... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 Gold Candidate Falyn of Ista Sea Hold

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PostSubject: Gold Candidate Falyn of Ista Sea Hold   Gold Candidate Falyn of Ista Sea Hold I_icon32Tue Sep 16, 2014 10:03 pm

:: OOC Information ::
Moniker: Suri
How did you hear about us?: Affiliation with Dragon's Rise.

:: Character Information ::
Gold Candidate Falyn of Ista Sea Hold GCFalyn

Pronunciation: fallon
Title: Sr. Journeywoman, Lady
Age/ Turn of Birth: 22 turns, Spring, 480 AL
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Ista Sea Hold
Place of Residence: Fort Weyr
Craft: Healer
Occupation/ Role: Sr. Journeywoman Dragonhealer

Character Aspirations:
From a young age, Falyn has been fascinated by dragons. She secretly wishes to Impress one, but these hopes keep being dashed when none of the dragonets she oversees the Hatching of as part of her craft never come to her. She rather enjoys healing them and doing their physicals and checking their growth as they age, helping to make the dragon population a healthy one, but she keeps the hope alive that one day she will be found worthy by a dragonet and Impress. Eventually she would love to become a Master Dragonhealer, but her young age mires her at the highest rank she can reach as a Senior Journeywoman.

Father: Melarik {Lord Holder of Ista Sea Hold, B. 458 AL, D. xxx AL }
Mother: Tarela {Lady Holder of Ista Sea Hold, B. 463 AL, D. xxx AL}
Pelarin [M] 22 Turns, {Heir Apparent of Ista Sea Hold, B. 478 AL, D. XXX AL};
Sonara [F] 14 Turns, {Lady of Ista Sea Hold (secondary heir), B. 487 AL, D. XXX AL}; Younger sister, Falyn is her idol and her role model. When she is away, the young lady does everything she can to make her sister proud.

Her first child was an unknown pregnancy that she miscarried very early. She has had no children since.

Other Significant:
There is a dragonrider in the Weyr whom she has a physical relationship with. He was her first lover and they continued the friendship afterward. The two never pursued a closer relationship past the ‘friends with benefits’ stage. The man is unaware of the loss of the child neither knew she was pregnant with.


Gold Candidate Falyn of Ista Sea Hold DLYntKV

Face: Amanda Seyfried
Hair: Blond. Long, thick and wavy. Growing up at the Sea Hold, Falyn's hair often bleaches very white with exposure to the sun. It can get almost white in color if she spends enough time outdoors. There is a lot of time when her hair is straight after a bath - before she swims in the salty sea and lets it air dry - then it becomes thick, wavy tresses.
Eyes: Big, bright, expressive and beautiful green. The clarity of color she has in her eyes can often be seen in the sun, and sometimes the green of them looks almost blue - but they are stunning. Her eyebrows frame her eyes with a natural arch, and long lashes bring out the color of her eyes.
Height: 5'7", a typical height for a Pernese woman.
Build: Slim but muscular. She works hard on the boats and she has a lean body to prove it. Her curves are well developed, and her legs are often the object of much appraisal when she is wearing shorter pants or shorts.

Other Notable Physical Traits:

Style of Dress:
Typical Clothing for Falyn
First and foremost, Falyn’s entire wardrobe is of very good quality. Her father wished her to look as if she was a Holder’s daughter while she trained, and practiced her craft - even if she had no desire to be be that rank. Everything she wears is practical as well, however. She likes shirts that she can shove the sleeves up and they stay up, that are tight enough fitting to her body that she doesn’t have to worry about it getting in the way of any of her work. She likes her clothes, but cares very little if they get ruined or dirty during her day. She always has a set of gloves on hand, just in case, and her prized medpack is always stocked and on hand. The most prominent color in her closet is purple. The color of her station, her position and her pride.

