... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 A'van of Brown Bharosath

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PostSubject: A'van of Brown Bharosath   Fri Dec 05, 2014 3:53 pm

:: OOC Information ::

Moniker: Svet
How did you hear about us?: Already have a character

:: Character Information ::




Age/ Turn of Birth:
17 / 485


Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr

Place of Residence:
Fort Weyr


Occupation/ Role:
Weyrling / Apprentice Smith

Character Aspirations:
He wants to become a more skilled smither but he also wants to be able to spend all of his time with Bharosath. He wants to be a great brownrider and he wants to be able to have his dragon be able to prove to be abnormal and chase a gold, and hopefully win. He also wants to find his missing parents, and reunite his broken family.

Father: A'vr, 40, bluerider, Transferred to High Reaches Weyr (A'van doesn't know this)
Mother: Inara, 41, greenrider, Transferred to High Reaches Weyr (A'van doesn't know this)
Siblings: Vani, 14, candidate
Children: None
Other Significant: None


Face: Devon Bostick
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Dark Brown
Height: 5' 11"
Build: Muscular
Other Notable Physical Traits: None
Style of Dress: Being born of the Weyr, he is used to wearing the creche clothing no matter what rank he might be.
Possessions usually found on persona: None

485 - 0 This child was born here of Fort Weyr to two riders. Once he was weaned from his mother, he was sent to live at the creche. From there he was taught everything from the Creche as well as was welcomed with open arms, or so it seemed.
488 - 3 When he turned three, his parents had another child named Vani. This little girl seemed to be spoiled by them, but soon she was sent to the Creche to live with her brother, and the other children of riders.
490 - 5 When he turned five, he learned that his parents both had just disappeared. But what no one told Advan was, is that the Weyrleader's had transferred both of his parents to High Reaches. High Reaches had the need for some riders, and well, his parents had volunteered, but with one condidtion, their children were not allowed to be told where they went. So the kid's were informed that their parents were gone, but they didn't say where, and when Advan was told this, he broke down. But after a few weeks of grieving, he went back to being his old self, but with a new ambition, to become a dragonrider so that he can find his parents.
495 - 10 Just after his tenth turn, he decided to join a craft, so he became an Apprentice Smither. This is because he wanted to be able to help the Weyr in some kind of way, and well, it seemed like they needed some smithers at the time.
497 - 12 When he turned twelve, he was finally able to start to go to the candidate lessons. He happily and eagerly went, and he was happy to participate and learn everything that he can. He was sad to have left his sister alone in the Creche, but he knew that she was not old enough to join him just yet, and of course, she would have to want to join him.
501 - 16 His sister Vani decided to join him as a candidate as well. She told him it was because she did not want to be separated from her only remaining family. Advan didn't mind it at all, and he welcomed her presence as a candidate happily.
502 - 17 He is seventeen, and his life changed. He was at the last hatching, and he Impressed upon one of the little dragons. He was content watching eggs hatch and dragons Impress, but when a handsome looking brown appeared, he was surprised to hear a voice. Hello, hello. I'm Bharosth and you are mine. Now let's see about food. A'van, as he is know called, happily went to feed his brown, and now he waits to start the weyrling training. He hopes that his little sister Impresses soon though.

No matter what this male looks like, he is still a kind and caring guy. He loves to talk to others and he wants to be able to make new friends. He wants to be able to show that he cares about everyone, which is why he tends to talk way too much. He likes to help everyone who will need it and he wants to be able to help all that he can. He knows that there are people who want the shinnies in charge like before, but he is starting to believe that maybe the non-shinnies should be in charge. Sure, he is traditional, but he is not as traditional as someone from say, Benden. A'van likes to be able to play games with others and he wants to be able to show full respect for everyone, even if they don't deserve it.

No matter what kind of childish side he shows, he is very well self-disciplined. He can act like a child one moment, but when self-discipline is needed, he will stop acting like a child. He loves to play games, no matter what he is being like. A'van likes to read and help others through their problems. He is a good listener and he loves to give advice, but only if the advice is wanted or needed. He loves to talk to Bharosath and he is always giving the brown a bath just to make sure that he stays clean. A'van knows that you would never be able to see sand build up on the brown because of his coloring. But as most people in his family, he is protective and he will protect anyone who has earned his trust. He cannot stand to see someone in pain or being made fun of, and he really does not like to be around bullies. He may bully someone playfully, but if he is asked to stop, then he will stop and apologize.

This male loves honor and he does everything that he can to be honorable as well. He loves to teach others new things and he likes to try to make sure that things are taught properly. A'van will spend hours in his day just to make sure that all the jobs and chores are done around the weyr. He likes to be dependable in that way, and he loves to double check things just to be sure that they did get done and correctly. But there is one really bad thing about this male, he can be forgetful, like, really forgetful. He tends to forget when he is supposed to be to a meeting and he seems to forget about some of the lessons if they don't appeal to him right away. But he will never forget something that he promises to do, for Bharosath won't let him forget a promise.

Clumsy No matter how hard he tries, he will find something to trip over, even if there is nothing in his way.
Childish There are moments when he forgets what his true age is, and he acts like a five turn old. He loves to play games sure, but he can be a really poor sport, just like a child.

Mannerisms/ Habits:
When nervous he tends to hum
When he is lying, he stutters really bad

Skills/ Likes:
[Teaching]: He loves to teach new things to others, and he feels like he does a good job. Many ask why he is a Smither instead of a Harper, and it's because he cannot constantly handle teaching people.
[Vani]: He loves his little sister, and he would hate to see things happen to her. She is his life and his only family left, unless he can find his parents.

