... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 Bluerider Syra - Weyrlingmaster of Fort Weyr

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Bluerider Syra - Weyrlingmaster of Fort Weyr Empty
PostSubject: Bluerider Syra - Weyrlingmaster of Fort Weyr   Bluerider Syra - Weyrlingmaster of Fort Weyr I_icon32Fri Aug 22, 2014 2:24 am

:: OOC Information ::
Moniker: Suri
How did you hear about us?: Affiliation with Dragon's Rise.

Bluerider Syra - Weyrlingmaster of Fort Weyr TsMo7Si
:: Character Information ::
Name: Syra
Pronunciation: Sigh-ra
Title: Weyrlingmaster
Age/ Turn of Birth: 27 Turns, 4.14.475 AL
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Benden Weyr, Lower Caverns
Place of Residence: Fort Weyr
Occupation/ Role: Weyrlingmaster / Cook Extraordinare

Character Aspirations:
As a young woman, Syra secretly hoped to Impress a blue dragon when she stood on the Sand - this happened for her! One of her biggest dreams realized. Later, she realized her dragon had rather good empathic abilities and beseeched the Weyrlingmaster of her class to teach them to be a Search pair when Candidates were needed. She has since learned that she has a natural teaching ability with Weyrlings and after graduation, became a Weyrlingmaster's Assistant. When the previous Weyrlingmaster decided step down, she was tapped to take his place and now works to prove herself as possibly the youngest Weyrlingmaster at the age of 26 Turns.

(If known, give their name, turn of birth, rank and signify if they are deceased.)
Father: Unknown Bronzerider, B.xxx, D.xxx
Mother: Daiena. B.xxx, D.xxxx
Siblings: Unknown
Carin [F], B. 491 AL, Raised by the creche, Syra visits often.
Andasyri {D'syr} [M], B. 499 AL. Raised in part by Syra and the creche when she's busy with rider duties.
Other Significant:
Unknown, (b.xxx, d.xxx - Bronzerider) - Father of Carin. (adoptable)
N'kai, (b.479, d.xxx - Bluerider of Kaisoth) - Father of Andasyri

Bluerider Syra - Weyrlingmaster of Fort Weyr V2jfWsE

Face: Katerina Kopal (IMdB'able name)

Hair: Syra's hair is at very long, reaching the middle of her back. She prefers to leave it partially down, the parts that are considered 'up' are usually braided, and located where they wouldn't get in her way doing her daily routine. It is usually pulled back from the crown of her head, in an attempt to tame her wild hair out of her eyes. Frizz is generally not seen in her hair, as it is well cared for, and very straight when not braided. When braided portions are taken out, a wave can be seen in her hair, but it will go away at first washing.  

Eyes: Her almond shaped eyes are bright and distinct grey-tinged green, with well manicured eyebrows with a slight natural arch. The edges of the iris are dark in color, giving a compliment to her striking eye color.

Height: 5'6

Build: Syra is an olive skinned woman, with dark brown hair, striking grey-green eyes and a slender, but generally athletic body. She prefers to keep herself fit, often judging herself compared to women who are larger or smaller than she. Her nose is slightly more pointed than she would like, and often she makes comments about it - but knows that others find it endearing.

Other Notable Physical Traits:  Exploring the surrounding area to find edible foods, and later at the Weyr learning about herbs from a  Healer has left Syra with varying scratches and tiny scars on her arms, legs and hands. Always an athletic woman, she often earned these marks from climbing, swimming, or foraging for herbs and various ingredients for cooking and spicing, exploring the surrounding area to find edible foods. They are small, and often invisible as old injuries go, and many will disappear with time.

Style of Dress: Preferring the ability to move quickly and with dignity when needed, Syra prefers to wear pants and shirts over dresses. This doesn't mean she opposes dresses, but they are not her daily chosen gear. She will wear skirts, and dresses for no special reasons, but if she is trying to get something done, she often wears an outfit consisting of close fitting pants with a shirt. Over her shirt, she often wears a vest of soft, but sturdy leather that laces corset-style across the front. This acts both as a fashion item and as a protective cover for her shirts. For special occasions, or times when she needs to dress her outfit up a bit, a splash of color, in the form of a shawl-type shirt will cover the front of her, and give some formality to her chosen outfits. Instead of sandals or other types of shoe, Syra often wears boots that reach high up her legs, of soft leather with a thong she ties at her calf to keep them up.

