... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 Weyrharper Andris

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PostSubject: Weyrharper Andris   Weyrharper Andris I_icon32Wed Nov 07, 2012 1:22 am

OOC Info:
Moniker: Mel/Trouble
How did you find out about us?: JQ and Jess

Character Info:
Name: Andris

Pronunciation: Ann-drus

Title: Weyrharper


Age & Turn of Birth: 53, 10.30.447

Gender: Male

Place of Birth: Tillek Hold

Current Place of Residence: Fort Weyr

Craft: Harper

Rank/Occupation/Role Desired: Weyrharper

Character Aspirations:

    ✣ To be able to recognize his daughter in public as his✣ Convince Karene to come out about their relationship✣ Write a ballad that will convince even the most stubborn of Holders that Thread is returning✣ To see Fort Weyr rise to the prominence it deserves, and for Weyrwoman Karene to be seen for the great leader she is.

OOC Character Development Goals:

    ✣ Write an epic ballad, perhaps with musical accompaniment, about Thread's impending return✣ Either bring his and Karene's relationship to light, or move on from it

Family: (Give their name, age/year of birth, rank and signify if they are deceased.)
Father: Korik, 76 at death, 10.02.422, Holder, deceased
Mother: Abashin, 77 at death, 04.30.423, Holder, deceased
Siblings: Tyedd, 57, 02.18.443, Holder at Tillek ; Nissara, 46, 09.12.454, Holder's lady at Karil Hold ; Carmini, 41, 10.05.459, Master Weaver
Children: Karene (Kara) of Fort Weyr, daughter
Karendris of Fort Weyr, son (born Turn 501)
Other Significant: Karene of Fort Weyr - lover

Face: John Stamos
Weyrharper Andris AndrisBanner
Hair: Medium brown, just beginning to gray at the temples.
Eyes: Light brown with the tiniest flecks of green in them.
Height: 6'2"
Build: Wiry but strong, his muscles are very compact and not noticeable. He works out daily between his classes and duties, simply for the fun of it.
Other Notable Physical Traits: Typically has stubble across his face, because he can't decide if he wants to grow a full beard or not. He usually can go for three days, tops, before he shaves.
Style of Dress: For his first journeyman assignment, he was sent to the Weaver Hall. There he made several friends that he's kept for a lifetime. This means he's very, very well dressed. They keep him up on the newest trends, have his measurements, and regard him kindly enough to rush his orders. His style is constantly changing, because they keep him ahead of the fashion curve. That he looks splendid in just about any color helps, also.
Possessions usually found on persona:

    ✣ Some sort of musical instrument, preferably the pipes✣ A mark engraved with baby Kara's birthdate

History: Even as a small child Andris was more interested in the how and why of the world around him than participating in normal games. He had his nose buried in a book most of the time, and the Hold Harper was more than happy to have such an apt pupil. He was picked on when he was young, for wanting to do nothing but read and study, but a young Guardsman from Tillek taught him how to defend himself. That was the beginning of his second passion, when he found he enjoyed the physical exertion of training almost as much as he did reading.

His Hold Harper had him sent off the Hall at the young age of 12, where Andris easily slotted in. His voice wasn't as strong as some of the others, but his instrumental work was impressive enough for any Master. And his thirst for knowledge, and as he grew his talent for teaching, made him invaluable at the Hall. Between his lessons at the Hall he visited the Fort Hold guards and took lessons from them, wanting to keep his body in peak physical condition and always wanting to learn new techniques. It was here he learned swordwork.

He did part of his journeymanship at Nabol, teaching the Lord's children along with the rest of the Hold. But the old Hold Harper there saw that teaching was truly Andris' strong point, and suggested he return to Harper Hall to finish his work as a teacher to apprentices.

After he had walked the tables to become a master in his craft he continued on at the Harper Hall, teaching the youngest of the young and composing on the side. All his music went along the same lines: dragons, Weyrs, Thread. The Masterharper was tolerant thankfully. When the Weyrharper at Fort Weyr died of old age seven Turns ago he immediately jumped on the chance to apply. As he had never requested anything for himself, and had seniority over most of the other applicants, he was granted the position.

