... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 Candidate Meta Updated

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PostSubject: Candidate Meta Updated   Candidate Meta Updated I_icon32Tue Dec 16, 2014 11:45 am

:: OOC Information ::
How did you hear about us?:
Sixth Gun recommended you in the Fullmetal Alchemist forum

:: Character Information ::


Age/ Turn of Birth:
16, this makes it the 486th turn


Place of Birth:
A small cothold near Telgar Hold, burnt down in the civil war.

Place of Residence:
currently Fort Weyr

Occupation/ Role:

Character Aspirations:
Meta dreams of riding a (blue) dragon and of becoming stronger since she wants to avoid being weak at all costs. Being strong for her is vital, since because she doesn't want to need to be protected ever again.
She sees as a goal being different from other people and being impossible to predict in her actions. She also wants to protect the people.

Father: Kirtah, deceased in turn 490 in the civil war. He was a farmer.
Mother: Melan, deceased in turn 490 in the civil war. Her craft was the farm craft.
Siblings: Kian, a wanderer like her, born in turn 475, died in turn 501 at the age of 26
Children: None
Other Significant: None

Candidate Meta Updated 7dafc596d3c2356f16f52a8548332cee

Face: Maki Horioka
Hair: black and short
Eyes: blue
Height: 1.67 m ((57 inches? Idk))
Build: skinny, not very strong but athletic and fast
Other Notable Physical Traits: A scar on her back
Style of Dress: Usually seen wearing trousers, a black cloak with a hood and practical, comfortable boots.
Possessions usually found on persona: A knife stored in a special pocket in each of her boots, another knife in her belt, a necklace made of a carved rock from her brother, a piece of coal and bandages, just in case. To save space and to keep herself warm (and because she likes it) she commonly wears them around her arms.

Turn 486: Meta was born in a cothold near Telgar Hold.

Turn 490: As Meta was 4, rebel attacks in the area became frequent. They had heard of people who didn't want to join the Chorong rebels and were killed by them because of it. The parents of Meta didn't want to take part in that violence, though. One day, the rebels knocked on their door. The father opened and talked to them, while the mother told Kian, who was 15 at that time and allready to take care of Meta and allready advanced in guard training, to take her to the Hold. She would save them time.
Kian kissed his mother and they hurried out through the back door.
They ran through the cothold and planned on taking the main road towards the hold, but saw Chorong rebels on it. They turned around and fled into the other direction.
They survived by stealing and traveling between cotholds and minor holds.

Turn 495: One day, by mistake they came to a cothold they had allready been in and were recognized as thieves and chased away. After some days on the road, they met a caravan. The people there were really nice and adopted them as their own.

Turn 501: On the road, their caravan was attacked by Chorong rebels. Meta and her brother fought as hard as they could to defend their friends, but most died. At the end, they had to flee like the rest did. But they rebels reached them and her brother died covering her escape. She had to steal again, since she was too restless and untalented to settle down in a minor hold and have a work.

Turn 502: When the winter had passed, her life grew a bit better. She found a trade caravan who took her with them for no pay as long as she watched over their ware at night. She didn't steal anything, because she was reminded of her old caravan. They traveled to Fort Weyr and the Searcher found her there.

Meta is ambitious to a point of arrogance, though the reason why she insists in being better than everyone else might be her rough past. She can't afford her self esteem to crumble, since she needs to keep going to reach her goal and become and become a dragonrider. But her walls are thick and it is hard to pass through them. She doesn't like to show her emotions and doesn't speak to much either. When she is most quiet is when people want to know where she comes from, but her silence allways shows at least a hint of arrogance. She is determined to ride a dragon, and she wishes it would be a blue one, since all girls have green dragons and the gold dragons are too boastfull in her opinion. She wants something special.
She can be very stubborn, and once she decided somethingimportant for her  (like riding the blue dragon), she may even forget about the real reason why she wants it and just chase her goal at all costs. Her interest in dragons came up because her brother used to tell her stories about them.
She is restless and seems to search for something beyond her reach, unable to let go of the past.
She hates herself because she ran away and left her brother behind. He wanted her to do it, but still. She wishes that their places had been switched. Sometimes she even wishes to die, so she can be with him again. But she holds on to the thought that he died in order to keep her alive, and does her best in living, so it will be worth his sacrifice.
Her favourite color is blue, representing the blue dragon she dreams of and the blue sky she wants to fly into. Her blue eyes seem to match with it, too. Blue for her is the color of freedom and peace, since she allways imagined flying to be like letting go of all your burdens and chains.