Her preferred colors are light browns, greens and blues.

She is a very clean woman, having a cleansing bath at least every other day, or as she gets too dirty. Syra hates when her hair is greasy, and is often seen tucking it behind her ears, banding it with leather to keep it from her face, or braiding any portion of it that wont stay away from her ministrations.

Possessions usually found on persona: Syra is never without a good knife, a belt pouch with her marks and a jar of numbweed, a roll of bandage material and other small items she may need during the course of her day. Around her neck she wears a specially made necklace that she had created from her dragon's egg shell. It is in the shape of a sun, to remind her that no matter what trials and bad days she has - the sun will always bring the light and a better day.

Syra was born to a woman in the Lower Caverns Benden Weyr. Her early childhood was spent with her mother and the other kitchen workers and was cared for by the women. When some of the kitchen workers moved to Fort Weyr, the girl and her mother went with them. It wasn't long before her mother took ill to firehead and passed away. A woman named Nana took pity on her and raised her as her own. She spent most of her childhood being raised by this woman and she becomes the only mother Syra remembers.

Nana's greenrider friend K'rir and his dragon Bayeth helped provide for Syra and her adopted mother in the new Weyr, and he became like an adopted father to her. Over the next few years she soon forgot much of her early life and considered herself Benden born regardless. Something about the new Weyr never quite made her feel like it was always her home. The girl often fell ill to fever or reactions to strange plants she ate to test for Healing properties, and almost died to one particular poisonous plant, but eventually pulled through when the fever broke.

Syra is fascinated by the green dragon, and is often found helping his rider care for her. Being a small child, she often only got to scrub one single foot before the greenrider finished the rest of the job but she felt honored enough to be allowed to help. Early on, she decides to make it her life goal to be a dragonrider.

The girl, now 11 turns old, Syra watches the Hatchings with rapt attention, attempting to figure out what it is about those who Impress blue dragons that attracts the dragonettes to them. Over and over blues Impress to men and envy strikes Syra with ferocity.

When the gold clutches and she watches the Hatching, Syra becomes more fascinated by the blue dragons in particular and begins to fantasize about being a female blue Dragonrider. She keeps these thoughts to herself, a secret she is afraid of being judged for, telling only Nana of her desire. The woman, who believes women shouldn't be riders unless it's a Gold, lashes her in an attempt to put her off the idea. Syra takes the lashings, vowing to tell no one else of her dream, and decides to step forward as a Candidate; as is her right as a Weyrbrat.

At 12 Turns, in 487AL, Syra gets her chance on the Sands and is Impressed by the blue dragon Rasenth. He is the largest of his blue brothers, and grows quickly. He shows promise early on as a potential Search dragon, and Syra approaches her Weyrlingmaster and requests to be trained as one. She explained to him that she wanted to be a Searcher because she felt she had a unique understanding of who could be the best riders for Pern, and when Rasenth was young and showed promise with empathic ability, she thought it would be a good use of his skill. Syra told him that she wanted not only to bring new riders to the Weyr, but to help them  once they did Impress so that she could keep helping them afterward. Spending extra time training for this particular skill as Searcher gave the young woman and her bonded dragon much time with the Weyrlingmaster and they were able to glean information about training Weyrlings, and some more in-depth information on what tactics worked best - that upon graduation, the woman is tapped as a Weyrlingmaster's Assistant when she is not acting as her primary Searchrider role. The Weyrlingmaster remembered her reasoning for being interested in both - to bring them to the Weyr and make sure they live to stay there.

