... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 Drien - Rihan's cousin - future stewrad

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PostSubject: Drien - Rihan's cousin - future stewrad   Drien - Rihan's cousin - future stewrad I_icon32Sat Oct 20, 2012 9:27 pm

OOC Info:
Moniker: Lady Pern, Patty Lynn
How did you find out about us?: JQ

Character Info:
Name: Drien

Pronunciation: Dree’-in

Title: son of Lord Holder of Southern Telgar Hold

Honourific: N/A

Age & Turn of Birth: 26 / 474 AL

Gender: male

Place of Birth: Southern Telgar Hold

Current Place of Residence: Telgar River Hold (being newly constructed)

Craft:  Not exactly. Holder’s son - Spent time learning under the hold harper (considered going to harper hall, plays a mean gitar and sings if you can convince him to), also spent time working with Southern Telgar Hold’s steward who took pity on the third son who was so unlike the first two. Took to figures and math and organizing with both harper and steward.

Rank/Occupation/Role Desired: 3rd son of a Lord Holder - never expected to be a holder himself, though brought up to be loyal to the family name. friend/cousin to Rihan, one day to be his steward

Character Aspirations: Drien doesn’t consider himself to have high aspirations. He is content to help his family and friends however he can, not looking to advance himself. Just do his best with what he’s given. His older two brothers (and younger) all excelled at pretty much everything, he just wants to get through the day - feels like he can never match up anyway.
He would like to be married someday, but doesn’t see that happening.
He has never had any real desire to be a dragonrider (family definitely not encouraged in that direction), though he likes them well enough.

OOC Character Development Goals: Having lived (especially) his early years under the shadow of two ‘perfect’ older brothers. Drien is confident in the abilities he has been taught, but not in the person he is. Like to see him becoming confident in his own person.

Father: Lord Holder Hirate of Southern Telgar Hold (50/ 450 AL)
Mother: Lady Holder Eun of Southern Telgar Hold (46/ 446 AL)
Siblings: Declan, heir apparent to Southern Telgar Hold (29/ 471 AL), Hirate II (28/ 472 AL), Steren (24/ 476 AL)
sisters - Alei (19/ 481 AL), Itiah (18/ 482 AL)
Children: none
Other Significant:
Uncle and Lord Holder of Telgar Hold Matoi (52/ 448 AL)
Aunt and Lady Holder Nanao (50/ 450 AL)
1st cousin Rihan, heir apparent to Telgar Hold and (soon) Lord Holder at Telgar River Hold (27/ 473 AL)
(Rihan’s siblings as cousins)
Harper Tremayne - journeyman - teacher and hold harper at Southern Telgar Hold
Silman - steward at Southern Telgar Hold

Face: Adrien Brody
Drien - Rihan's cousin - future stewrad Adrien-brody-4
Drien - Rihan's cousin - future stewrad Brody101910-thumb-550x427-49513
Drien - Rihan's cousin - future stewrad Adrien_brody_2875586
Hair: Med/dark brown - usually cut rather randomly, maybe 5-6 inches long and not often in order. bits sticking every which way … he really doesn’t think much about what it looks like, besides clean, and has to be reminded to get it cut.
Eyes: warm brown
Height: 6’2
Build: quite gangly - skinny, can look taller than his cousin (while not beside him) because he doesn’t fill out his height. definitely not built like his brothers who are muscular.
Other Notable Physical Traits: his nose, while not outrageous, is not dignified. He can grow a mustache/beard rather quickly, though remains clean shaven by choice.
Style of Dress: Clean and mended. But never really looks stylish, just serviceable. His mother still can’t convince him to care about his dress.
Possessions usually found on persona:

    ✣his gitar goes with him if ever he travels, but he doesn’t keep it on his back or anything✣blade, about a hand’s length, usually used for getting into boxes, crates etc, for dealing with harnesses / ropes etc.✣

Drien was born the third son of the Lord of Southern Telgar Hold. His two older brothers were only a year apart and they have become everything his parents wanted. Physically they are dashing and athletic. Both very charming and charismatic. Both with natural leadrship abilities. Both good at handling people and making ins with the ladies. They work well together and have an on-going good-natured rivalry to be the best... at everything!