Unskilled at/ Dislikes:
[Snakes]: He hates them and is deathly scared of them. He doesn't care if it is already dead, if he sees one, he will scream like a little girl and run away.
[Tailoring]: No matter how many times he tries, he just cannot hold a needle straight enough to not cut himself while trying to tailor something. His sister is the Tailor, not him.

Fighting Style/ Weapon of Choice:
He has a dagger in his right boot

:: Crafter Information ::



Turns in Craft:




Location of Journeymanship:

Fort Weyr


Metal Smithing

'Cause you cant stop
The motion of the ocean
Or the sun in the sky
You can wonder if you wanna
But I never ask why
And if you try to hold me down
I'm gonna spit in your eye and say
That you cant stop the beat!

link on picture

:: Dragon Information ::
Dragon Name:
(based on the word bharosa, hindi for confidence)

Turn of Impression:
Turn 502 (Autumn)

Clutch Name:
Poetry of the Air

Weyr of Impression:

Fort Weyr

Wing Name:
Melodic Wing

A rosewood brown color throughout his hide with areas of lighter hue along his wing sails and belly. He has nothing on his hide that would appear like a blemish or out of place.

Length:33.1 meters
Height:39 hh

Other Physical Characteristics:
He is a muscular male, and it shows on his legs. His wings are strong as well, but those muscles are not as defined as the ones on his legs. The coloring on him seems to fit him perfectly, and he loves his coloring, and will never let someone put him down because of it.

Personality Traits:

Bharosath is cool, calm, collected, and confident.  He is handsome and he knows it.  Friendly and known for his easy attitude, this brown will talk to anyone, human or dragon.  As he grows older, he will exhibit quite a flirtatious nature and will display no fear that he will always lose out to the bronzes for gold flights.  Green flights are anyone's game, though, and he will enjoy them to the max.

Though he will start off seeming to gravitate towards the metallics in the class and outside of it because of their bigger personalities, he will eventually notice the louder ones among the greens and blues as well, and then the quieter ones.  His nature will put them all at ease, make them all feel included, and he will eventually become an anchor among his clutchmates and in his future wings and will be able to help bridge gaps and keep everyone together.

Zachary Levi

Text Fade: http://patorjk.com/text-color-fader/
Saved as: HG- Bharosath

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PostSubject: Re: A'van of Brown Bharosath   Sat Dec 06, 2014 1:24 pm

hehehe. Q'rijn will be happy to see another Smith.

Again a few things:

+ About his parent's disappearance... did they die? Or were they transferred? Just for our knowledge, we need to know what happened to them. If something is going to affect the main plotline, we really need to be told about it.

+ Girls are not allowed to Stand until they are 14, so Vani would have to wait two more Turns after the turn you have in your history. Could be fun to have her become a Candidate once A'van Impresses because she is proud and wants to be like her brother.

+ He is young to be a Journeyman Smith and if you feel he has had enough training then we need to know when he was tapped for journeyman and more specifically why. If he has a special talent for it, this should also be mentioned in his personality under likes/skilled at.

+ Weapon of Choice: Again, the dual wielding would mean special training. I would definitely talk to Eloaene about dual wielding/weapons stuff because she knows quite a bit about it and does a lot with the Guard on the board.

Let me know if you need anything

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PostSubject: Re: A'van of Brown Bharosath   Mon Dec 08, 2014 9:56 am

I think I got them. I added the transfer info in the History section for the plot reasons
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PostSubject: Re: A'van of Brown Bharosath   Wed Dec 10, 2014 9:29 am

He looks good to me other than a couple of points:

His smith rank was changed earlier in his sheet, but not in the crafter information, so that's an easy fix.

The other admins may disagree, but I personally find it hard to believe dragonriders can just disappear, and no one will know where they are. Dragons seem to be able to feel the loss of their own kind, even across distances, so surely they'd know that his parents were not dead based on that-- even if their dragons weren't answering 'calls' from former friends' dragons, their presence would still be felt. (Why a dragon would refuse contact, though, is a whole other question, since they are far less without guile than humans usually...)

Also, in order to transfer, wouldn't they need permission from their Weyrleaders and those of the other Weyr? So someone would know where they went, though whoever approved the transfer might not pass the information along. I think it could be a mystery in general, that the Weyrleaders who allowed the transfer aren't talking, and his parents' dragons aren't responsive to contact from Fort, but I feel that saying they are presumed dead is a little bit of a long shot.

On a side note, can't wait for him to come join the other weyrlings from the new clutch! Smile
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PostSubject: Re: A'van of Brown Bharosath   Wed Dec 10, 2014 1:50 pm

I think I got those points for you :3
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PostSubject: Re: A'van of Brown Bharosath   Thu Dec 11, 2014 10:42 am

Looks good to me! I like it-- opens up all sorts of possibilities for family friends/ parental type figures maybe who might know where his parents went, and have lied to him and his siblings all along by not telling them where his parents went Smile If you'd so choose to play something like that out!

I'm going to let Kate/ JQ give the final say, so hopefully he'll get officially approved later today!
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PostSubject: Re: A'van of Brown Bharosath   Thu Dec 11, 2014 8:03 pm

Approved Smile Feel free to join the Feeding thread

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PostSubject: Re: A'van of Brown Bharosath   

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A'van of Brown Bharosath
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