It was during her weyrling training when the Weyrling Barracks caught fire and killed off some of her clutchmates, and the others succumbed to the training. In the end, it was Syra and one other of her clutchmates that survived, a blue and a green of the whole clutch. Her daredevil side, with her dangerous flight stunts and tendency to put herself in situations that scared the Weyrlingmaster, helped her to figure out if her ideas for certain formations were feasible. It also often ended with her getting grounded for endangering herself - which was more important after the fire when it was just her and the greenrider from the clutch left.

Not long after graduation Syra finally understands more about Flightlust when she becomes ensnared in its grip for the first time. A handsome dragonrider, whom she had been flirting with for some time, came to her after the flight affected deeply by his dragon's lust. She, herself feeling amorous as Rasenth had failed to catch, invites the man to her bed and loses her virginity to him in a fit of passion.

The union resulted in her first, and so far only, pregnancy and the birth of her daughter Carin at the age of 16. She raised her daughter to the weaning age and met a woman whom she found was interested in a child, and was barren herself. Syra gave her daughter to her, dedicating herself to the Weyrling classes currently undergoing training. She often visits her daughter, and the woman who raises Carin, but does not call herself the child's mother to the little girl -- yet. Even though she doesn't raise her daughter herself, she considers herself a lover of the young people of the Weyr. They have their whole lives ahead of them... she absolutely loves having the opportunity to help the youths as they grow through the most volatile stages of life into strong, healthy, well adjusted adults and riders - but not without fun in the process. She remembers her own Weyrlingmaster training her... remembering that he was often a stick in the mud, keeping herself and the other people in the class from any fun hjinx that allowed them to relax and break through some of the stress that training caused.

It's because of her own very strict training under the Weyrlingmaster that Syra often allows weyrlings more freedom to explore themselves and grow up than she was. She knows when they need to be reigned in however, and stops them from causing too much trouble while still allowing them to make their own judgement calls and discernment on which adventures they choose to get involved with. She often looks for the signs of maturity in weyrlings when they decide that the antics of their clutchmates are too dangerous to be allowed and one or more report them to herself or the Weyrlingmaster.

Syra befriends a Healer and gleans some information from him about Healing. After asking him to take her as his apprentice, she is flatly refused, but the Healer taught her about herbs that have a dual purpose of being good for cooking and seasoning, what is good where and when, and how to make some medicinal teas that would help her with monthly cramps and small pains and ailments. Often Syra was sent for herbs and plants that would aid in Healing and told to crush them while he told her what properties they held. The man teaching her refused to allow her to make any healing brews or poultices... often preferring to tell her to leave and chasing her out if she didn't.

Her cooking and basic knowledge of healing gave the woman a unique opportunity to meet some of the more interesting people in the Weyr - from all sorts of different backgrounds. If she thinks the Weyrlings could learn something valuable from someone, Syra will ask that some of these people come and speak to the Weyrlings or give presentations. The riders learn about different uses for Crafts, new ways to do things and sometimes pick up new interests from these special classes, and she is often proud when they gain a better understanding of why every person from Hold, Hall and Weyr have their places and uses for all of Pern. Syra finds these classes to be the most educational and often times most entertaining part of teaching Weyrlings as they are made to try new things or think new ways. than they are used to.

The young woman further developed her love of cooking, using her knowledge of cooking herbs, and spends much of her time in the Kitchens helping to cook for the people of the Weyr. Any compliments from the inhabitants of their Weyr she takes to heart, knowing she had something to do with the spicing of the food that was cooked. When she wasn't in the Kitchen, she spent her other free time learning to fight with her long knife, carefully guarding the blade with a slit, wafer thin piece of wood that is custom fitted to her knife so that her practice sessions and sparring with other members of the Weyr would not result in injury. She refuses to fight with naked blades unless it's self defence, as she is is well aware (as is the rest of the Weyr), that a dead rider means a dead dragon - and blades are dangerous already. Above the basic knife training that the Weyr can provide, she sometimes trained with visiting guardsmen who were willing to teach her some more advanced techniques that gave her a passion for the knife.

By the age of 23, the woman is well-versed in cooking and herbs, has learned to fight with her knife and hunt, and has become a well loved Weyrlingmaster's Assistant. She is tapped to be his replacement as the man is growing older and wishes to retire. It's around this time that Syra and another bluerider, N'kai, become better friends. They spend a decent amount of time together when they have free time building trust and companionship, and eventually become close enough that when the woman becomes pregnant, she keeps the baby, a son.

