... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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PostSubject: Revelations   Sat Feb 14, 2015 9:27 pm

As stoic as Yeoun usually was, he was having difficulty keeping himself composed. Anger filled him, as did any measure of mystified surprise or perhaps something akin elation. Emotions were completely confused at the moment. Yeoun had no idea what he should be feeling. He needed to think things through. And he needed the assistance of those he could trust implicitly -the girls at the Inamourata's Mask.

It had only been a couple of days since Yeoun had paid the Rebel Headquarters a visit. Since he no longer played any part in the Blood Moon Squad, his time had been freed up so that the Chorong cause consumed his existence. Though he'd made some excuse to the Guard officers and told them about his leaving, he assumed they were still a bit suspicious; especially after the incident involving Dace. Kevarre in specific, knew something wasn't right about the alibi Yeoun gave him. Fortunately or unfortunately, Kevarre and Yeoun just happened to be close enough that one could easily read the other. Usually. At least, lies were easy to discern between them. But those rarely came up, even if in jest. 

Kevarre then, would know that Yeoun was likely an official defector, so he'd have to be more cautious while gallivanting about the Hold, even if there was no proof about what he spent his time doing. Yeoun couldn't afford anyone he knew getting any more involved in all of this. Distance from one another was the only way to keep them all safe. At least, that was what he'd believed up until recently.

While at the Chorong Headquarters, Lord General Galedon had called a meeting with other leaders from within the rebel's ranks. Yeoun had not been asked to attend -in fact, he was supposed to be leaving, making his way back to Southern Telgar Hold, when the gathering started and he happened to be walking by. Though he didn't think that Galedon knew he overheard, perhaps it didn't matter either way. Yeoun could do nothing to act against his master at a time like this. He'd yet to fully acquire the respect of all those who filled the more influential positions within the Chorong, though such positions were few and far between. It still stood to reason that when Galedon was no longer their Head, Yeoun would either be respected by or challenged by all of those who had the kind of ambition to try to take his place. Of course, when that time came, should any of them try, Yeoun was determined that he would be the only one left standing.

What he overheard though, gave him even more reason to expediate the entire process. It gave him more reason to find an ally in Sorcha and others who would not care if Galedon were dead. Though Yeoun did not like to think that he would conspire to murder, ultimately Galedon was only the key-holder to the path that he would have to take in order to achieve his own ends. Galedon had never taught him and rarely mentored him, even if he claimed to be looking out for his own good; and his father's legacy. But Yeoun doubted just how far Galedon's love for him would reach. Galedon hadn't been completely honest with him, when he offered information about his family before. Yeoun overheard him say something about ...a sister.

The news was startling. Yeoun couldn't remember the faces of any of his family before having joined the Blood Moon Squad. Admittedly, Yeoun had never asked Galedon whether or not he had other family. Within the Blood Moon Squad it was simply an accepted fact of life that if you were there, your family was practically dead to you -if they weren't actually deceased already. They were not allowed to play a part in your life there, even if you knew their names and whereabouts. Thus, it was a surprise to him to find out that the possibility existed that there was actual blood related family of his still out there, somewhere. 

Yeoun listened in on their conversation only long enough to understand that Galedon meant to track the girl down, but had no intention of informing Yeoun about it yet. There was the chance that the Lord General was only doing him a favour, wanting to ensure that the girl was still alive before getting Yeoun's hopes up, but being 'close' to the man, Yeoun didn't want to wait and take that kind of chance. 

If she existed. He needed to find her before anyone else, in secret, and he'd have to make sure that no one got their hands on her -either for their own personal gain or otherwise.

Thus was the source of all his angst over the last couple of days. There was much to consider and little actually known about this sister of his. Likewise, little to go on where the search for her was concerned. Nevertheless, the Chorong undeniably possessed the most formidable network of spies and informants in all of Telgar -perhaps all of Pern. Surely there was some way for them to track her down. He had to protect her.

Yeoun had come to the Mask more and more frequently over the last few months but this would probably have been only the first or second time that he may have ever seemed so outwardly upset. Written loosely in his expression, it was more clearly seen in his eyes that something was wrong. 

Still early in the day, for the Mask anyway, the usual nightly customers would be arriving within the candlemark, so he came at the right time to catch Nayh and Sorcha before they got too busy to talk, but at a time when no one would question a man entering the entertainment venue. 

Ushered quickly in of doors, the young girl who'd been the first to greet him already knew to take him directly to Nayh's room on the second floor. She never kept Yeoun waiting. Of course, on the way, the rooms of others were passed by as well, but he stopped before none but that of the establishment's caretaker.

Realizing they had a guest, Nayh was up from her seat and rushing to meet Yeoun at the door, immediately noticing the tension in him.

The woman gestured for him to enter the room and make himself at ease, shooing the girl away to fetch hot tea to soothe their guest. Before closing the door behind them however, offering privacy for discussion, Nayh waved to catch Sorcha's attention in her room across the hall so that she could join them. 

Nayh's skirts rustled about her ankles as she hurried back to her seat, facing the young man of her heart's desire. He'd already taken a place across from her, seeming ready to talk, but willing to wait until there was privacy with the door closed. 

Obviously he'd something important to say.