Falyn is never without her rank knots, and they adorn her outfits each time she changes clothes. Her father also commissioned a purple (amethyst) stone necklace and ring for her, and the ring is often taken off and placed on the necklace when she has to get her hands dirty. Her Journeymanship Master also gave her a golden necklace, shaped like a dragon’s tooth, when she attained her Senior Journeymanship rank. Over her shirts, she often wears a vest (always purple), and this vest is what ends up saving her shirts, even while her pants often have to get thrown out.

Aside from her working outfits, Falyn loves to dress out for Gathers and has an extensive collection of gather clothing at her home in the Hold. Commissioning clothes usually means getting things that can put up with the rigors of her profession and still look put together.

Possessions usually found on persona:
Falyn is never without her medpack (her bag of everything she needs to treat 3 large wounds on grown dragons as well as enough felis and numbweed to dose all of their riders.) Her belt pouch is always present as well, with her pouch of marks and other odds and ends. She also carries her knife, a 7 inch long bladed thing used for any and all situations. It is usually kept sheathed and nondescript in a holster that goes horizontal against the small of her back. Some sort of tie back for her hair is always somewhere on her so that the long locks can be controlled.

Falyn was born the Lord and Lady Holder of Ista Sea Hold on the island. The first 7 turns of her life were easy, she spent time with her father and brother on the boats, learning what she could and doing anything useful that a young girl could do. Eventually she became highly entertained by singing shanties or any of the songs the Harpers taught while the crew worked. This talent of hers made her father consider her for the Harper Hall, thinking she’d rather sing and teach for a living than live at sea. It was this reason that her brother became Heir Apparent to the Hold and Falyn spent time on the boats singing for the crews and helping below decks cooking.

The beginning of her 8th turn was Falyn’s first time to the mainland for an extended period of time, and since her father was around and able, the Weyr extended an invitation to the Lord Holder and his daughter to attend the Hatching that was beginning. Thinking to introduce his daughter to the Harpers at the Weyr, the Lord Holder agreed to attend and they were ferried a-dragonback to the Hatching.

The young girl was ecstatic about her first ride on a dragon, and as they came out of between her exultant cry echoed through the Weyr Bowl. This first ride made the girl determined to work in a craft where she could be around dragons. The Hatching cemented her dream to work with the huge beasts and their young, ungainly babies. Instead of being introduced to the Harpers, Falyn sought out the Healers, asking after them and discovering that she wanted to become a Dragonhealer, and eventually a rider if a dragonet found her worthy.

When Falyn showed a good aptitude for the craft of Dragonhealing, the Healer who tested her calling her a prodigy. He was particularly impressed with her empathy with dragons, and her ability to keep the young dragon he was working on calm while her rider was unconscious. When the man asked her how she did it, she wasn’t able to tell him. She simply didn’t know. To her it felt like she was just talking aloud to the dragon, there was nothing mystical or special about it. The older man, a master of his craft, recognized it for what it was and secretly bet with a close friend that the young girl would eventually ride a gold dragon, given the chance. The healer made up his mind and they approached her father and requested a formal Apprenticeship. He resisted, claiming she was much too young for such a dangerous craft, but when his daughter threatened to leave the family and do it anyway, he acquiesced and allowed her to train with the Healers, on the condition that it be closer to home than Fort. Falyn agreed, for now. She vowed that when she was able, she would return to Fort and study under the man, and he promised he would take her when the time came. The two returned to Ista Island and Falyn was sent to Ista Weyr for her apprenticeship, keeping her at the nearby Weyr in case the craft wasn’t to her liking and wanted to return home. The Lord Holder returned to Ista Sea Hold without his daughter and Falyn began her training at 9 turns to become a Dragonhealer. Her apprenticeship focused on the needs of humans the basic ideals of healing humans and how that would translate to dragonkind when she specialized later.

