... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 Weyrling Lesera of Green Zelenyth [B.502]

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PostSubject: Weyrling Lesera of Green Zelenyth [B.502]   Mon Oct 27, 2014 3:16 am

:: OOC Information ::
Moniker: Suri
How did you hear about us?: Affiliation with Dragon’s Rise

:: Character Information ::
Name: Lesera
Pronunciation: Less-era
Age/ Turn of Birth: 14 almost 15 turns, 487 AL 
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Telgar Hold
Place of Residence: Telgar Hold
Occupation/ Role: Telgar Hold Kitchen Staff

Character Aspirations:
Knowing there isn’t many opens for a woman, Lesera hopes to become the Headwoman of a Hold or Weyr, and in order to make her dream come true, she begged her brother to get her a position in the Telgar Hold kitchens so that she would work her way up and learn how everything is run. 

When her brother was Searched and moved to the Weyr, her aspirations moved toward the graces falling on her to be Searched as well. She never cared what color dragon, she just wanted to have the opportunity to protect her home and world with the other female dragonriders. 

Father: Keritorv {Hold Guard, General. B. 456 AL, D. xxx AL}  
Mother: Anuleesa {Headwoman of Fort Weyr, B. 461 AL, D. xxx AL}  

Dareia [F] {Healer, B. 475 AL, D. xxx AL}
Valeron [M] {Smithcrafter. B. 481 AL, D. xxx AL}
T'rian [M] {Brownrider, B. 482 AL, D. xxx AL}
Terev [M] {B. 492 AL, D. 492 AL} - Born Sleeping.
Branik [M] {B. 491 AL, D. 493 AL} - Born weak, never got stronger. 

Other Significant:


Face: Kristen Kreuk
Hair: Dark brown almost black hair. It is extremely thick, naturally wavy and usually pulled up into some sort of style that keeps it out of her face while she’s working in the kitchen.
Eyes: Bright green, exotically shaped. Lesera thinks they are possibly her best feature. 
Height: 5’7”
Build: Slim, lean. She takes good care of her body but she is usually too busy to eat much while she cooks. And since she tastes food while she does, the appetite to eat afterward is curbed. Most of her meals consist of food she has been cooking, tasting or watching in the Kitchen. Her womanly curves are only now beginning to really fill out. 

Other Notable Physical Traits:

Style of Dress:
When she is working in the kitchen, she usually wears clothing of the Hold’s livery for staff. If not the livery, than clothing that is similar to it. Her mother sometimes gave the children marks to buy clothing, and Lesera often spent these of Gather clothes. Tori, her beloved older brother, often brings her pretty clothes so that she doesn’t have to wear ratty things she can’t afford to replace and dotes on her whenever he can with wages from the Hold Guard. 

Her usual outfits usually consist of breathable, linen-like fabric that keeps her from overheating in the kitchen, a shirt of some sort - usually 3/4 sleeves or shorter to keep them out of the food, and shoes that protect her feet from potential spills of hot food or other messes. If it is cold and she’s out an about, she has a lovely pea-coat style jacket, and a plethora of cardigans that she will layer. 

Whenever possible, Lesera likes to get dressed up and pretty. At Gathers her dresses stand out for their colorfulness, and whimsical style. When she was young, her brother taught her to dance by standing her on his feet and going through the motions with her. Light, silky fabric that moves with her while she dances are her favorite type of clothes for these dressed-up outfits. 

Possessions usually found on persona:


Despite being brought up during the rough part of Telgar’s history, Lesera was more or less unaffected by the struggle and strife around her. Her father was hardly ever home, her mother worked hard as a Lady’s Maid to pay for their food and clothing and her older sister became a Healer and the family prospered under her care. Despite her sister, though, Lesera was very young when she watched her mother become pregnant twice, and lose a younger brother. The second little brother passed away when he was only a few turns old. While Lesera was very sad, she soon grew up and forgot about the tragedy of her lost brothers and they became nothing but a memory. Her older brother, a very well gifted Smithcrafter, built the family a new home and moved to the crafthall to pursue his ranks. The young girl knew that her family were loyal, and that was as far as she had to care. Their family stayed together, even if her father was always busy with his job in the Guard, and they were able to make choices for themselves. 