Born two years later and sickly during his first year left Drien physically weaker than his older brothers - or so he feels. The coddling that this brought from his mother didn’t make him the favorite, it caused her to keep him from joining in most of the time and made him feel left out and unable to match up to the older two.

The fact that his younger brother, born two years after him, was hail and always highly athletic - not to mention the ‘baby’ for a several years - left him feeling like he would never be good enough, in anyone’s eyes. His brothers just took the prize.

When his two sisters were finally born, any attention he might have garnered was transferred to them, for his mother had been waiting a long time to have daughters.

As luck would have it, Drien found friends/mentors in both the hold harper, Tremayne and his father’s steward, Stilman. He was never one to rush away from studies and had a deft hand at the gitar, though Tremayne could rarely convince him to show off his sweet tenor voice. Stilman was always drawn to the third son who was left out and when he noticed Drien’s quick mind with organizing and figures, he made time for him, continuing the boy’s training in the behind the scenes managing of the hold.

With such handsome sons and then beautiful daughters, Drien was most times able to fade into the background when dealing with people. There were times that other small Lords would actually forget that Hirate had 4 sons.

Drien enjoyed the several summers he spent with Rihan and family. The two were both ‘quiet’ though for different reasons and were fast friends. Rihan enjoyed doing so much and always made Drien join him. So the things he might never have done and learned as a child with his siblings were made up for with his cousin (example - swordplay, exciting runner adventures, etc)

More recently he has been working closely with his father’s steward and has seen all his brothers and one sister married off. The second sister is engaged as well. His father had tried to arrange a marriage once, but Drien insulted she and her parents with several unintendedly blunt conversations. Though he wants to marry, he’s hesitant to even dream about it.

Almost a turn ago (AL 499), he Impressed a gold firelizard and named her Veil. It was not his intent, but that did not change the little girl’s mind! (see backstory ^_^ to come)

- highly loyal - to family especially. Has been brought up to believe that family is worth dying for. Those fortunate enough to be close to him are rewarded with a fierce loyalty that never wavers.

- shrewd - when it comes to the managing and handling of household and accounts that steward Silman taught him, he is tops. Very sharp. This doesn’t extend to handling people so much in other areas of life, ie politics, relationships etc.

- gentle - though he will handle ‘employees’ with a strict expectation base, if you are close to him (or touch that side) he is not harsh at all.

- alert - he may fade into the background, but he almost always knows what’s going on, very observant. Not empathetic, not knowing what people are feeling... just what’s happening

- deferential - Drien has a tendency to step back and let others take the place - the spotlight, the stage, the credit, the attention (This is sometimes stymied by Veil’s attention seeking!)

- loner - beside the fact that he loves his people and is very loyal, Drien doesn’t need people to make him happy. He values his alone time.

**If you have studied this system - he is Melancholy (exacting, doing things “right”, detailed) with a side of Phlegmatic (easy-going, peacemaker, dig deep to find what matters)

- hesitant - he does what he needs to do with people and that’s all. Not one to make friends for the sake of it. This does not extend to ‘business’ - Steward Silman made sure that he could hold his own in any negotiation despite his reserved ways.

- blunt - besides his ease with trade negotiations - Drien is not particularly captivating or fascinating and few would ever call him charming. He doesn’t exactly hit ‘rude’, but might be accused of it with his (at times) very direct manner. But there’s no negative intention behind it - he was always able to fade into the background and never had to learn the art of schmoozing.

- insecure - in secure in himself, but secure in his skills. Really believes people want him around for what he can do. Though he could never put that feeling into words - he just works hard in order to be accepted.

Mannerisms or Habits:
-When his hair gets long enough he has a tendency to let his head fall forward enough for the strands to fall in front of his eyes
-He will almost ‘slink’ into a room, not making his arrival know (most of the time)
-wears a pretty serious face most of the time

[Like 1]: great hand at the gitar - though plays mostly sad / whimsical stuff - and not really for people - just himself. Also has a great tenor voice, but will sing for people even less!
[Like 2]: finding errors and fixing them - loves tracking down whats wrong with figures and invoices etc. As well as finding the best (ie most efficient) way for things to run.

