... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 Weyrling Barracks Map & Weyr Assignments

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Weyrling Barracks Map & Weyr Assignments Empty
PostSubject: Weyrling Barracks Map & Weyr Assignments   Weyrling Barracks Map & Weyr Assignments I_icon32Sun Nov 30, 2014 6:12 pm

Weyrling Barracks Map & Weyr Assignments 1uEfh8k

The Weyrling Barracks are their own complex. It was created by the stonemasons when the Weyr was first created, using plasma stonecutters. The main area, the Community Room, exits to the Weyr Bowl where the rest of the Weyr can be accessed.

There are five side caverns where Weyrlings are housed, each Weyrling with their own single bed, a hollow for the dragonette, a trunk for storage and three hooks beside the bed for hanging personal items. (Each circle represents this personal rider alcove) While Weyrlings do not have much privacy in these miniature rooms, each Barrack is sectioned off from the rest of the massive cavern by High Reaches blue curtains that are thick and almost soundproof. These curtains allow those wishing to sleep to block out the sounds of the boisterous areas of their complex. Color-coded curtains hang above each alcove's entrance to denote the color of the dragon within.

Two privies are located strategically in the complex, allowing for late night use of the necessary, or the semi-private bath.

Flight gear and equipment can be found in the Equipment Cavern, and each Weyrling has a temporarily labeled cubbyhole in the walls of the cavern for their Flight Gear, with a hook for their dragonette's straps. This open area is also where strap making and studying can be achieved.

Deeper in the complex is a massive area where all dragonettes and their bonded gather for lessons. The walls allow the Weyrlingmaster's or her assistants, voices to carry as the sound bounces off and reaches the farthest back of the classroom.

Three large ramps (big enough that a Weyrling pair can walk side by side until adult growth without fear of falling) line the front of the classroom, the central one leading up to the Weyrlingmaster's Weyr and directly into her office in case a Weyrling pair need to see her privately. Ramps on the right and left lead the the Assistant Weyrlingmaster Weyrs and their offices as well. Landing ledges from each teacher's weyr lead out and above the Weyr Bowl for private entrances.

Each private weyr has a bedroom, private privy and bath, an area for their dragon's couch, an office, and a kitchentte that allows for cooking private meals or hosting small gatherings. The Weyrlingmaster's weyr also has a staircase leading down into the Weyr Bowl for non-rider staff to access his weyr.

Weyrling Barracks Map & Weyr Assignments PjUa6tqWeyrling Barracks Map & Weyr Assignments W0RWXh1 Weyrling Barracks Map & Weyr Assignments QvWQY9vWeyrling Barracks Map & Weyr Assignments SvafMiF
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Weyrling Barracks Map & Weyr Assignments CgxWo4g
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Weyrling Barracks Map & Weyr Assignments
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