to others, leaving behind some of that immature, selfish nature as a young man about to enter into a much more adult world.

497 -When his sister was burned in a terrible accident and he heard she would not be marrying but attending the Harper apprenticeship in order to keep her busy and hidden from view, became the second time Seijiro ever felt moved to feel empathy toward others and care about someone else more than himself. Quite an emotional breakthrough, yet it wasn’t enough to make him feel any kind of warmth or inclusion for commoners.

When his sister was brought to the weyr, the family was still hesitant about revealing the truth of the situation about their daughter’s accidental burn scars. It was an embarrassment to the family to have to re-negotiate her betrothal because of terrible scarring and was done in a hush hush manner to avoid too much attention to the subject. Seijiro thereby followed the wishes of his family in avoiding the subject of their relationship to each other. He wanted to protect his little sister because her life had been made very difficult, but he did not want to anger his family by openly revealing that the new, veiled harper hidden away from public view in children’s classes at the weyr was his sister...that would only bring up more painful memories for her and gossips would make things more difficult. So.. for now, the truth of their relationship is kept secret.

Within the past three turns, S’jiro’s parents managed to arrange a marriage between himself and  and hopeful Gold candidate, even though being at the weyr should have liberated him from their schemes to arrange his life for him. If things panned out well though, he would soon be married to a Gold Rider for the prestige of it, and if the girl didn’t impress, he still be upholding connections to anotheinfluetial family, as well a help in preserve her honour and position.

Currently S’jiro is under more pressure from his family to become more involved in Weyr leadership positions within wings, or even to aspire to flying a Queen. They’ve also moved the wedding plans forward, to ensure that S’jiro and Veyani (his Candidate lover) do not take their relationship any further, and to help motivate him to focus on other goals as a Bronzerider.  It would only add to the prestige of having a Bronzerider for a son if he were to aspire to and follow through with  these things. So, obedient to his family as ever, he lets that become part of his reasoning for taking on new challenges such as the offer for Ascian’s Wingsecond.

Quiet and reserved around most, he’s more of an introvert than an extrovert, but he still possesses certain leadership qualities which were instilled in him as a Holder’s son, growing up.
Has a gentle tenor voice that he speaks in, which can cause his words to be less scathing than he intends them.
Very loyal to and protective of friends and family; often putting their desires and needs above his own.
Does not consider himself greedy, he simply is accustomed to a certain lifestyle, and unwilling to change that, at the time being. Though, Veyani had made him more curious about how others, such as herself, live their lives.
Intelligent & quick of mind, even if he doesn’t seem to use that intelligence in the best of ways sometimes. His stubbornness tends to get the better of him.
Enjoys reading.. or pretending to read while he’s thinking. Seijiro is much more thoughtful than most people assume him to be, since he doesn’t tend to exhibit this trait publically much of the time.
Seijiro is not completely unappreciative of spontaneity. Things that are unexpected amuse him and are cause for being even more thoughtful.
Completely pampered still by his own family, even if he now lives at the Weyr. Rich boy syndrome. He does however, desires that his life at the Weyr would allow him more freedom from the reins his parents try to keep on their children -utilizing them to any extent to continue to work their political schemes. But that is something that S’jiro and his siblings are used to.
Meticulous and very clean, he is the kind of person who uses a towel once before putting it to wash. He is meticulous enough about his things that many of the things in his Weyr aren’t even used -regardless of their purpose- because he doesn’t want to accidentally mar their perfection. Maybe that’s why he spends so much time outside of his weyr. So he can use other ppls things.
Very aware of hierarchy. Just as aware of his own, it could be said he tends to be rather elitist because he feels removed from and as though he has nothing in common with those of lower societal stature.
Laid back if not elitist attitude around most people; it’s when he’s around those whose rank requires formality that he takes the time to appreciate such things. He is however, quite mindful of how others treat him, with regards to hierarchy/ formalities -as a Bronzer and a Holder’s son.
Known for keeping himself removed from crowds that would be ‘beneath him’, others are also increasingly aware that he does not take time out of his not so busy schedule to go out of his way for anyone beneath him. He rarely seems to have any concern for others outside of his own social circle and he is constantly removing himself from situations that would make him responsible for the feelings/ wellbeing of others. In that way, he only has to observe minimum societal standards of politeness around those who are beneath his social standing. He does however, take a bit more care for those of his Wing. But many within his Wing are of similar highborn background.
Fortunately for him, he has a little sister that he loves dearly. Her misfortune in life has softened his heart and gradually is helping him learn to be more considerate of others. In baby steps. He is very tender with her, and highly protective of her. Veyani, his candiate lover, has also managed to open his eyes and his heart and mind to concerning himself more, over the lives and feelings of others. Unfortunately, their relationship was not long enough lived to see that much of a change in him, in that aspect.
Though he is known to be an elitist jerk, he is not a bully unless something of an insult is directed at he or those he cares for. So...at least he’s a bit discriminating when it comes to who he bullies. S’jiro is inclined to bully the culprits into submission so to speak. Typically the punishments he helps arrange are by catching the them in situations of embarrassment and personal shame. Sometimes lies are spread about them and other times physical violence is something he’d resort to. Generally those sorts of things are enough to make the perpetrator back down and admit their wrongdoing. And… he may be an elitist jerk, but he has a small grinch-sized heart that has room to grow.
Veyani is the only one he’s ever taken on head-to-head in a battle of Wills, because of her similar stubbornness. She has been the only one to outlast his bullying tactics, and that, in the end, is what caused him to love her so much. She was tougher and more resilient than anyone else he knew. She was different. She intrigued him.