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PostSubject: Re: Revelations   Mon Feb 16, 2015 8:04 pm

Since coming home from her brief excursion to the Chorong Rebel Camp with Yeoun, Sorcha had been busy. Not simply busy either, she didn't have the time she once had for the other girls. This separation might seem otherwise but it was intentional. She wanted some distance between herself and them only because she knew they would soon have to separate themselves from her regardless of how they felt.

Sorcha was used to pushing aside her feelings in a way the others were not. Although she certainly still had to converse and interact, she was always doing something that made her attention as little as it was, even less focused. The rebel was sitting on her bed, fine gown laid out for later that evening when she saw Nayh beckoning her from her peripheral vision.

Unlike Nayh, Sorcha was not dressed to impress anyone nor did she feel the need to. She was in a gray tank top and sweat pants, with her hair in a loose bun on top of her head. The book she was reading was now pages down on the bed. She slipped some heavily worn slippers on her feet and shuffled over to Nayh's room.

Yawning she sat down in a chair near Yeoun. "Something troubling you?" She asked point blank. After all, Sorcha didn't have time for games. Neither did Yeoun, nor did she think he would be able to keep in what was bothering him long at all. She did wonder that he hadn't gone to Keayah if he was troubled. After all, he seemed to be quite fond of her friend.

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PostSubject: Re: Revelations   Fri Feb 27, 2015 11:29 pm

Though Yeoun may not have come to see her as soon as he arrived, it wasn't surprising to Kaeyah.  He often visited with Nayh before he saw her, didn't he?  She did find it odd, however, when he continued past her without saying a word, as if he hadn't seen her.

it was always possible he hadn't, of course, since she'd just been in the process of opening her door when he'd strode past.  But he knew which room was hers… and something had seemed off about the way he walked.

Cocking her head as she watched him continue down the hall to Nayh's quarters, she made the quick decision to try and catch up with him, perhaps ask him what was bothering him.

It was a bold move for her, considering she usually waited quietly for him to decide to speak.  Even if what he told her was nothing important, it still seemed he appreciated that she didn't pepper him with questions or try to guess what might be on his mind.  At least that was the impression she got when he came to spend time with her.

Would he be angry with her, then, if she confronted him?  Biting her lip at the thought, her footsteps slowed enough that he was ushered into Nayh's room, Sorcha following shortly behind, before she could reach him.  And maybe that was a good thing-- he definitely appeared to be upset, from the glimpse she caught of his profile.  

But it couldn't be anger with her, could it?

A few footsteps from the door to Nayh's quarters, that thought made her pause.

Was that why he hadn't greeted her when he'd passed her?  Was that why he'd needed to speak to both Nayh and Sorcha?  Was that why…

Worried now, she couldn't make her feet move.  If it wasn't about her, she really shouldn't be standing there, listening…  But what if it was?  She wasn't sure if she wanted to hear him telling the other women he didn't want to see her again. Wouldn't she be better off not knowing if she'd done something to upset him?  Then again, if she had… surely knowing what it was would allow her to fix it?


So, she'd move away if she heard him start to speak of some other topic.  But if it was about her… it should be okay to wait… wouldn't it?
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PostSubject: Re: Revelations   Sat Mar 14, 2015 3:22 pm

When the three of them had taken their places about Nayh's desk, Nayh waited until Yeoun had seated himself before she too, sat. It wasn't until after Sorcha became the first to speak up, that she asked, "Sorcha, would you please close the door for privacy?"

Her eyes were back on Yeoun then, whose expression had not altered from the ever serious one he'd worn when he first came in. Though, the man's eyes had briefly paid Sorcha enough attention to realize just how strange it was to see her so dressed-down. And at the same time, he realized that even without the layers of gaudy fabric and makeup, Sorcha was still an attractive woman. He supposed it shouldn't have been surprising, but he spoke nothing of it. Instead, he jumped straight to her question.

"I need to find someone." Realizing that the door had not been shut yet, he wasn't about to mention Lord General Galedon by name, so he didn't mention that their glorious leader was actually the one who'd be officially conducting the search. Though, he himself would withhold whatever information he could, in order keep his sister out of the General's reach for as long as possible. "Knowing your connections, I thought the Mask may be able to offer some assistance in the matter."

Casting a sidelong glance back over his shoulder toward the door, he wouldn't go on until he knew it was safe to do so.

Yeoun had been aware of Keayah in her room, and suspected she and all of the other women in the house would be preparing for an evening of entertaining guests, but he didn't realize yet that she'd followed everyone as far as the hall -still, he suspected that the ears of others could overhear them, and knew also that there were those here at the Mask that were not privy to the talk that was exchanged amoungst rebels.

If he'd realized just how much attraction that the girl had for him though, Yeoun may not have generally treated Keayah with as much disdain; though he tended to maintain that sort of distance with most people outside of the Blood Moon Squad. Not only for their own good, but in order to attain a position of dominance within the Chorong. If others did not begin to recognize his authority, and that Galedon had set him apart to take leadership of the rebels one day, then when he got there, he'd never be respected as such. So, whatever happened, in general, he couldn't let others get too close. Nor was he completely sure yet, just whom he could trust amoungst the rebels -outside of Nayh, Swift and Sorcha. Keayah though, shouldn't have to be brought into their fold; it was better if she never knew about any of it.

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