... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 Oowamid Weyr

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PostSubject: Oowamid Weyr   Fri Feb 13, 2015 2:08 pm

A non-canon Pern Weyr
Open For Business!

This isn't quite the Pern you remember.

Newly opened, Oowamid Weyr is a strongly non-canon Pern site, featuring three playable races - humans, genetic mixtures known as Aethians and the nocturnal Nathi - and a unique magic system.

The Weyrqueen Brynioth has just laid a clutch, including a treasured Queen's Egg, and Oowamid has begun requesting Candidates. As the dragons of the Weyr struggle to protect the territories beholden to them from the ravening menace of Threadfall, all eyes are on the clutch, and what will rise from it.
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PostSubject: Updates as of 1 March 2015   Sat Feb 28, 2015 11:43 am

The hatching is officially scheduled for 14 March 2015.

Candidates are desperately needed. With nine eggs on the sands, and only 5 active candidates, a tragedy looms in the future of the Weyr, made all the more pressing by the Queen Egg's presence.
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Oowamid Weyr
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