Around the age of 25 turns, Syra proved herself competent enough that she was tapped as the Weyrlingmaster's replacement after retirement, which prompted her into deeper, more extreme training for taking over the position, and much of her free time was spent learning everything she could from the man.

On the eve of her Turning day, to 26 tuns, Syra is raised to the Weyrlingmaster position.

Syra is a slightly headstrong woman with a streak of fearlessness that drives her to learn skills others might find dangerous. Among these are testing the limits of her dragon's abilities in the sky, her own limits and the limits of those who put their lives on the line to fight thread. She is very kind, and passionate about her life in the Weyr. She is very friendly and outgoing to strangers, hoping to make them feel welcomed at the Weyr. Her nature also allows her to be more empathic to the people who would become good riders.

Being a weyrbrat, and raised by a woman with no modesty, Syra has no qualms about sex, nakedness, or doffing her shirt in the heat. This habit often scandalizes some of the more modest Weyrfolk, but Syra is careful to keep this quirk unseen by Holders. When it comes to arousal, Syra doesn't have much of a preference. She finds both men and women attractive, and does not find this to be strange. Though not very obvious as some girls, Syra enjoys flirting with men, and is certainly no prude. If she finds a man attractive if he approaches her, she will make herself available to him -- and thoroughly enjoy herself doing so. That being said, she has more experience with men than women, but she can appreciate the beauty of a women as much as the handsomeness of a man.

One of her deepest hidden desires is for someone who loves her enough to be her protector since she never grew up with a fatherly figure in her life. She accepted this as part of her life, and still grew up slightly resentful at that fact. Growing up knowing her place as a woman, Syra does not chafe at how she lives her life, and in fact, this makes her appreciate everything she has - no matter how little.

     Lack of Modesty:
Syra is the type of woman who is likely to doff her shirt in the heat, heedless of the social stigma. She does, however, make a point to keep it on when Holders are around. It is not uncommon to see this woman bare-chested, or wearing very little clothing when working on difficult tasks. Take care not to stare though! This woman's temper is well known, and inconsiderate riders have often found the rough side of her tongue.

She is a naturally curious person, and finds any sort of mystery irresistible. In many circumstances, her curiosity overrides her common sense. She loves to go out and explore remote areas of Pern, around the Weyr and any of the old areas that she thinks may have been untouched since Ancient times. Any interesting findings she shows the Weyrleader's first, and then presents them to the Harper Hall for study.

Syra has trouble letting go of a wrong, or perceived wrong, done to her, but does her best to keep it to herself. Amusingly she doesn't hold grudges when her lovers take other lovers - this isn't something she considers to be a wrong done her, or her dragon, as she is very much equal opportunity in her beliefs on love.  

Mannerisms/ Habits:
When agitated, irritated, angry or annoyed, she will often take the thick braid hanging over her shoulder in hand and tug on it.  In her face, which she tries to school into a serene looking calm, the fire can be seen in her eyes if any were to pay attention, but the tug gives her away.

Syra's nervousness is often given away as well, as she can usually be seen tucking hairs behind her ears and biting her lips. Her habit of looking over the shoulder of the person speaking to her, and causing such nerves, is often her trying to hide them or keep herself from feeling foolish.

No matter how hard she tries, she cannot perform a graceful curtsy when greeting or acknowledging a person of higher rank than herself. Often, she will bow instead - having perfected that.

Skills/ Likes:
Always enjoying physical activity, Syra finds swimming to be relaxing, and a good way to catch herself fish for an outdoor meal. She uses swimming to keep in shape as well, often simply doffing her clothing and diving in.

Believing cooking to be one of the great joys of life, she can often be found in the kitchens helping prepare meals for the Weyr when not needed elsewhere. She has spent much of her young childhood learning herbs and spices, how to hunt and how to butcher or gather the ingredients she needs for her meals.

