... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 Pern Survival

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Pern Survival

PostSubject: Pern Survival   Sun Apr 20, 2014 9:15 am

Pern Survival – only the strongest shall prosper

It started 127 turns after Thread fell for the last time.  F'lar and Lessa and the brave dragon folk from the 9th pass watched as the great rockets were ignited and the Red Planet sent on its new path.  They saw the last Thread fall, celebrated the end of their old enemy.  Or so they thought.

Sadly what they did not see was the asteroid field that the Red Planet headed into.

127 turns later....

The Ghosts came. Only they did not veer off as they usually did. They crashed into Pern, sending waves of destruction across the surface, killing thousands, humans and dragons died as fire swept across the planet.  North, South, East and West, no where was free from the devastation from the skies.

Eventually the ash settled and the people who had buried themselves deep into the caves began to emerge.  Gone was the land they knew.  The Weyrs and their inhabitants had been decimated, all that remained were a handful of dragons, less than one hundred of the great beasts were all that was left.  The survivors had to work together to survive.

The North was a dangerous place, unsafe to inhabit with rock slides and treacherous areas that had once been safe.  Wandering bands of diseased holdless claimed ruins as theirs.  No place was safe.

The South was overrun with the wild felines, vicious and powerful, they attacked anything that tried to make a settlement there.   A few brave folks attempted to settle, but after being attacked repeatedly they gave up.

The only place that seemed to offer them a safe place to rebuild was the Western Continent, a strange land that little was known about.  People were skeptical, some
remained on the North, preferring to tackle what they knew.  The rest loaded what they could salvage and headed to the Western continent, setting up a camp on the eastern most island.

Sadly over the next four turns the remaining dragons succumbed to a strange illness.  Even the few flitters left went between.. The Weyrholders were suddenly alone, no dragons, no flitters and there was a strange red glow on the furthest point of the horizon.

Our game begins three turns after the last dragon has betweened.   Morale is low, people are trying to eke out a new life, but its hard.  The red glow has drawn closer, the Red Planet has retuned.  And with no dragons to protect them how will Pern survive....

Are you brave? Can you face an unknown future? We want you if the answer is Yes to these questions.
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What to expect:
~ Reappearance of the dragons - but from where?
~ New dragon colors
~ Unique site pets
~ Friendly admin
~ No word counts or posting requirements
~ Members run plots
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Pern Survival
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