... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 ...one must first deceive his friends. [Tags: Kevarre, Sorcha or Keayah]

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...one must first deceive his friends. [Tags: Kevarre, Sorcha or Keayah] Empty
PostSubject: ...one must first deceive his friends. [Tags: Kevarre, Sorcha or Keayah]   ...one must first deceive his friends. [Tags: Kevarre, Sorcha or Keayah] I_icon32Tue Nov 04, 2014 3:41 pm

[Back post to Spring a few days after Dace's stabbing.]

...one must first deceive his friends. [Tags: Kevarre, Sorcha or Keayah] Yeoun0_zps5d1a8c2a

Yeoun had once trusted in himself as a member of the Blood Moon Squad. He had trusted that there was one thing that he would never do, and that was to betray his brothers. From a young age, he'd never considered himself anything but a brother to the other orphans he'd grown up beside, regardless of what competition or dispute sometimes  existed between them, because they had become family. One another was all that they had in the world to hang onto. 

After that night of Dace's stabbing, Yeoun had departed from the path that had long carried him in the same direction as his orphan brothers. He could no longer consider himself a member of the Blood Moon Squad, even if its members still held a place in his heart. Because of that, Yeoun had made a vow to himself that he would do everything in his power to protect his brothers from being targeted by the Chorong Rebels. No matter how far his new-chosen path took him, he would never cease to act for their benefit. After all, he had joined the Chorong in order to right what wrongs were being done by them. He would put an end to his father's rebellion -a rebellion that should have ended with his father's death. And once that was accomplished, he could truly say that he'd served well his friends. The Blood Moon Squad's purpose -at least for a time- would be fulfilled.

Knowing that he had chosen this path for the sake of creating peace though, did not make carrying that decision out any easier. For, in order to achieve his goal he would have to be able to deceive a dangerous enemy. But in order to deceive his enemy, he would first have to be able to deceive his friends. And Yeoun was determined to do whatever was required, in order to do so. He would even take a chance on killing his Blood Moon Brothers if it was asked of him.

Yeoun had been hard pressed to keep up with both the schedule of regular guard activities as well as his increasing duties under the Lord General Galedon, who was now his mentor and Lord. He no longer served the Lord Holders of Telgar, though he posed as a Guard still, so he came and went as he pleased, prioritizing the rebel's necessity over that of the Hold. So, though Yeoun had continued to uphold his facade within the Blood Moon Squad's circle, that was a task that became increasingly difficult as the Chorong gradually required more of him. 

Honestly, he wasn't sure if any of his Blood Moon brothers had seemed to think anything strange of his sometimes prolonged absence lately, though he'd recently made a point of meeting in slightly more visible places with a specific one or two of the Ladies of Inamourata's Mask, who were informants for the rebels, in order to drum up the excuse that, should any suspicion fall on him, it could be assumed that he'd simply taken a love interest. It was a ploy to distract from any other possible reason for his absences. Boys were always doing outrageous things for the girl they loved.

Anyway, it wasn't a completely impossible scenario. Yeoun was a handsome young man and now that they lived at Southern Telgar Hold, there being many beautiful women within its walls, it should only be natural that at some point something like this should happen. If Kevarre or any of his Blood Moon brothers happened to follow him and find him in a girl's company, then he'd just have to rub it in their faces later that a girl took interest in him first. That would be acceptable brotherly behaviour. 

So, dressed in his black and red-patterned tunic and over-coat, belted at the waist with an attached frog that secured his sword to his hip, Yeoun made his way to meet with his contact from the Mask, having need to pass between them new information and updates for their leader. Today, they were to meet nearby a small lake just outside of the hold walls, where a gazebo had been erected over the edge of its waters for viewers to appreciate the beauty of thee site. It was a romantic location that would serve good purpose. 

In those days since he'd stabbed Dace, having hoped that his friend would survive since he'd tried to avoid damaging any vital organs or major blood vessels, Yeoun had sensed that at least one of his Blood Moon brothers was a little suspicious of him. Of course, Kevarre knew him better than anyone else, and so it was Kevarre who would likely accuse him; though he didn't anticipated that the others were too dull to realize the possibility that Yeoun was their culprit, but they would all be reluctant to want to believe that he would do something like that. Yeoun  had always been a known for his constancy and reliability, if nothing else. It would be difficult to believe he was capable of something like stabbing Dace -and even more difficult to find a motive for it. 

But, the one opinion that Yeoun worried most about was that of Kevarre, because Kevarre was Dace's blood brother, and no matter what, blood trumped any other friendship. If Kevarre suspected him of anything, it was likely that he over anyone else, would come seeking confrontation. Thus, over the past few days, that is what Yeoun feared the most. He feared for Dace's life, having gone a number of times to help tend to the boy's injury, but he also trembled at the thought of Kevarre realizing that he was responsible for what had happened. That is, his heart trembled not for fear of being found out, but for fear of disappointing his closest friend.

Yet, that is something that Yeoun knew he would have to pull himself through, no matter how difficult. Because through the course of things, Yeoun was bound to make his friends hate him countless times; but it was something he had to do.

Dismounting his runner as he rode up to the gazebo, he was glad to see that one of the expensive pillowcrafters from Inamourata's Mask had already come. If he'd been followed by anyone, then at least that someone would know that he took preference in very beautiful women. Not everyone would recognize Ladies of the Mask for what they were, as it was entirely possible to mistake their glamourous regalia for the dress of a highborn's daughter. The girls who comprised the world of Inamourata's sultry world of entertainment were a sight to behold for any man. It would be no wonder that Yeoun had sought such a beauty out.

The gazebo was painted in ocher hues with beautifully carved pillars that encircled its perimeter to uphold the tiled roof. Being out over the water, there was a small bridge that led to it. The calm water that it overlooked was filled with colourful fish and flowers that opened up on the surface of the water. Because of the serenity and beauty of the site, it had become a place where young lovers escaped to meet -being outside the hold walls, and also outside the watchful eyes of their chaperons.

Looping the reins of his runner around a post that had been erected for that purpose, Yeoun hurried his step to make his way over the bridge and to where his apparent 'lover' awaited him. He hadn't searched behind him yet to know whether or not he'd been followed, but he assumed that if that had been the case, he would find out sooner or later. 

[Who he's meeting can be Keayah or Sorcha, whatever's easiest, if Jess doesn't have time to post for it. Then of course, Kevarre can either interrupt them or wait until Yeoun leaves to catch his attention. Hope this posty works for you guys! Lemme know if i need to change anything!]

...one must first deceive his friends. [Tags: Kevarre, Sorcha or Keayah] Mysignature002_zps7d9c52d2
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...one must first deceive his friends. [Tags: Kevarre, Sorcha or Keayah]
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