Using what she gleaned from the Healer, Syra helps where she can but her heart wishes to learn more. She is good at helping with minor injuries, nothing more than a few stitches at the worst, and can get people or dragons patched enough to survive until they can meet with someone of the Healer calling.

     Mathematics and Tactics:
Syra found that she was an excellent student, once she got over the unpleasant fact that she was slow to learn to write. Records she has to keep are very organized and well-written, kept at the end of the day and frequently updated. None of her equations come back incorrect. This sense of organization often helps her when she needs to delegate a task to her assistants, or oversee the teaching of classes. It also helps her to create a schedule that makes sense, so that classes that are most important have priority, and the fun classes are sensibly held between them to cut down on stress and discouragement in the newly bonded riders.

Her calculating mind makes her rather adept at flight strategies to teach the weyrlings about survival in the skies and the best methods of flaming thread down while working as a team with each other in wings, flights and with groundcrews. When the Weyrleader or Wingleaders need a bit of fresh insight, they bounce ideas around with her in order to come up with new tactics for fighting thread. While it may not be as often as she woman would like, no one can deny that her experience training the future riders of their Wings and seeing what goes on during the real training exercise gives her a unique view of how certain tactics would work in a stressful situation.

She will not run in fear of the unknown, or a fight that needs fought. This woman is not one you want to cross; she has learned to bow hunt and is extremely good with her long knife.

This fearlessness and enjoyment of her flying stunts that most consider to be on the dangerous side, allow her to recognize where Weyrlings might be pushing the enevelope too much (or where they can be allowed to continue in certain stunts). It also allows her to see where flight tactics, or stunts, begin to get too risky for the comfort of the Weyr. She knows all the tricks in the book, because she has helped write the book on daredevil flying in her late teens and early twenties, so there is no weyrling that tries to step out of line before she knows it and has decided whether to allow it or not. But, many weyrlings have learned to respect her for that, and recognize her skill in flight for this reason.

Syra has an abnormal ability to need less sleep than most people. Her night time endurance lets her get things done late into the night. On a general night, she can get 4 hours of sleep and still function perfectly well as someone who had had a full 8-9 hours.

This is also useful for when young dragonets wake in the night and their young, newly Impressed riders need help caring for them in the dark of night. She is always happy to wake and help them, no matter the hour. Often times offering her own weyr if the pair are too tired to make it back to their own barracks.

Unskilled at/ Dislikes:
Anything overly sweet will turn this woman's stomach. Pastries, desserts, etc are avoided like the Plague. She does, however, love fruit juices and sweet wines - those aren't something that she will pass up. Especially not a good Benden White wine or a Benden Pink.

Disgust shows on the face of Syra when she comes around the type of women who want nothing more than to talk about being pretty, clothes and men. She prefers the company of men who treat her as both a woman, and someone they can relate to. Having a good drink or gambling with a couple of male friends is one of her best favoured activities.

Syra hates being dirty. She keeps her room in perfect order, preferring to keep it tidy and dust-free. Growing up, her foster mother was a stickler for a clean living place, and so Syra spent many hours learning how to make it 'right.' Not only is her weyr kept clean - but so is Rasenth, as she spends a good amount of time pampering her blue dragon and oiling him to a beautiful sheen.

Fighting Style/ Weapon of Choice:
Fighting is like a dance for this woman, and the blade becomes an extension of her body and arms. Her slight frame makes her quick with her movements, and the blade extends her range considerably. The long-knife goes from the start of her wrist to the center of her bicep.

:: Dragon Information ::
Bluerider Syra - Weyrlingmaster of Fort Weyr KM3HiJS
Dragon Name: Rasenth

Turn of Impression: 487 AL (Gold Galadrieth by Bronze Remegath )

Clutch Name:

Weyr of Impression: Fort Weyr

Wing Name: Empyrean Wing

Colouring: Blue
Text Color: #143046  

Length: 29 meters
Height:  34.5 meters

Other Physical Characteristics:
A high average size dragon. He was always slightly oversized compared to his blue brethren, and it made him mildly cocky in regards to them. His slight advantage is size makes him a great contender for green flights. Rasenth is a gradient of blues, the darker parts of him close to being a deep navy-black, and his wings kept the mottling of his weyrlinghood coloring. At night he easily blends into the darkness of the skies, his whirling colorful eyes giving him away like floodlamps.

