... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 Gold Candidate Lisnada

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PostSubject: Gold Candidate Lisnada   Gold Candidate Lisnada I_icon32Wed Dec 10, 2014 3:07 pm

:: OOC Information ::
Moniker: Svet
How did you hear about us?: affiliation on Seraden Weyr

:: Character Information ::


Gold Candidate


Age/ Turn of Birth:
16 / 486


Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr

Place of Residence:
Fort Weyr


Occupation/ Role:
Gold Candidate / Apprentice Harper

Character Aspirations:
She wants to be able to show that she can handle the responsibility of being a gold candidate. She wants to be able to help the Weyr in all the ways possible and she wants to be able to show that she will not back down from a fight at all.

Father: Na'dar, 465, bluerider
Mother: Elisia, 470, greenrider Ardrath
Siblings: Elissandra (14)
Children: None
Other Significant: None

Gold Candidate Lisnada F3688091920a99c1e9ba98bf9dbe5eb7_200x300

Face: India Eisley
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Green
Height: 5' 03"
Build: Small and Slender
Other Notable Physical Traits: None
Style of Dress: Growing up she was used to wearing non-fancy garbs and looking like she had nothing to her name. She still looks like this, but now she is used to making her own clothing as well because of her craft.
Possessions usually found on persona: A dagger in her left boot

486 - 0 This child was the product of her parents first meeting, and first flight. Her mother's green had risen for her maiden flight and was caught by Na'dar's blue. This resulted in Elisia becoming pregnant with Lisnada, and that was when Elisia and Na'dar started their relationship from there.
488 - 2 On a flight for her mother's green, the green was caught by a brown, and that resulted in the half sister that Lisnada has now. But even if Elissandra is only her half sister, Lisnada still loves her as if she was a full sister.
490 - 4 She may be young, but her mother would always sing to her and make her feel safe, well, her mother's voice did. Her father loved to tell her stories of the past, and he even told her stories that he would make up. So growing up, the two of them would always make it a way to tell her something to make her feel safe, or to even just make a relationship.
492 - 6 This was the first time when Lisnada was actually able to see her younger half sister Elissandra. Lisnada knew that she would love her little sister from first sight, which she did. Lisnada made it a point to vow that she would protect her younger sister no matter what, and she loved to always try and talk to Elissandra, or to even just talk to someone about her, to see how her day was doing or went.
494 - 8 At this age, she knew what she wanted, she wanted to be a dragonrider like her mother and father. But because of the teasing that she got for being the daughter of a blue rider and a green rider, she decided that she would prove to show that she can do whatever she wanted, so she chose then, that she would only be a candidate for the golds. She didn't want anything else, for shew anted to prove others wrong, and to prove herself right.
496 - 10 Lisnada soon became of the age to choose a craft, and she went to the Harpers first. She loved to learn the new things, but she loved to sing more than anything, so she chose to become a singing harper. But it wasn't just her love for signing that made her choose this craft. She chose this for she also wanted to be able to explore all of Pern if she didn't become a rider. She knew that being a candidate for only gold's was risky and that meant that she could also never impress, so she wanted to pick a craft that could almost guarantee her a spot of being able to roam the world. She also wanted to be able to tell stories and to learn everything that she could, so that she could teach others.
498 - 12 This was the first time that she ever met the Weyrwoman, and she knew right then and there, that the Weyrwoman would be her idol. She wanted to be just like her, and she wanted to be able to lead like her. So every time she heard the that the Weyrwoman was coming around, she would take mental notes on everything that the woman would do, just so that she could try and impress her, and a possible gold in the process.
500 - 14 Four turns after she chose her craft, it was time for her to start her lessons as a dragonrider, but she only wants one color, gold. She doesn't want to touch any other eggs at a hatching, for she just wants to become a queen rider. Her mother is a little impartial to that, but she will not force Lisnada to do anything. During her first day of training, the questions she asked her good, but she felt like the answers that she got were horrible, so she decided that most of her questions needed to be saved for when she was to actually meet the Weyrwoman.
502 - 16 There was a hatching just recently, but she was not one of the gold candidates chosen to become a gold rider. That hurt Lisnada a little bit, but she is starting to get over it very quickly. She is waiting for her younger sister to become a candidate, so that she can be around her sister all the time. But even while waiting, her lessons have been going great. She has been talking about the Weyrwoman and how she looks up to her. And she is even talking about that Bronzer Club, how hot they are, and how she actually hopes that she can impress upon a gold just to be able to talk to them everyday without being looked down upon.

She hasn't seen anything wrong with talking with the bronzers with the time that she has, but she knows that soon she would find something that she doesn't like. But for the possibility of becoming a goldrider, she is kind of scared about the fact that she would be taking care of a queen. She knows that they come with a lot of responsibility, and she knows that she can handle it, she is just a little freaked on how it could change her. But she knows that her protective nature and how loyal she is to the weyr and to her friends and family, those traits could help her be a great goldrider, and she hopes that a gold will agree with her, and soon.