By the age of 10, the young lady had learned everything she needed to become an Sr. Apprentice. She devoured all of the teachings she could, learned from any Master they placed her under and dedicated herself fully to her new craft. The Seacraft had never been for her like it had been for her brother, and she found her place in the Healer Hall. By the age of 17 turns, Falyn became a Jr. Journeywoman. At this point she was sent with her current mentor to Fort Weyr to work as backup for the Hatchings in case there were any injuries and to inspect the baby dragons. She made good on her promise and when there was nothing left for her Ista Weyr master to teach her, he transfered Falyn’s Journeymanship training to the man she had met when she first became an Apprentice. Her training at Fort Weyr was the beginning of her specialization with dragons, and her learning to apply the concepts and methods of medical care to the huge creatures. She became a keen eye at noticing any small issue with the young dragons, and a calming force for the older dragon who were injured or ill.

At one point during her time at the Weyr, and if you ask her which it was she couldn't tell you, a fight between rising greens broke out and massive injuries were sustained by both female dragons and the males attempting to separate the warring greens. When the flights both ended Falyn was one of the first on the scene, helping patch the huge injuries to abate the bleeding so that the two greens would survive. The minor patching of the injured males was easier, and the woman was proud of the result. None of the dragons were lost, but a brown did catch a nasty infections she had to watch for some time before it dissipated. Later, she frequently aided green dragons after mating flights to patch any injuries that an overzealous male may have made. A particularly nasty training session ended with two dragons flaming each other instead of practice thread, and Falyn worried that the two dragons would fail to recover; slept on the ledge between their weyrs to be close in case of any need. After months and months of recovery, the two dragons were fit to fight again, and Falyn made a distinct impression on the minds of the Weyrfolk.

Even prior to her moving to fort weyr however, she had proven herself a resourceful young lady in the Healercraft. This impression was tested later, when the Weyrleader of Ista Weyr’s dragon was badly injured by a pair not visualizing their entrance from between, and came back on top of the bronze, scoring the fragile membranes of his wings to shreds. Once safely caught by the other dragons, the bronze was thought to be grounded forever. The Dragonhealers were called for and ferried a-dragonback to Ista Weyr. They examined the dragon but had little faith that the bronze would be able to fly again. Falyn had other ideas; using old sheets, she stitched the wingsails back together and watched them eventually heal and seal themselves back to flying form. His competency was proven later, when the queen rose to mate and he caught her yet again in a spectacular flight. Falyn earned herself another strike in the column of a great dragonhealer.

The Weyr became her primary posting, and she was given a small quarters with the other Healers in their complex. She spent the next five turns throwing herself into the Healing of dragons, and the after-care of their human counterparts. At 22 turns she was taken back to the Healer Hall after a long tenure at Fort Weyr to walk the tables for her Senior Journeywoman rank. 

Early in her stay at Fort Weyr, Falyn was also approached to become a candidate, and she was elated to be extended the invitation. However, she did not anticipate the amount of disappointment that would plague her over those several turns, as every one of the hatchings she stood for ended up in rejection. Falyn never refused to stand, but she has all but given up on the hopes of impressing. Of course, in order to harness her grief over that fact, she was only more dedicated to her work as a Dragonhealer, setting her mind on being able to take care of ALL dragons instead of just one. That's what really made her happy. At least, that's what she told herself, but there was always some bit sadness and regret over not having Impressed. Now, she has nearly aged out of the candidacy, but stands still a small handful of opportunities to hope that Impression might happen. 

Since she has somewhat accepted she'll likely never impress, though some spark of hope still lives, she keeps a realistic view on the reality of things, thus setting her sights on continuing her career as a full time Dragonhealer -unless the unexpected should happen. Just recently, she was able to complete her requirements for sr. journeyman, and was tapped into the new rank.

While living at the Weyr, Falyn also became involved with a dragonrider, jealously holding his name to her heart and never revealing his it, and the union produced a pregnancy that ended when the woman overworked herself. Her exhausted body miscarried the baby. She wasn’t aware of the pregnancy, and knowing that these things were part of life, was never really upset about the loss of the child who was too early along to have really have made an impact on her. She knew that later in life, when she was more ready, she would have a child and be aware of it. 