Personality Traits:
Rasenth has a rather sarcastic sense of humor, but is generally a good humoured dragon. He is fiercely protective of his rider, and doesn't refuse to issue a challenge if he feels she is being threatened. His size makes Syra feel diminutive, and the pair are often judged on this. From a young age, Rasenth was very empathic to the other weyrling riders and dragonriders - even on the occasional visitor to the Weyr. This made his rider ask to be trained as a Search dragon, and he finds much joy in meeting people and doing his duty to the Weyr. The blue dragon finds that he rather enjoys young dragonettes and has a sense of protectorship to them as they grow up.

When the pair are alone together, Rasenth is really a goofy dragon - making jabs, playing around and often squirting or splashing his rider with water when she is bathing him. Her own love of swimming encouraged him to dive into the water with her, and sometimes she will ride him beneath the surface, coming up for air when her much smaller lungs scream for it. Rasenth is proud of his Searchdragon role, and when he and Syra are sent on Search, his usually rather intimidating demeanour and tendency to stare at people he doesn't know are stronger as he examines potential riders.

His loyalty isn't only to his rider or their wing - but most assuredly to the Queen dragon and the Weyrleader. Those who stand outside of his inner circle or not interacted with regularly, are often subject to stares and silence until he warms up to them. Generally outgoing - he isn't fond of strangers from outside the Weyr. When it is his turn to be Watchdragon he challenges any incoming dragon and rider with a loud roar.

Voice: Hugh Jackman's voice. Slightly deep, with a clear accent that is easy to understand.
Bluerider Syra - Weyrlingmaster of Fort Weyr Zzyouee

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PostSubject: Re: Bluerider Syra - Weyrlingmaster of Fort Weyr   Bluerider Syra - Weyrlingmaster of Fort Weyr I_icon32Sun Aug 24, 2014 3:24 pm

So that the Kate is aware, I took what you said in your critique and mixed it with my critique of Syra, and PMed this to Suri before she posted the bio for her. We worked all of it, i think, so that all the bases are covered, and so she should be ready for approval. or at least final critiquing. >D  hehehehe. 

Quote :
oookay. So..  here's in answer to what we talkeda bout last night >D about Syra. I'm going to go as in depth as I can on a private critique here for you, so that we can work out the details  of her ^.^ You know me, I want to make things happen, but they gotta make sense /have some sort of explanation, too, even if they're kinna crazy things. So, don't take this as Sixth playing old 2D Space Invaders shooter game with Syra as the target Bluerider Syra - Weyrlingmaster of Fort Weyr Icon_razz  Though.. >.>  we might all like to see our characters dodge them bullets one day lol.  I think some of the girls in the Weyr would like to make some of the boys in the weyr into living pin-cushions that way, if they could. 

So, we decided on age of 26 as compromise, and that she'd be paired in a relationship with N'kai, my Bluerider. So, you can be vague about their involvement, just saying that there was a friendship there first, and some trust between them that resulted in her second pregnancy, which we can just do history threads for that stuff and link to the bio later. 

One thing i did notice on her bio is that under "other notable physical traits", some of those were mentioned twice. Looks like it double posted or something, there.

The other points that needed to be touched on were the dragon size -just make sure he's on the 'large side of average' "but likes to think he's the biggest" or some such. We have a lot of dragons actually already, who are 'larger than average' and so we've been having to trim down on the number that are allowed with size that's greater than average.. lol if not, then average won't be average anymore, unfortunately >D  We don't have many Smaller than average, if any, really, from what i can remember, so that should be okay, if you wanted. Otherwise, making him right on the borderline of being as large as blues typically will grow is preferable. 

As far as her personality, you were asking what we might be able to add to give her some traits that make her a little more fleshed out and suitable for someone who'd seem trustworthy and suited to lead a weyrling class.. So, based on what you have in her bio so far, here are my thoughts on what you might put/ elaborate on in your own way.