Minor Troublemaker Like her sister, she likes to cause trouble, but she doesn't cause as much trouble, or as often. She will back her sister up on some of the harder pranks and tricks, but if she knows that her sister can handle it, she won't get involved. But if someone was to try and pin a prank on her sister that she knows her sister didn't do, she will take the blame. She knows that she can grow out of this trait with time, and that it would be good to drop it completely, and that is something that she is already working on.
Motherly Since their mother is a rider, she never really got to know a mother's love, and neither did Lissa. Well, she does everything in her power to make sure that her sister gets the love and care that a mother could give a child. This trait can give her a boost in being a gold rider, for being motherly means that she would be always there to listen to someone when they need it, or to even give the best command for the weyr.
Protective She will never let anything take, harm, or make fun of her sister while she is around. She won't even let this happen to her friends. She likes to keep the relations that she has, and she doesn't want to see them being harmed in any kind of way. Being protective is something that can help her become a goldrider, for she will always be willing to protect the weyr and those whom she loves. She will never let them down, and she wants to show this to the weyr, especially to those who have made fun of her and told her that she can't do it because of who her parents are.
Demanding She likes to get what she wants, and she will never let someone tell her that she can't have it. She is the daughter of a rider after all. She will throw that into the face of someone, and she won't care what they say back about it. She will pester someone until she does get what she wants though. This trait will be something that can give her a bit of a hard time as a goldrider, for she knows that she can't always get what she wants, but that won't stop her from demanding it anyways. She kind of hopes that her dragon is demanding, but then, that would be a cause for some horrible times for anyone around. But she does know that she will be able to work with others as a team, she will just have to work on her demanding nature a bit before that can ever be a great possibility for she doesn't want to be a snob or someone who everyone hates.
Forgetful She tends to forget that she is doing something, but that doesn't stop her from asking what she was supposed to be doing. The woman likes to make sure that her things are done though, if she can remember to double check the chores that she just did. There was one time where she almost forget to wear clothing when she left her room, thankfully she was reminded by her little sister. This is something that she knows can be contradicted by her dragon, for she doesn't forget the major things, but her dragon can remind her of the minor things. But she also knows that she might need someone around as she gets older to rely on, and she is ready for that help.
Honest This is something that she has grown into and will never lose. She hates to hear lies, so she has vowed that she would never tell one. She has promised everyone whom she knows and even the ones whom she doesn't know, that she is going to tell the truth and nothing but the truth always. She just wants to be trusted, and to show that she is loyal to the weyr and to her friends and family. She doesn't care if her honesty gains her enemies, for she will tell the truth always anyways, even if you don't feel like hearing it. This is a trait that can make her a great goldrider, for she won't lie to anyone, and she will be honest in everything.
Friendly She loves to make friends, ad she loves to be friendly. This is something that she has always been. She doesn't like rudeness, and she knows that this trait can contradict with her demanding self as well, but she has been trying her hardest to just be nice and friendly, and to show that she cares, no matter what could have been said just moments before. This a a trait that will help ehr as a goldrider, for it shows that she is going to be nice and friendly, no matter what may have happened just moments before. She wants to have those friends and those allies, not the enemies.
Helpful She will always be willing to help others, no matter her age, or even if she is injured. She wants to be sure that others are taken care of before herself, and she wants to be sure that nothing can go wrong. This can be a shortcoming as well as a great strength, for sometimes, she won't know when to stop helping others, and it could get her injured, or it could even get her to be recognized for her helpfulness. But she does know that this trait can help her in the long run, no matter what happens.

Clumsy She tends to trip over her own feet, a lot. She gets made fun of for this, but she could careless. She doesn't have a good record of not tripping on material things either, like a chair, a table, or even a rock.
Too Trusting She tends to trust everyone, and too much. She hasn't gotten it through her head yet that if she trusts everyone right away and too much, that she would be harmed and taken advantage of.

Mannerisms/ Habits:
She stutters when she is lying to someone, but only her family knows what this really means.
When she is nervous, she tends to fiddle with her hair.

Skills/ Likes:
[Singing]: She loves to sing, it has always been one of her favorite pass times and she hates it when people say that she can't sing. She knows that she can, and so does her teacher, which is why she became a singer with the Harpers.
[Elissandra]: She loves her little sister, and she likes to talk to her whenever she can and she loves to play new games with her little sister. She will always be by her sister's side at all times no matter what.

Unskilled at/ Dislikes:
[Forgiving Others]: She has never been good at forgiving others, that has always been for the rest of her family. She feels that if you betray her trust, than you don't deserve to be forgiven in her eyes.
[Spiders]: She hates, hates, hates spiders. Okay she is also deathly scared of them. She cannot stand the sight of a spider and she cannot stand seeing the remains of one, or even a spider web. She just hates them, but she doesn't even have the courage to kill the spider.