Lesera was always proud of her father, and her brother Torianu, who had joined the Hold Guard, and tried to find some way in which she could be useful to the Hold as well. Taking her cue from her mother, and having no desire to join the Guard with her brother, nor the Healers with her elder sister, the young girl found her niche as a cook when she begin preparing food for her family. When her brother found out about her skills, and asked what she wanted to do with them, he found her a place in the Hold kitchens. Her mother waited on visiting dignitaries and the Lady Holder when she was needed, and Lesera cooked in the Kitchens. Their meager wages put together with Torianu and their father’s wages kept the family comfortable and not at all wealthy. But it was more than enough for them to live on without any trouble. 

Always wanting to put herself in the good graces of the Lord and Lady Holder, Lesera worked hard at whatever task she was given, and become an avid perfectionist in everything she did. During her studies she applied herself deeply and retained much more of the lessons than was needed. She did her writing until each letter was a work of art, and anything she wrote looked beautiful to her eyes. As she grew older, her responsibilities and tasks in the Kitchen grew, and the young girl found that she rather liked gardening. 

When the hustle and bustle of the kitchen was too much, Lesera would escape to the Hold’s herb garden to pick and prepare herbs and spices for drying. Her aspirations became more grand than just being a kitchen worker for the rest of her life, and she started to get in good with the Headwoman in an attempt to learn how a Hold was run and kept together by the women behind the scenes. 

At home, she took great pains to spend what time she could with her father when he wasn’t on Guard business, and this usually dissolved into her begging him to teach her to use a weapon. Her fancy fell on the long knife, and with the help of her father and brother, Lesera grew to a decent skill with the knife. To her, going through the movements and strict carefulness of of the fighting poses acted as a kind of meditation for her. Her perfectionist attitude made her determined to do it perfectly, and she mastered any lesson her father taught her. Despite this, Lesera knew better than to try and spar with anyone - since she knew that she had much less skill than those who had been learning much longer than herself. She was a perfectionist, not touched in the head.

If the time came where she was freed for the day and it was daylight, Lesera loved to adventure through the Hold and find places she had never been before. It gave her a pretty good working knowledge of passages that would make traversing the rich hold easier, and when her tasks became that of bringing food to people in their rooms, she was prompt because of her Hold layout knowledge. It was a tour through one of these passages that put her in the view of the Lord Holder’s father - a man known for his pranks and jokes played on people of the Hold. 

Lesera became rather entranced by the old man, and more often than not, she helped him in his pranking in little ways that wouldn’t lead back to her. She showed him the serving passages and their friendship grew from there. She was never sure just how present the man was, but he was interesting to talk to in her free time, and she loved his stories. Occasionally, she would be the butt of one of his pranks - and she laughed when she realized what the prank had been. 

Hitting her teen years was an interesting time for the young lady, and she began to notice the other young men around the Hold. It was around this time that her brother, Torianu, began lavishing her with pretty clothing and other gifts that would show off the beauty she was growing into. She was eternally grateful that she was not a Holder’s daughter, because she heard the stories of them being married off into arranged marriages. 

At Gathers, with the help of Tori, Lesera danced with many handsome young men who were not Holders, and loved being partnered by them. Her brother was an ever watchful eye on the young men, and many of them didn’t try anything they may have tried with other young ladies. She herself had no particular interest in any one young man, instead her aspirations became even grander - if it was possible. 

When she turned 14 turns, her brother had made a name for himself in the Hold Guard, and his entire squad watched over her like she was their little sister. She was very proud of Tori, and even prouder when the dragonriders of Fort Weyr came to their Hold and he was Searched as a potential dragonrider. He didn’t want to leave her, but she pushed him and encouraged him and eventually, realizing that it would be good for him, he left her and their mother at the Hold and went to the Weyr. 