Meta finds something she can dislike in everyone. When she thinks about herself, she finds the superiority in herself that she despises in others. She doesn't see a way to change it though that wouldn't affect her self esteem, on which she desperately depends to keep going.
She hates the Chorong rebels. They killed her family and ruined her life, and if she ever saw some, she would either freeze in panic or forget everything in rage.

Mannerisms/ Habits:
Meta has the habit to stare at people while she thinks. Her blue eyes pierce through them and they often feel uncomfortable, while in reality she doesn't even see them.
She also is used to grab her stone necklace with her right hand and to cling to it, especially when she feels uncomfortable.

Skills/ Likes:
[Skill/Like 1]: Meta is quite good at close combat with small or none weapons. She is fast and able to foresee her opponents movements. Her brother taught her all he knew about it. Kian was a Hold Guard apprentice before their cothold was destroyed and they learned to defend themselves on the streets.
[Skill/Like 2]: Meta has experience in lying and making things up in a credible way. She is good at telling stories and entertaining and distracting people, since she was a thief for a long time.
[Skill/Like 3]: Meta likes to sing. It reminds her of her mother, the only memory she has of her was when she sung. Kian allways told her that she inherited her mothers precious voice, but she never wanted to perform infront of people, not even to gain money when they desperately needed it. She never sings when she knows that somebody other than her brother can hear her.

Unskilled at/ Dislikes:
[Dislike/Unskillful at 1]: She hates the color red. She can't explain it, but she would never wear something red.
[Dislike/Unskillful at 2]: Meta is not very strong, more like weak. It frustrates her a lot and she sees it as her weak point.
[Dislike/Unskillful at 3]: Meta hates to be protected. Too many people have died protecting her and she hates to be reminded of it.

Fighting Style/ Weapon of Choice: In close combat she punches and kicks, and also uses small knifes. She can also throw her knifes.

:: Candidate Information ::
Standing only?:
No (I guess that means they get impressed)

Colour preference:
Blue! Very Happy

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PostSubject: Re: Candidate Meta Updated   Candidate Meta Updated I_icon32Sun Dec 21, 2014 2:04 pm

Hi Wings! Thanks for joining us Smile  Gonna do a quick critique for you, and other admins could chime in if I miss anything. Wink Because sometimes that happens. Hehehe. 

If you could break this down into flowing paragraphs, that would make it easier to read. It's good habit anyway. Wink Or even if you wanted to break major events down by Turn that they happened, with bullet points and then elaborate with two or three sentences on each major event as to what happened /how it effected her life. This gives us (and you Smile ) a little more insight to the character before RPing her and should make for a more overall in depth RP experience with her. 

Even if she herself doesn't necessarily remember all these events well, if they are significant, at least a little of the history should be dedicated to it.

note: the following are just brainstorming suggestions in to help work out a little more detail in her history so that we can define her better. If you want to use them, that's what they're there for. ^.^ Otherwise, maybe it'll help spark some other ideas of your own that you can elaborate on for us.

So, for her history, i'd like to see just a little more about how their house was destroyed and how the war had effected her family as farmers in Southern Telgar where the conflict was raging. I was thinking that they could have resisted helping the Rebels and the rebels thereby burned their home and killed the parents. This could have been foreseen by the parents and so, knowing they were in trouble, sent the girl with her older brother to hide in the surrounding fields, telling them to keep running until they reached the walls of the Hold, and not to look back. And to send the Guard to warn them that the Rebels were there, and needed to be stopped. They probably knew the way, because the boy'd probably been up to the Hold at least a couple times a year for major festivals (Gathers). Smile

However..  Shocked before they reach the Hold though, they run on the Caravan first and since her brother's befriended a boy in the Caravan after their running into one another at Gathers or perhaps the Caravan making periodic stops at his parent's cothold, they seek help there. Since the Caravan may have been accompanied by Guard at times, to protect goods and people in transit between the Holds, the Caravan sends a few men (including a few Guardsmen) to go and help the children's parents. Unfortunately, they arrive too late. 