Falyn spent much of her young life in the Healer Hall learning her craft. She is a very dedicated woman who would put her life on the line to heal a patient or for the good of Pern and the great dragons that protect her.She is a very kind person, always trying to cause the least amount of pain in stressful situations while priding herself on always telling a rider the truth about his or her dragon’s health or recovery.

She has a great strength of mind, as well as a will of iron when she needs it. She is not against slapping a hysterical rider, even if they are a Weyrleader, and a phrase that she often has to use is, 'You may be X rank when you aren't injured, but right now I'm your healer and I outrank you. Now behave!' While Falyn has no trouble telling someone off who needs it, she is also very loving and kind when she needs to reassure a rider, or calm a dragon. She is remarkably good at calming a dragon worried about the health and injury of their rider, and one dragonrider commented that she should stand for Gold.

Falyn demurred against the comment, thinking that if she had been worthy of a dragon, one of the Hatchlings would have Impressed her when she was younger and standing by for the Hatchings to assist in injuries and inspections. The comment stuck with her and she has always wondered what could have been if she had Impressed.

The woman is also rather prideful. She hates being put down because she’s a woman in her craft, or for just being a woman in general and she has developed a thick skin because of it. She may look fragile, but she can take a punch as well as throw one if need be. When Falyn feels strongly about something, she will speak up often and loudly. This goes for any colorism or bullying in general. It has been more than once that she treated a green dragon for injuries during Flight and heard the comments from other riders toward the usually male-partner preferring riders.

Falyn is an advocate for equality, whether it be between men and women, Holder and Rider, or chromatic vs metallic dragons. This has made her temper flare more than once, and her anger is a force to be reckoned with when she is determined to get her way. She knows how to hold a grudge and get even effectively, without it being traced back to her.  

Falyn often puts others ahead of herself and doesn’t do anything nice for herself. She will work herself into exhaustion for her patients and her dedication usually means she doesn’t lose a patient. Often times she can be found sleeping with a heavily injured dragon so she can keep an eye on it through the night. She has no compunction against crawling into the rider’s bed to sleep (only!) if the night is cold or the weyr uncomfortable to sleep on.

She is often oblivious to people complimenting her on her clothing, or anything not related to her work. This includes any compliments on her looks, which she spends very little time cultivating.

Mannerisms/ Habits:
Besides working herself to the bone, Falyn is notorious for falling asleep where she happens to be. It’s not uncommon to find her sleeping beside her food in the Dining Cavern, at a table surrounded by records, beside a dragon on the edge of their hollow, or in the bed of a rider who may or may not also be occupying the same bed at the time.

It’s also a usual thing to find her so lost in thought that she runs into people in corridors as well as open spaces where there would be more than enough room to go around if she had been paying attention.

Skills/ Likes:
[Skill/Like 1]: Open-mindedness: Despite being raised in a Hold and Hall for most of her life, Falyn is extremely open-minded to the ways of the Weyr and it’s inhabitants. Things that would have shocked her parents, like the rider’s sexual proclivities, don’t bother her at all. She has even opened herself up to a ‘friends with benefits’ situation that her father would never have approved of if she had been living at the Hold as his daughter.
[Skill/Like 2]: Independent and Decisive: Creativty, logic and confident come together to form a woman who can stand on her own and take responsibility for her own actions. Authority figures do not impress her, no do social conventions or tradition. No matter how popular something is, if she has a better idea, she will stand by it and against anyone she has to have it changed. She also tends to stay calm and detatched from emotionally charged situations and conflicts.
[Skill/Like 3]: Hard-working and Determined: If something piques Falyn’s interest, she can be astonishingly dedicated to her work, putting in long hours and intense effort to see an idea through to the end. She is incredibly efficient, and if the tasks of other meet the criteria for furthering one of her own goals, she will work with and try to consolidate these goals into her own to make accomplish them.
[Skill/Like 3]: Boating: This particular little idiosyncrasy is a hold over from her time growing up. Falyn loves to be out on open water, loves to steer a boat, and most of all - loves taking boats out with her father and his men, and singing them shanties. To her, boating is the ultimate bonding time with her father whom she sees very little of anymore unless she sends for him to come to the Weyr.