Fighting Style/ Weapon of Choice:
Hand to Hand

:: Crafter Information ::

Turns in Craft:


Location of Journeymanship:
Fort Weyr

Story Telling

:: Candidate Information ::
Standing only?:

Color preference:

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PostSubject: Re: Gold Candidate Lisnada   Gold Candidate Lisnada I_icon32Fri Jan 16, 2015 6:52 pm

Everything looks pretty good for her, but again, I'll focus on history. I like how you timeline it the way you do, but especially for a Gold candidate (someone who'll impress gold in the future) a little more will be expected of her bio in general, including her history and personality. Granted, she is young so there may not be too much to add until she gets older perhaps. ^.^ 

0-10- Elaborate in this area just a little bit on the kind of relationship she had with her parentage and her siblings growing up. Did this have any influence on her want to be a harper or desire to fly Gold one day? I think Mostly I'd be interested in understanding more about what her draw to that particular color is, and her desire to fill that kind of role. Does she share that wish with her family? are they supportive of that goal or do her sisters get jealous of the thought that she might achieve it before them? Was she teased about being a green and bluerider's child and not the child of more prominence in the weyr, and maybe she wants to prove herself just as worthy as any other wery-child of riding a gold?

Likewise, what draws her to the singing aspect of being a harper? is there a particular reason that she enjoys it? The expressiveness? enjoys being in the spotlight/ performing? the teaching aspect? that she might be able to work with little children? or just that it's proven a great talent of hers and everyone has always been enthusiastic  about her ability and told her she has a lovely voice so she decided to stick with it? etc. Since she's been studying it for a while, she should probably, as a character, have those sorts of insights ready in case others ask. Smile

16- Because this will be important for her as a character/ gold candidate, let's explore a little more what it's like for her to be a candidate as well. Does she look up to a certain goldrider/ have an idol of sorts in the weyr? Maybe she wants to be a goldie because she likes Bronzerdiers?hahaha. What is her impression of bronzes in the weyr at this stage, considering she'll have to interact with them later on, a lot more? Or has she not really considered it?

Is there any aspect of being a goldrider she thinks she might NOT like, in the future; or maybe any role as a goldrider she is afraid she may not be able to fill very well? Or maybe she doesn't know much about it yet, and only just started learning, now that she's a candidate?

Does she have any expectations of what it'll be like being a goldrider? 

What, of her best traits, will make her a good, strong goldrider in the future? There are some listed traits which might make being in that kind of position difficult for her at times, though it is completely possible as she grows up and matures, she can learn to correct habits that may not be ideal for a weyrwoman (sr or jr). i.e. she is demanding, but as a candidate or as a future goldrider, will she realize that she makes more enemies than friends by simply making demands and not taking others into consideration? Does this affect her friendships already? or her relationship with her sisters? Considering that, as she grows up, will she learn to bring her demanding nature under control by learning how to be more considerate of others and how to work as a team with others, or continue to let it define her as an unscrupulous, snobby person, even as she matures? Or will this trait become a well rounded one that gives her the persistence and motivation/ personal drive and dedication it takes to get things done as a weyrwoman one day, because she isn't likely to take no for an answer, BUT she will learn to be willing to work hard and do whatever's necessary to achieve her goals as WW? 

Strengths come in all types, and can be developed as a character grows through RP experience too. So, list just a few things that may make her a good person to consider for a future baby dragon, and a future person of significant rank.
Because she is forgetful, is she learning to rely on others some? Or maybe that's a possibility as a goldrider, once she takes on a lot of responsibility?
She's motherly, so does that make her a good candidate because she looks after all the riders? Does this carry over to other friends already? or fellow candidates?
etc traits.

Considering these questions and suggestions as a future goldie, you may not need to answer every one of them specifically, but I would like to see a little more in each of these general areas addressed, because this is the substance of her persona and may determine her worthiness to a gold dragon. They are the major aspects of her life that define her, so we should have a little more insight as to the workings of it ^.^ Thaaanks hon! Smile  Need anymore assistance, let me know. Otherwise, Kate will have a look at her too, at some point to give her the final critique to okay her. 

Gold Candidate Lisnada Mysignature002_zps7d9c52d2
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PostSubject: Re: Gold Candidate Lisnada   Gold Candidate Lisnada I_icon32Wed Mar 25, 2015 11:58 am

Sorry this took so long, but I think I answered most of your questions and fixed a great deal <3
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PostSubject: Re: Gold Candidate Lisnada   Gold Candidate Lisnada I_icon32Mon Apr 13, 2015 1:26 pm


Final critique time....

History -
Age 6 - Why doesn't she see her half sister for four Turns?

I know Eloaene gave you the idea but why is it that she would want to prove that being a Goldrider is better than a greenrider when her mother is a greenrider? Wouldn't that create some family issues, like making her parents feel like they are not good enough for her? Would the teasing not more than likely make her want to defend her parents instead of becoming something different from them? Seems to me she gets teased for other reasons and that kind of teasing might make her want to prove herself without involving what her parents are. *shrugs* You can keep what you have down but that is something to consider when it comes to family dynamics.

Fighting Style - Might want to include how she learned hand to hand combat. Maybe her father or mother taught her? Would be a good bonding experience?

Otherwise she looks great.

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PostSubject: Re: Gold Candidate Lisnada   Gold Candidate Lisnada I_icon32

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Gold Candidate Lisnada
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