Weyrling Master Responsibilities (just listing as quick overview/example) wrote:":: Weyrling Master ::
The Weyrlingmaster is the drill sergeant of the Weyr. Responsible for training and education of all the young dragonpairs, his direct superior is the Weyrwoman. Only the Weyrwoman can promote and Weyrlingmaster to his position, and she has the power to demote him as well. A Weyrlingmaster requires from one to five assistants to ensure the discipline and education of weyrling classes. He chooses assistants from wingriders who show both interest and ability at training weyrlings. Frequently, he will bring in Wingseconds, Wingleaders and even the Weyrleader or Weyrwoman, as well as craft representatives to lecture weyrlings on diverse subjects such as flight mechanics, diplomacy, groundcrew direction and organization, and threadfall tactics.

1)She likes cooking and healing stuff, that's been a big interest for her, so maybe you can put that she's a nurturer, and since she has kids of her own, loves being given the opportunity to nurture youth as they grow through those most volatile stages of life into a strong, healthy, well adjusted adult -but not without having fun in the process. It's not all about being too-staunch and a stick in the mud. But she wants to teach them control and good discernment/ judgement and safe performance while being able to enjoy their routine as dragonriders at the same time. 

Something along those lines, maybe???

2)She has a calculating mind since she is really good with numbers/ math/ figures, so she is adept at flight strategies to teach the weyrlings about survival in the skies and the best methods of flaming thread down while working as a team etc etc. 

Maybe this also makes her a good resource to bounce ideas around with in order to come up with new Wing Tactics, etc? After all, as a WLM, she'd be respected in that aspect of being very familiar with all of those things, more so than the average person, being very very knowledgeable, so they might rely on her for input there, at times. Especially since she's training their up and coming Riders so she sees what goes on during the real training exercises -where it all starts.

3)Since she's spent a lot of free time dabbling in more than one craft of interest, perhaps she knows which crafters at the Weyr will provide the most educational (and at the same time entertaining) presentations to share with the weryling classes, making it more interesting for them as they cover a variety of subjects which may not be of interest to everyone. 

4)Organizatonal skills that not only apply to her record keeping, but to delegating tasks to her assistants and overseeing their teaching of some of the classes. 

5)Last but not least, her fearlessness, and enjoyment in flying stunts that many other might consider a little on the dangerous side, allow her to recognize where Weyrlings might be pushing the envelope too much, to where flight tactics/ stunts begin to get too risky for comfort. She knows all the tricks in the book, because she helped WRITE the book on daredevil flying in her late teens and early twenties, so there's no weyrling that tries to step out of line before she knows it. But, weyrlings have learned to respect her for that, and recognize her skill in flight for it, and her 

[I actually have a friend at work who's a State Trooper and when he applied to be an officer, that's what he told the man interviewing him. "I done it all, so I know just where they hide and just how to catch em!" lol But hey.. it WORKS!!!]

Honestly, just like you said she has some experience as Searcher as a blue, I think it would make perfectly good sense that she would have spent some time (maybe a turn or two) as a WLM Assistant. That alone, would add some trust value for the WW to choose her as a WLM. Karene is logical about those things, and would want to see some experience there first. Even if she were the most organized, upstanding, sensible, trustworthy prim proper specimen of a teacher for them, having that experience under her belt would speak far louder than "knowing how to teach 'in theory' ". Theory is wonderful, but hasn't been proven.

Also, what is the reason she wanted to aspire to be a WLM Assistant/ WLM instead of a Searchrider? Because of her dragon's liking of 'protecting' and playing big brother to the babies as they grow up? And her nurturing side? If so, please make mention of it in her history, as she's doing 'internships' of a sort, for both the Searchrider role and then going into the WLM assistant role. Bluerider Syra - Weyrlingmaster of Fort Weyr Icon_smile 