Unskilled at/ Dislikes:
[Dislike/Unskillful at 1]: Analytical: Falyn is very thorough and could be called a perfectionist. This causes her to exclude feelings from decisions and to be too rigid or demanding of herself or others.
[Dislike/Unskillful at 2]: Nervous around Human Injury: Dragons and everything about them are fine for this woman, but when an injured human needs her help, she only knows what she needs to get by. This makes her nervous to answer a rider’s questions about their own injuries and she will freeze up.
[Dislike/Unskillful at 2]: Non-committal: When it comes to relationships, romantic ones, Falyn won’t commit herself to monogamy because she is often too busy with something or another in her craft. This makes it hard for her to allow herself to be attracted to anyone, and more often than not she will sleep with someone for the release more than the relationship - at least for now!

Fighting Style/ Weapon of Choice:
Falyn isn’t much of a fighter, but she is stronger than she looks having to hold down dragonets, dragons and riders when necessary for her healing. She knows a good amount of self defense, and can wield her knife effectively if the situation arises, but she is not formally trained in any specific weapon.

:: Crafter Information ::
Craft: Healer
Turns in Craft: 13
Rank: Senior Journeywoman
Location of Apprenticeship: Ista Weyr
Location of Journeymanship: Fort Weyr
Dragonhealing. She knew from a young age that she would work with the dragons, and she learned just enough of human healing to get by and assist riders in their recovery - not their treatment. Falyn can treat, mend, recover and do anything related to dragons that could be asked of her, but when it comes to doing the same for humans - she’s out of her league.

:: Candidate Information ::
Standing only?: I’d like her to Impress eventually.
Colour preference: Gold, and I'm aware that she may not Impress anytime soon (unless you so decide).  patorjk.com/text-color-fader/ {-Nox- Kuni Gold}

Gold Candidate Falyn of Ista Sea Hold PjUa6tqGold Candidate Falyn of Ista Sea Hold W0RWXh1 Gold Candidate Falyn of Ista Sea Hold QvWQY9vGold Candidate Falyn of Ista Sea Hold SvafMiF
Gold Candidate Falyn of Ista Sea Hold TibKdHX   Gold Candidate Falyn of Ista Sea Hold EORZfvi Gold Candidate Falyn of Ista Sea Hold Ekpv4rV
Gold Candidate Falyn of Ista Sea Hold CgxWo4g

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PostSubject: Re: Gold Candidate Falyn of Ista Sea Hold   Gold Candidate Falyn of Ista Sea Hold I_icon32Thu Sep 18, 2014 7:51 pm

correspondences over approval in admin archives

Gold Candidate Falyn of Ista Sea Hold Mysignature002_zps7d9c52d2
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Gold Candidate Falyn of Ista Sea Hold M3LdoEx

Falyn’s room is that of a Healer. Everything about it screams ‘healing!’ from the deep purples of the Healer Hall to the growing trees and plants everywhere. It is uniquely placed so that the front of her home is an outcropping into the Weyr Bowl, allowing for windows to be hadi in the Workroom, Falyn’s room, the privy, living area and the Blue Room.The entrance to the rooms is a small, slate-floored area with a shoe rack and an herb growing box and two live plants. It leads back out into the inner halls of the Weyr beside a ramp to a very near Landing Ledge for dragons. Directly inside the entrance, to the right is a storage room where Falyn keeps salves and oils mixed with herbs and medicines to aid in healing. Various dried plants and powers, ingredients and other such items are kept in this storage area as well.

Continuing to the right one would reach a sliding door which serves as the entrance to the workroom. Inside is a kitchenette with counters, a large work table that takes up almost the entire wall directly across from the door with stools. On the workroom are jars, slaves and herbs in various parts of preparation for medicines. Two cabinets, fed by warm air, are set beside the worktable for drying herbs. Inside the door to the left is the table for dining, spare chairs kept in a closet wall hidden between the bedroom wall and the workroom. Three seats are kept set at any given time. On the counter of the kichenette is a collection of bound books on healing, herbs, salves, oils and preparations that would aid dragons - and their riders - in the healing process. This kitchenette is used almost exclusively for healing, and often times anything else cooked there tastes exceedingly medicinal - except for klah! A well-marked pot for brewing it is the only thing that doesn’t give off a taste of healing. The workroom is well stocked for multiple people to work there.