He spent the first two Turns of his time at Fort Weyr in the archives, researching and restoring and doing whatever he could to find proof of Thread's return. Those were frustrating Turns, when all he did was teach and search. And then one evening he met Weyrwoman Karene in the archives. It wasn't exactly love at first sight, but they were soon timing their trips to the archive rooms as to spend quiet time working together. She was the first person to catch his attention since he had arrived at the Weyr, and he soon had a new role as her love.

When she became pregnant he was over the moons with happiness, even when she explained that they could not publicly acknowledge that he was the father. He had dreamed of being a father for Turns and he loved little Karene from the moment she was born. One of the creche workers is aware, though, and makes certain that Andris gets to spend a little bit of time with his daughter each day.


    ✣ Hard working - He will literally write until his fingers are bleeding, and often has to be pulled away from the archives by one of his apprentices or journeymen✣ Slightly vain - Come on, he's handsome. He's got that rugged look, not to mention fabulous taste in clothes. He's aware of this. And he can flaunt it a bit... though for the past five Turns it's been aimed at one particular goldrider.✣ Workoutaholic - Along the lines with his vainness, he spends a good bit of his time working out with the guards. He's very driven to stay in as good of shape as a dragonrider, despite being 'only' a Harper. It sets a good precedent for his students, most of who will go on to become dragonriders✣ Very driven to study the past - He has an obsession with studying old records, the oldest ones he can find. It was part of why he jumped on the position of Weyrharper at Fort, the oldest of the Weyrs. Thread is returning, and he's tasked himself with finding something that he can use to convince the rest of Pern.


    ✣ Overly blunt (with adults, never children) - He has no patience for the dim, especially when trying to explain something important, and will get snippy and snarky.✣ Obsessional - Sometimes in his hunt for the answer to quickly convince the doubters of Thread's return he forgets everything else. With the obsession comes annoyance and anger that he has continually failed.✣ Short-tempered - Only occasionally, and usually in conjunction with the two things listed above.

Mannerisms or Habits:

    ✣ Constantly making lists of things to do, discuss, or study✣ Taps his fingers almost constantly to the sound of music in his head


    ✣[Children]: He's always wanted to be a father, and was very disappointed that he never had any. Until little Kara, who he can't even acknowledge. It kills him that he can't be her father in public.✣[Teaching]: As a man with seemingly endless patience and adoration for children, he loves to teach. He has a gentle, easy way of teaching that works with minimal fussing.✣[Turn Over]: Being a Harper, all his Turn Overs have been amazing celebrations with music and dance and food all night long. He loves the revel, loves to perform and to dance.✣[Composing]: He's written a few short ballads, nothing major, but his dream is to write an epic ballad about Thread's return.✣[Voices]: Something he started doing as a child, he can change his voice with ease and make it sound completely different. It drove the Masters insane, and they discouraged it, but he developed the talent despite them. Now it's his little secret with his daughter. He's been teaching her to alter her voice as well, and is utterly delighted at how good she is already.


    ✣[Purely vocal work]: Without an instrument as accompaniment he has a difficult time staying on key. And all Harpers should be able to sing beautifully with no problem. This irritates him greatly.✣[Those that do not respect dragons]: He's spent 8 Turns at Fort Weyr, and five of those Turns sharing the bed of a dragonrider. He has GREAT respect for dragons and the men and women who ride them, and will not tolerate those that don't remember their duties to dragonkind. ✣[Returning to Harper Hall]: Politics. Blegh.

Fighting Style/Weapon of Choice: He's a lot stronger than he looks, and he uses that to his advantage. Bruisers assume that he'll duck and dodge and are often surprised when he stands his ground and throws them back. He's had sword training, though he's never owned one, but he does have a frighteningly long side dagger with a wicked curve.

Crafter Information:
Craft: Harper

Years in Craft: 41

Rank: Master harper, Weyrharper of Fort Weyr
Location of Journeymanship: Nabol Hold

Specialization: Composing, especially music about dragons. His obsession with dragons is what lead him to be placed at Fort Weyr.

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Ready for checking!
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Approved. Smile

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Weyrharper Andris
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