Realizing that if her brother was good enough for the dragons, maybe she could be as well, Lesera hoped on Faranth’s egg that maybe one day she would be Searched too. From the Weyr, she got messages from Tori about the other Candidates and that he was missing home. She asked if he would ever be able to come and get herself and her mother. Lesera told her brother how worried their father had become of something awful happening, and that he hoped for his family to be safe. No matter how aloof he had been with his son, Lesera assured her older brother that their father strutted around the Hold, proud of his Candidate son. 

Tori promised his sister that he would do what he could for her and their mother, and Lesera went back to waiting for the dragonriders to return on Search, so she could step up as her brother had, and see if she was good enough. 

Lesera has an independent personality. She can seem a little shy in a group but that is how she learns about others. She is not quick to form an opinion on some one, but once she does will stand by her views. She is rather pig headed with this. She is very caring and yet can steel herself against others pain. Whilst mainly obeying the rules, if the need arises, she will break the rules if she thinks that they are worthless. Lesera is loyal to her friends, though can be finicky with whom she considers a friend. She doesn't talk about herself, preferring to listen and give honest answer to questions regardless of the consequences. 

Lesera is a very intelligent girl with a never-satiated thirst for knowledge. She loves learning new things and is quite dedicated in her lessons. She has a very good memory, so she can often recall bits of important (or random) information.

She is a very curious girl. Lesera doesn't like having questions unanswered or leaving jobs undone. She is a young woman who loves to have fun. She enjoys working in the hustle and bustle of the kitchen from cooking, cleaning or watching food to running the spit dogs carefully to make sure things don’t burn. She likes things to be perfect, and hopes her attention to detail brings her favorably to the eyes of her betters. She is determined, strong-willed, and persistent, generous and friendly. 

Lesera is also obedient; she follows reasonable orders or ones that come from people she trusts. She doesn't hesitate to question why she is being asked to do something or refuse to do it if something doesn't feel right. She will keep pressuring people until they give her an explanation or answer to her question. She doesn't really know when to give up. 

She is a sensitive girl, easily hurt and angered. She can be vindictive if she feels like something was done to someone who didn’t deserve it. She is often seen protecting the younger and weaker children.. Lesera tends to hold herself somewhat apart from people, similarly to her very level-headed brother.

Lesera's primary interest in life is understanding the world that she lives in. She is constantly absorbing ideas and images about the situations she is presented with in her life. Using her intuition to process this information, she is usually extremely quick and accurate in her ability to size up a situation. Accordingly, she is quite flexible and adapts well to a wide range of tasks. She is good at most anything that interests her. As she grows and further develops her intuitive abilities and insights, she becomes very aware of possibilities, and this makes her quite resourceful when solving problems.

Lesera is an idea person. Her perceptive abilities cause her to see possibilities everywhere. She gets excited and enthusiastic about her ideas, and is able to spread her enthusiasm to others. In this way, she gets the support that she needs to fulfill her visions. Lesera is less interested in developing plans of actions or making decisions than she is in generating possibilities and ideas. Following through on the implementation of an idea is usually a chore for her. Although Lesera is more interested in absorbing information than in making decisions, she is quite rational and logical in reaching conclusions.

Lesera is a fluent conversationalist, mentally quick, and enjoys verbal sparring with others. She loves to debate issues, and may even switch sides sometimes just for the love of the debate. When she expresses her underlying principles, however, she sometimes feels awkward and will speak abruptly and intensely because of it. On the surface,  

She's exceptionally girly, and she makes friends easily. People tend to be drawn to her confident, capable personality and her good looks. But she has a short fuse, and won't hesitate to tell someone what she thinks of them - even if she isn't thinking anything particularly nice. She loves getting attention at Gathers when she has a chance to dress up and be super pretty, and her dancing skills taught to her by her brother help her to be a sought-after dance partner.

Lesera seems hard as nails, untouchable, as though nothing would ever faze her. But even though it's well hidden, she's still young. Things do bother her, she just refuses to let anyone see. Lesera is all about pride, and she refuses to bend even the slightest. However, there is tenderness lurking beneath that hard surface, rarely seen and rarely given except to those that she knows she can trust.  