Two overstuffed couches and a coffee table with candles on it make up the sitting area. Across from the coffee table beside the wall to a spare bedroom is a heater which burns a clean burning coal with no toxic outputs. These heaters are placed in periodic places through the rooms to keep it a comfortable temperature. They can be found in almost every space. Beneath the table and couches is a thick, warm, purple shag rug. Throw pillows adorn the couches, stuffed with a softly scented herb to aid in relaxation (similar to Terran lavender). When the room is warm the pillows absorb the heat and the living area smells like the herb.

Falyn’s bathroom is special enough that it has a deeply recessed tub with piped in water that she can mix with cold water to create any temperature she needs. This is abused often when she needs a lot of water for a dragon salve... Or a deeply relaxing epsom salt bath. Two wicker chest of drawers are on either side of the tub, one containing thick, luxurious towels, the other with two drawers for dirty laundry. Another rug goes between the doors to the bedrooms that share the privy, connected to the sliding doors. A sink is there as well, including the privy.

A spare bedroom is available to visiting Healers who may need a break from their rounds or who may be too tired to make it back to their own. Visitors from the Hall are often offered these beds by the Dragonhealer, as well as the use of her stores. A wall of drawers, doors, and cabinets is kept along the far wall. Stored healing supplies are kept here. Sutures, gauze, casting material, splits, etc and whatever else that could ever be needed to heal a dragon or human are kept in these. Reference books are on top, in case circumstances demand that Falyn help heal a human outside her specialization, and large jars of numbweed with paddles and spoons to refill smaller ones are kept on top with a wooden ladder for reaching them. There are two single beds with blue comforters and thick, comfortable mattresses separated by room dividers between and across the footboards for privacy. A combination table/storage is also at the foot of the bed for keeping personal belongings in. A large glow is kept in a covered basket for each bed’s occupants. Beneath the beds is another rug, of blue, that is thick and checkered. Falyn referrs to the guest room as The Blue Room.

Falyn’s own bedroom is a very large affair. A thick, varying colored purple rug covers most of the floor. Across from the door is a wardrobe where the Healer keeps as much of her wardrobe as is practical. A nightstand sits beside a double bed with another thick mattress with furs covering it. Her own bedspread is purple and soft, matching her pillows with relaxation herbs and accent dark purple pillows. At the foot of her bed is a storage trunk where she keeps other personal belongings that she wants to keep secure with a lock and key. Beside her nightstand is a bookcase with Dragonhealing-specific books and notes from her training, and gifted to her by her Masters.

Upstairs Garden
Gold Candidate Falyn of Ista Sea Hold JKeaC2e

Live Plants on Hand
These plants are carefully cultivated to be stronger than the average ones grown enmasse. Falyn prunes them herself if a fresh plant will work better than a dried one, or if another Healer requests their use specifically. Her green thumb for growing medicinal plants is known only to other Healers.