The Caravan family then, decides to raise the children with their own, since returning to the Hold could mean a worse fate.

Something along those lines.

The rest about her brother training her in what he knows of self-defense and such looks fine to me. They could even be tutored sometimes by some of the Caravan's older men.

After the Attacks on the caravan which killed her brother, did eveyone else in the caravan die? Maybe a lone traveler found her alive and picked her up and took her to the Hold and gave her to an Innkeeper or something. She could have been made to work in an Inn/ Tavern as a drudge (basically a slave or indentured servant). Maybe been a serving girl or doing laundry for all the rooms in the Inn, etc. But then, after being caught stealing a few times, they kick her out onto the street. haha. poor girl. ><
(This might work better than her having been a fortune teller, because those aren't really the same as we think of them in our own world.)

At some point, during the deepest part of Telgar's winter, a Searchrider found her, frozen nearly half to death, taking pity on her and making sure that she was cared for. When she was well enough to be Searched, he came back to do so, and then brought her to the Weyr where she could Stand for the upcoming clutch that would be laid on the hatching sands that Spring. 

How did she adjust to Weyr life after coming to the Weyr where all the weyrfolk and dragonriders were at? Did she show fear toward the dragons? Did he make friends easily, but get caught stealing again, more than once or twice? lol That little klepto ><  hahaha. That'd be funny if she was caught stealing a few times lol. 

If you want, she could not have arrived yet at the Weyr quite yet, and we can RP the dragonriders Searching her out, if she is still living on the streets or in the caravans, however you end up wanting to write her.

Her brother: 
We need to decide what to do with his background here. The youngest he could have joined the Guard is 10, likely, and they would have been recruiting young, since they needed the additional soldiers. The Guardsmen apprentice/ train at the Guard Halls in the major or minor holds and then stationed elsewhere depending on need. 

He'd probably need to be a little older if he'd been there training for any length of teim before he went to be with his sister and started teaching her the things that he'd learned so far. Maybe 12-14 Turns of age instead of 10, when their parents died?

If he'd been in the Guard as an apprentice, did he leave to protect his family on his own terms? If he wasn't with the Guard, but with his sister on a caravan instead, then that means he either quit the Guard training to be with his family, or went AWOL at some point -at which point he could have been considered a traitor like the Rebels because he left while expected to be on duty protecting the holds. Sooo, just decide what you'd like to have happened there Smile 

We can do more brainstorming and plotting around these things to try out other ideas, if something along these lines doens't work Smile

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PostSubject: Re: Candidate Meta Updated   Candidate Meta Updated I_icon32Sat Mar 07, 2015 1:53 pm

Could Jess or Kate do a final look over Meta please : ) I did the first critique and appears that the corrections were made and I think Wings is ready to get into the action >D Smile Thanks!

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PostSubject: Re: Candidate Meta Updated   Candidate Meta Updated I_icon32Mon Mar 09, 2015 7:51 am

She looks pretty good to me, other than I wonder where the 'fortune telling' comes in? It's not referenced anywhere but in her rank-- was it something she learned from someone in one of the caravans? Despite not liking people, is she good at reading them? She's noted as being good at lying and telling people what they want to hear-- so is it not true fortune telling, but making up something that sounds good, based on what she sees in the person she's talking to? While part of either caravan, did she trade fortunes for money or the goods she needed to live on, since Pern mostly trades in goods, less in currency (marks)? It sounds more like she was a guard for the second one, though, not someone who participated in selling or trading wares whenever they stopped at a hold or cothold.

Or is this just something that was part of her to begin with, and has now been left out of her persona?

And on a side note, welcome to RoF (if I didn't say it before...) and I hope you enjoy playing with us! Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Candidate Meta Updated   Candidate Meta Updated I_icon32

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Candidate Meta Updated
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