So, those are some of my thoughts on how to make her a more viable candidate for WLM in the WW's eyes, by fleshing out her personality a bit more. Hope those suggestions help. Bluerider Syra - Weyrlingmaster of Fort Weyr Icon_smile Maybe it'll spawn some other ideas too, or get you writing everything that's in your head down on paper for her ;P  I think her personality will work, but just need to bring to light some of the other facets of her persona instead of just a wild and sexy side. Bluerider Syra - Weyrlingmaster of Fort Weyr Icon_wink  

As for other bio critiquing things, the only thing that I can see about her that actually seems out of place/ not making sense, is that she dual-wields long knives. i.e. her fighting style. The Weyr on RoF teaches general self defense with the hands, basic sword and knife technique and disarming techniques, because they want riders to be able to protect themselves, and thus the longevity of their dragons, but even dong that is a risk to themselves, and therefore, a risk to the dragons, so any serious combat is avoided at pretty much all cost in the dragonrider's case. They also don't want to appear war-mongering by making people think they've trained assassins or some such. >D  hahah. The Weyrs are supposed to be peaceable, especially if they want to stay on the good side of the people and the Lord Holders and continue receiving tithes. And really, with dragons, they've no need to fear having to be in combat very often. Even with the previous Telgar rebellion that we have described in the history, there were no attacks on Riders or the Weyrs that are known. The fighting was between the holders and guardsmen/other locals there. It never spread to the weyrs beyond the blockading and general shortage of Tithes to Telgar Weyr.

Since she was born and raised in the Weyr, it would make sense that she followed the style of the Weyr in her fighting preference, if she enjoys sparring/ combat training, so I'd say it makes sense for her to have a long knife that she uses, but not dual knives. It would be easy enough to cut your own finger off just drawing the weapons, let alone fighting with them, if you didn't have proper teachings in how to do so safely; or spend a lot of time figuring out the best methods of doing so, for yourself. The dragonriders won't have the extent of training from the Weyr to learn that kind of skill, because they're more concerned about perfection of training in the skies. Whereas, Hold Guard spend their entire careers handling weapons and perfecting combat skills/ pacification skills. That's their Craft.

There's also no mention in her bio that she ever really did any extra training in combat, nor that she loves fighting so much that she practices in all her free time, because instead, she's been learning to cook and minor skills as a healer/ herbalist. 

So, Bluerider Syra - Weyrlingmaster of Fort Weyr Icon_wink that should make sense now as to my reasoning for why her fighting style doesn't really fit with the rest of her. If you can adjust it so that she has learned the defensive style as taught by the Weyr and prefers the use of a single long knife, if she has to, then that, i think, would suit her better. 99% of our Riders won't carry with them anything more than a mid-length knife and a typical beltknife. The only Riders who have more honed skills in combat arts are those who were searched and came from Soldierborn families who'd served in a Hold Guard somewhere. 

Annnnnyyyway, when you have a fire-breathing dragon, who needs dinky knives >D  buahahahahahaha. lol  Dragons are like the insta I-WIN button. 0.0 Legit. Even as babies.. *GLOMP!*  T.T  "omg! the claws!"

By the way, I LOVE the touch of Syra's eggshell necklace. That is a fantastic idea! More characters should have them >D  hahaha.   I did used to have a character who had a dragon's head pendant necklace with a piece of firestone in the center of it or some such. But that's still not as kewl as an eggshell necklace haha. So kewl.

And lol on Rasenth's Silent stares as he warms up to ppl.  0.0 Ever get that feeling you're being watched??  *paranoid glance back over shoulder*

Alright, well that's all >D  sorry it was at such length, but i think that's everything, and should help work out some of the troublesome spots. Honestly, there's not much 'wrong' with her profile or her as a person becoming WLM, it just needs to be filled out a little more to explain how she got to where she is today. *nod sagely*

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Here, as well.. Could I get a Hex code that you're gonna use for her font, please? Smile thanks


also, go to this page and click on the "Click here for information on the Wings" at the top of the page. Read through those and tell me which wings you want your characters to be in, if you have a preference, based on the general 'mood' of either of the PC wings. If you have a preference, I'll assign them to that wing. You can also see who else is in that wing currently, though I haven't placed the graduated weyrlings who are NPCsin wings. Others, you'll be able to see, though.

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