[Dislike 1]: disorder - since his parents had eyes for his siblings. It was Drien’s constant desire to not have any reason for them to dislike him. So he’s almost compulsive about have things in order.
[Dislike 2]: public speaking for more than 1 or 2 people. And groups where you need to interact. Since childhood he has disappeared in social groups and continues to try to do that.

Fighting Style/Weapon of Choice:
Really not a fighter - will most certainly shy away from physical contact. Though he’s not really likely to cause someone to want to fight with him - very unimposing.  However - as kids, Rihan used to make him practice swordplay with him, so he had to be at least acceptable in the sport to keep up with his cousin.

Holder Information:
Character views on Thread: He has no reason to think it won’t, though some he knows would argue. (And he might argue if he were so inclined, but he isn’t) He thinks the dragonriders are a romantic notion, though he doesn’t have a lot of firsthand information on them.

Character views on Hold/Weyr Relationships: As long as the the Weyrleader / Weyrwoman / Weyr representatives are civil and not pushy in their demands, he is fine with it. There have been times when he’s felt they pushed the envelope.

Previous roles held during education of hold management: Started working with Steward Silman at an earlier age than usual. The steward took a great interest in the boy and taught him as many tricks of the trade as he could.

Fire Lizard Information:
Name: Veil

Turn of Impression: 499 AL

Colouring:) The definition of Gold - and practically gleams when she’s ready to rise

Other Physical Characteristics: She’s just average as far as length and size goes.

General Personality: She is Drien’s opposite socially - outgoing, attention seeking, people loving. And very much like him in curiosity. Well trained at even a young age, she enjoys anything (ie training and tasks/tricks) that will get her more attention.

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PostSubject: Re: Drien - Rihan's cousin - future stewrad   Drien - Rihan's cousin - future stewrad I_icon32Sun Oct 21, 2012 7:18 am

Smile Wow. great so far. I'll have Kate help me finish critiqueing it because she has a better brain for it than I do, I think. lol

If you can add the following Code to your Bio for him being Holder Bred, that'd be great. And shouldn't take you long. I think some of it was answered in the history of the char. Smile Only other thing I'm thinking might need done is just maybe two or three more traits under personality. Otherwise, well done! Hope that wasn't too painful Laughing Razz

By the way, do you use a photobucket or anything to add his pic in there? If not, if you wanna email me the pics you want in his bio, I can edit them and add them for you. Let me know!

[b][u]Holder Information:[/u][/b]
[b][u]Character views on Thread:[/u][/b] (Will it return?)

[b][u]Character views on Hold/Weyr Relationships:[/u][/b]

[b][u]Previous roles held during education of hold management:[/u][/b] (Almost all males of the Holder's family have some education in hold management. May begin taking on such responsibilities at the age a normal apprenticeship is begun -Age 12. i.e. Assisting the Steward in basic tasks, taking a Stewardship role at a hold, overseeing trade portfolios, organizing tithes to Weyrs, taking on a minor holding of your own, etc.
Women of the Holder's family assist in tasks such as assisting the Headwoman, assisting healers, overseeing food storage and preparation and maintenance of living space.)

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PostSubject: Re: Drien - Rihan's cousin - future stewrad   Drien - Rihan's cousin - future stewrad I_icon32Sun Oct 21, 2012 11:30 am

Hey Smile

I agree with Eloane. The bio looks great but again I would like to see more of his personality.

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PostSubject: Re: Drien - Rihan's cousin - future stewrad   Drien - Rihan's cousin - future stewrad I_icon32Tue Oct 23, 2012 6:12 pm

Hey! Patty, question for you. Do you think that Drien would like a Firelizard? Rihan doesn't really care for them.. just their usefulness, but doesn't really want one for himself so if Drien had one, that'd be great. lol That way Rihan wouldn't have to impress one. He can already have one or he can impress one soon after you start playing him or.. sometime
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PostSubject: Re: Drien - Rihan's cousin - future stewrad   Drien - Rihan's cousin - future stewrad I_icon32Thu Oct 25, 2012 4:05 am

There - how do we feel about that - firelizard added - as well as more personality stuff... ^_^
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PostSubject: Re: Drien - Rihan's cousin - future stewrad   Drien - Rihan's cousin - future stewrad I_icon32

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Drien - Rihan's cousin - future stewrad
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