Lovage (used for coughs, chest compresses and steam-breathing release of phlegm)
Willow (for general pain, red willow salic is a analgesic)
Witch Hazel (aids in healing acne, boils, pustules, skin lesions, etc)
Saponin root (raised for cleaning sensitive skin and young dragons with aching hide. Raised in the entrance garden)
Large Fellis trees (juice boiled from stems and leaves is a narcotic painkiller)
Redwort (a clean-smelling antiseptic wash. Protects the skin from being affected by the numbweed salve. Stains skin red like Terran iodine which it seems to be related to)
Mosstea (used to pack wounds against infection, also makes a soothing tea)
Citron (juice is kept for the Vitamin C it contains; Falyn’s favorite juice)
Hyssop (helps stave off respiratory problems like croup - common in young dragons in the cold season)
Alfalfa (used as a stomach calming agent and a diuretic)
Yarrow (aids in healing pus filled skin issues that need to drain)
◊ Various herbs (aconite, whitethorn, adonis, glovecap, hops, parsley, basil, dragon’s tongue - Pern’s aloe, comfrey, box, exob, ash bark, sweatroot, spearlock, whitebulb, featherfern, nettleweed and tansy for anodynes, antispasmodics, diaphoretic, fever reducers and tonics)
Tussilago, comfrey, hyssop, thymus and borrago (for coughs and respiratory ailments)
Sage, wintergreen (aids in headaches)
Cinquefoil (for bowel problems, and helping young dragons purge built up excrement)
Needlethorn & Ging (grown in a pot protected by a clear glass dome to prevent the toxic plant from harming the unwary. When her Ging plant flowers open, Falyn harvests the Needlethorn in its dormant stage. Needlethorn is barbless and used as syringes for giving injections and drawing blood. Falyn keeps them sterile)

Gold Candidate Falyn of Ista Sea Hold PjUa6tqGold Candidate Falyn of Ista Sea Hold W0RWXh1 Gold Candidate Falyn of Ista Sea Hold QvWQY9vGold Candidate Falyn of Ista Sea Hold SvafMiF
Gold Candidate Falyn of Ista Sea Hold TibKdHX   Gold Candidate Falyn of Ista Sea Hold EORZfvi Gold Candidate Falyn of Ista Sea Hold Ekpv4rV
Gold Candidate Falyn of Ista Sea Hold CgxWo4g

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:: Firelizard Information :
Gold Candidate Falyn of Ista Sea Hold FVXtMZi

       Name: Hawthorn

       Turn of Impression: 502 AL

       Colouring: Bronze

       Other Physical Characteristics:
       (If any notable, may use bullet points to list traits.)

       Hawthorn has a very caring and protective attitude He loves to follow Falyn on her rounds, comforting and encouraging her patients through painful procedures or check-ups. Hawthorn loves being held and stroked by patients and will happy stay with the riders during a procedure if Falyn tells him to. He often shows young dragons how to extend their wings or limbs or whatever his mistress needs by showing them himself.

If he is watching over a patient for Falyn he will make sure that visits are not long, no one is making them overexert themselves, and immediately reports to Falyn if the patient has need of her. If he feels like a patient needs to go back to resting, he has no problem chasing visitors out and stopping behaviour that would upset them. Falyn often uses Hawthorn to tell her when a patient is awakening from being fellis'd to sleep.

Hawthorn is very curious and constantly falling into vats of medicines or other stores, making messes and squawking loudly. He is oddly fond of different oils and will intentionally douse himself in a new concoction of oil because he knows it will get him rubbed down and the oil used on him. In fact, Falyn often tests new medicines on Hawthorn because he seems to like the feeling and taste of them - no matter how disgusting others find them.

No matter how hard she tries, Falyn cannot seem to keep Hawthorn out of her stores. The quick-witted firelizard somehow figures out how to open them and get into things. Including the tops of barrels she keeps around full of dragon medicine. There have been a few times when he has gotten himself stuck inside somewhere and had to be rescued.

○ Protective
○ Caring
○ Curious
○ Confidant
○ Agile
○ Acrobatic
○ Goofy

Gold Candidate Falyn of Ista Sea Hold PjUa6tqGold Candidate Falyn of Ista Sea Hold W0RWXh1 Gold Candidate Falyn of Ista Sea Hold QvWQY9vGold Candidate Falyn of Ista Sea Hold SvafMiF
Gold Candidate Falyn of Ista Sea Hold TibKdHX   Gold Candidate Falyn of Ista Sea Hold EORZfvi Gold Candidate Falyn of Ista Sea Hold Ekpv4rV
Gold Candidate Falyn of Ista Sea Hold CgxWo4g
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Gold Candidate Falyn of Ista Sea Hold
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