In general, Lesera is an upbeat visionary. She highly values knowledge, and spends much of her life seeking a higher understanding. She lives in the world of possibilities, and becomes excited about concepts, challenges and difficulties. When presented with a problem, she’s good at improvising and quickly comes up with a creative solution. Creative, clever, curious, and theoretical, Lesera has a broad range of possibilities in her life.

♡ Shy Around Strangers - Lesera isn’t used to talking to strangers. The people of the Kitchens have become almost an extended family and if they are going to work with her, she has no problem speaking to them. However, walking up to someone at a Gather, or anywhere else, is something she cannot bring herself to do. 
♡ Stubborn - When she is right, she is right and will fight this to death. She doesn’t like being told she is wrong on a subject she knows well, and goes to great lengths to make her point. Her stubborness can get her in trouble when she finds something she wants to accomplish, as she will dedicate herself to the task with great alacrity to get it done. This includes any of her aspirations, like being a Headwoman, or possibly being Searched. 

Mannerisms/ Habits:
♡ Adventuring through the Hold - Lesera is often getting lost in the interior of the Hold when she explores, coming out at just the wrong moment to look like a messy drudge. 
♡ Practicing Knife Stances - Whenever she’s trying to calm down, Lesera will go through the movements and stances her father and brother taught her as a way to calm down. 
♡ Brushing her hair from her face - Long, thick, dark hair is always falling from whatever sort of hairstyle she has it in, and more often than not, she ends up smeared with some sort of cooking ingredient as she brushes it out of the way. Usually flour.

Skills/ Likes:
[Intelligence]: There are smarter people on Pern than Lesera, but not many.  Though by no means the greatest mind in history, she is extraordinarily intelligent, with a broad, diverse knowledge base (albeit often patchy), a quick wit, a clever mind, a proficiency for problem solving, and the capacity to make swift, intuitive leaps that often bypass the more drawn out (though, admittedly, more accurate) logical process to reach, if not always the same conclusion, at least usually a corollary one. 
[Honesty]: Lesera does not pride herself on being honest.  She simply doesn't care enough to lie.  Lying is a lot of work, and really, what does it accomplish?  You may not always like what you hear if you ask her a question, but you can be sure, without a doubt, that even if she's wrong, she believes whatever she tells you with all of her heart.  It's just so much easier that way. 

Unskilled at/ Dislikes:
[Ineptitude]: There are a great many things Lesera detests, but greatest among them is ineptitude.  To be poor at some things is perfectly natural.  For one to expect others to count on those skills at which one is most incapable is idiotic and selfish.  Worse than simple ineptitude, though, is willful ineptitude.  When confronted with failure and foolishness of this sort, Lesera is quick to become frustrated and, often, aggressive, and she regularly feels compelled to step in and rectify the problem before it gets worse. 
[Cowards]: Growing up in a soldier family gave Lesera a backbone that most women simply don’t have. She learned early on that cowards cannot be counted on, and that finding them is easy -- they ran the other way in the face of adversity. She vowed that she would face any problems with a straight back and a fierce look. 

Fighting Style/ Weapon of Choice:
Lesera can fight with a long knife if she needs to, having been taught by her father and brother, but she’s not formally trained in anything else. 

I'm through accepting limits
'cause someone says they're so
Some things I cannot change
But till I try, I'll never know!
Too long I've been afraid of
Losing love I guess I've lost
Well, if that's love
It comes at much too high a cost!
I'd sooner fly
Defying gravity
Kiss me goodbye
I'm defying gravity
And you can't pull me down!

:: Dragon Information ::

Dragon Name:
Zelenyth (from Zelena, in Bosnian Zelena means "green")

Turn of Impression:  Turn 502
Clutch Name: Poetry of the Air
Weyr of Impression: Fort Weyr
Wing Name: Melodic Wing

Dark true green in color throughout most of her hide. Her eye ridges are a darker green as is the tip of her tail where the end appears close to black. Her claws are black with a green sheen to them.