He’s not lazy, he’s just busy delegating! Delegating his work to other people!
It is generally known that Seijiro is a bully -but only when others try to cross him. though he doesn’t directly involve himself with the dirty deeds, if anyone displeases him, there is a fine chance that they will find themselves the target of many varying forms of harassment -at the hands of others whom the Bronzerider delegates to those tasks.
Not overly concerned with the troubles of others or involving himself to help others. He is good at diverting responsibility from himself onto others so that he doesn’t have to be bothered by such things.

Mannerisms/ Habits:
His habit is finding a quiet stair to sit on by himself to think or read.
Another habit is drawing out the syllables of the names of girls he likes. Typically this applies to his sisters.

Skills/ Likes:
[Reading]: Reading brings enlightenment, and Seijiro appreciates education however, sometimes simply to make it look as though he’s too busy to involve himself with people, he buries his nose in a book just to sit and think, periodically idly flipping pages.
[Company of friends]: Being in the company of his sister or the Bronze Four at the Bronzerider’s Lounge.
[Art]: He appreciates fine design and artistic creation, though he himself has never been involved in the creation of art in any form. He looks for artistic design and practicality as well as simultaneous luxury in the things he fills his Weyr with.

Unskilled at/ Dislikes:
[Commoners]: They’re beneath his station and he has better things to do than involve himself with they whom he has nothing in common.
[Blues & Greens]: They’re draconic commoners.

Fighting Style/ Weapon of Choice:
Fists and feet. Not much of a fighter since he’d rather be pacifist; takes too much energy he’s not willing to waste on those beneath him unless for plenty good reason.
Gradually he is becoming more adept at using acupuncture needles and even his Guard ID badge to fight with.

:: Dragon Information ::
Dragon Name:

Turn of Impression:

Clutch Name:
by Thereasaith and Bronze

Weyr of Impression:
Fort Weyr

Wing Name:
Halcyon/ Ascian

#811201, #9e1b08, #a83207, #b84f35, #a75743, #a57164
Rufous-tinged bronze. When light hits his hide at a particular angle, the metalics mixed with the reddish tint give an almost burning, fiery appearance.

Length: 37.4
Height: 43.2

Other Physical Characteristics:

Personality Traits:
Considers himself much more mature and responsible than his rider.
Much more driven to do the things expected of a Bronze than his rider seems to be. He ends up being S’jiro’s coach in a way, always trying to encourage him.
Much more friendly than his rider around ‘commoners’ than S’jiro is though he doesn’t mind just hanging around other Bronzers and Golds. He doesn’t usually say much in regards to his preference though, unless S’jiro’s being a bully. Zemarith isn’t incredibly fond of he and Sh’nar’s tactics when it comes to handling those they feel have wronged them.


:: Distinguished Persons' Information ::
Character Views on Thread:
He looks forward to the day that dragonriders can prove themselves in the skies, while fighting against thread. There’s no reason to believe that Thread won’t return. Now that he’s a dragonrider, does he have a choice but to believe in it? Would there be a rider who doesn’t?

Character Views on Hold/ Weyr Relationships:
Must maintain amicable relationships and enough additional patronage to support the lifestyle and habits or the holds family who are at the Weyr. (For that reason it’s either good or bad, S’jiro and Tsuki are located at a weyr which their parents tithe to).

Experience in Hold Management:
Managing tasks that might generally be assigned to a Steward, though he did shadow his father from a young age. The pressures of being a Holder though, did not ever seem to appeal to him.

S'jiro of Bronze Zemarith Mysignature002_zps7d9c52d2

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Just realized I read and never approved and moved the bio for you. He is approved.

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