... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 The Last Two

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Last Two

PostSubject: The Last Two   Sun Jun 22, 2014 8:12 pm

When the 9th Pass began, Ista Weyr sent out reports that Thread was falling oddly, early over one Hold and not at all over another. At first, it wasn't given any heed, all thinking that Thread was just getting caught in the wind, but then it came down like rain, pelting the flaming dragons with no mercy. The normal 50 Turn Pass went by and still Thread fell. Thread continued to Fall for another 25 Turns, but in sporadic patterns, often catching the dragonriders off guard. Dragons were lost, people died, crops were set aflame to try to keep the land from dying, and hope was slowly dwindling away. The mighty Weyrs lost so many dragons when they put their numbers together, there were barely enough dragons to fill two Weyrs. Out of the many, strong Golds, only three survived, and one was barely old enough to be out of her shell, one old and frail, and the last nursing a wound from the last Thread Fall.

Finally, the odd Pass seemed to run its course. Seventy-five Turns of Thread falling had taken its toll on the Pernese, but they had survived. All of Pern hoped for a long Interval, seeing at the Pass had been long. Our story begins a short time after the 9th Pass has ended and the 10th Interval begins. The two Weyrs that are still occupied are Fort and Benden Weyrs; the others are still standing, but due to the lack of dragons have been abandoned until more dragons can Hatched to fill those Weyrs. The old Goldrider Ettai of Iayth, once of Igen Weyr, now resides at Fort Weyr, acting as standing Senior Weyrwoman while young Goldrider Isildi of Vernaroth learn what they must to run their own Weyr. Belil of Gold Yndyth has taken up resident in Benden Weyr, though she would have preferred to stay in her home of Telgar Weyr. Her Gold's injury from the Thread wasn't severe, but enough so that she has been grounded for a few months, to make sure her wing will heal. Now, eight months after the Pass, Belil has allowed her Gold back off the ground, but under close supervision.

With only one true Gold Flight ready, all of Pern has its eyes turned on the two Weyrs, hoping one of the Golds will take to the sky and bring about the hope that is bubbling in every breast. With only two Weyrs to support, the Holds rebuilt quicker than the two Weyrs. New Candidates were sent to the Weyr, in hopes of one of the Golds Rising, but still no Gold went into the sky. Holders began to lose hope in the Riders and the trains slowly trickled to a stop.  

Now, young Isildi and Belil must figure out a way to get the Holders to believe, or else there won't be any strong males to fly their Golds when the time comes. All hope rests on the shoulders of two young ladies and that the Interval will be a long one.


Please join us. We are a newly opened DRoP site that has many open positions. Our plot is just getting started, so please help us grow.


Updates as of 6/16/14:
Gold Flit Neya is Rising at Fort Weyr
Gold Vernaroth will be starting her maiden Flight soon!! Hurry or you'll miss your chance to try and catch this young Queen!!!
A lot of positions are still open, including Bronzeriders

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The Last Two
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