Length: 23.5 meters
Height: 11.75 meters
Wingspan: 35.25 meters

Other Physical Characteristics: 
Well proportioned, slightly above average in size. Zelenyth looks to be physically quite close to perfect and will certainly be attractive to the male dragons around as she matures. The most important characteristic for her is her hide sensitivity which will make it harder for her rider to scrub patches of hide and oil her. 

Personality Traits:
Zelenyth will be a loner from the start, which is unusual for a green.  She is smart, picks things up quickly, and will easily catch the eye of the Weyrlingmaster and her assistants for her abilities.  She might be the sort to discover going between early because of her dedication and abnormal intelligence (for her color.) But it will be apparent that she keeps to herself and does not work well with the others.  

She will keep them at arms' length despite hatching with them due to her discomfort at having them want to curl up with her-- her hide is unfortunately sensitive to something in the oil usually used to soften dragon hide (she will need something special from the dragon healers once they figure out the problem.)  The allergic reaction will at times be painful, so she will draw away and keep to herself.  But she'll be envious of the others, especially the golds who draw all the attention, and have no problem being touched.  

Because of this, she will need to learn that teamwork is necessary for well-oiled wings to fight Thread and keep Pern safe.  Once her discomfort can be eased, and the others earn her loyalty, they will have it for life.  She will be willing to defend all of them, and lay down her life for each and every one of them if the situation demands it.

Idina Menzel

Text Fade: http://patorjk.com/text-color-fader/
Saved as : Suri- Zelenyth


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PostSubject: Re: Weyrling Lesera of Green Zelenyth [B.502]   Mon Oct 27, 2014 12:24 pm

Alright I think this one will be less time consuming to edit Smile

Persona: "She is good at most anything that interests her."

See this is a problem because it makes her sound like a Mary Poppins - someone who is practically perfect in every way. She can cook and dance and fight and pretty much do anything. She's creative and yet logical. She'll obey but not to the point of being a blind follower. She might be all of these things but it is very difficult to play a character who is good at just about everything. I don't know anyone who is naturally good at almost everything they think to try. Lesera seems to have almost no flaws in comparison. I think maybe trying to make her a little less perfect would go a long way.

You may have flaws for her in your head that didn't get put in the persona, so just add some things that maybe she isn't good at and maybe she has bad judgement or trusts the wrong people etc etc...

If you need anything feel free to PM or IM me.

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PostSubject: Re: Weyrling Lesera of Green Zelenyth [B.502]   Thu Oct 30, 2014 7:48 pm

Truncated her personality and added a bit more to the other sections as well :3

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PostSubject: Re: Weyrling Lesera of Green Zelenyth [B.502]   Fri Oct 31, 2014 8:41 am

Looks much better. Just one more thing I think needs to be addressed.

"she makes friends easily. People tend to be drawn to her confident, capable personality and her good looks. "

This is an instance where being shy around a group of people would not fit in with her persona.

Meeting people tends to be a group situation wherein being shy would be a deterrent for trying to make friends. Shy people often don't come across as capable or confident but actually might be more likely to come across at first meeting as insecure/unsure. Also you mention she is shy around people who seek out her attention because they find her attractive which would also make it difficult for her to befriend people who find her attractive. So either she is shy and its not as easy for her to make friends or she isn't shy and she makes friends easily. You can be quiet and not be shy so maybe she is a quiet/introspective person. From what I've read (I like reading about personalities of people in general and being an introvert and having been very shy in the past I've done a fair bit of research) being introverted or extroverted has no impact on being shy.

I think once we get this part of her persona figured out she will make a lot more sense.

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PostSubject: Re: Weyrling Lesera of Green Zelenyth [B.502]   Fri Oct 31, 2014 1:20 pm

Whoops! Totally meant to take that part out, must have missed it when I was editing! It's gone now :3

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PostSubject: Re: Weyrling Lesera of Green Zelenyth [B.502]   Sat Nov 01, 2014 6:18 am


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PostSubject: Re: Weyrling Lesera of Green Zelenyth [B.502]   

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Weyrling Lesera of Green Zelenyth [B.502]
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