... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 Atricis: Resurrection

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Atricis Staff

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PostSubject: Atricis: Resurrection   Atricis: Resurrection I_icon32Mon Feb 24, 2014 1:14 am

Atricis: Resurrection AdvertiseBanner-1
..:: History Archives }|{ Weyr Information }|{ Character Creation & Availability }|{ Rules ::..

We are an uncanon alternate timeline 9th Pass Pern with a tactful canon aftertaste
We have been around for 5 years
We currently have four uncanon colors of dragon: Zultanites, Pewters, and the twins, Opals and Pyrites
We currently have three uncanon colors of wher: Prismatics, Andalusites, and Agates
We have three uncanon, Atricis original pets: Starlizards, Gemlizards and Furflits
Atricis Weyr currently has three major holds under its protective range: Atreidai Hold, Serafei Seahold, and Ione Hold
There is a larger and smarter variety of wher known as Isilian whers are featured on our site
There is also a unique culture of people that live in the Southern Continent and a new variety of dragonkin, Day whers
Atricis Weyr also features “Locked Flights,” for riders who wish to opt out of Mating Flight traditions

..:: Events as of February 24th, 2014 ::..

  • The kitchens of Atricis Weyr has collapsed, proving that Atricis Weyr is crumbling.
  • A few sevendays after the kitchen collapse, Weyrleader Ma’lek and Weyrwoman Aizlin made an announcement. Atricis would be moving to a new location South!
  • Isil Matriarch, Krizia, has announced the Tunnelhold to be merging with Atricis during the move South.
  • A treaty has been signed between the Southern people of Walled Hold and Atricis Weyr, though Walled Hold’s leaders continue to be wary.
  • Relations between Atricis Weyr and many of the other Weyrs and Holds still aren’t looking good.
  • Building of the new Weyr has already begun, with many volunteers from the Weyr helping with the building.
  • Queen Izanamith has Risen and laid her clutch.
  • Black Day Wher, Kivasila, was Risen for a Run and is expected to lay the first Day wher clutch!
  • The next PC Dragon Hatching is scheduled for February 28th
  • The first Day Wher clutch is scheduled for March 14th
  • Candidates for all our dragonkin are always welcome
  • We also have some uncanon dragonrider and wherhandler slots open, as well as bronzeriders and bronzehandlers
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PostSubject: Atricis: Resurrection   Atricis: Resurrection I_icon32Sat Nov 08, 2014 1:12 pm

Atricis: Resurrection NewAtricisAdvertBanner
..:Neutral|Home.Neutral:.History Archive.Neutral:.Information Library.Neutral:.Character Creation & Availability.Neutral:.Site Rules & Guidelines||::..
In the beginning of the 9th Pass, things were normal, Weyrs were growing, but Atricis Weyr struggled and began to crumble. Then the Southern Continent and its possibilities were delivered to this crumbling Weyr. Despite what the people of the North had always believed, the Southern Continent was a lush and vibrant place with riches to be had. However, people were already found to live there, long since cut off from the North and now with their own culture so different from what anyone in the North has known. Atricis Weyr has left its crumbling Weyr and built a new Weyr in the South, New Atricis Weyr. Pern is changing, and Atricis has led the charge into the unknown.

..:: Atricis Resurrection has been around for Six Years ::..
..:: We are an uncanon alternate timeline 9th Pass Pern with a tactful canon aftertaste ::..
..:: We currently sport four officially uncanon dragons: Zultanites, Pewters, and Opal and Pyrite twins ::..
..:: A larger, more intelligent variety of wher known as Isilian Whers are featured on Atricis ::..
..:: We also sport three officially uncanon whers: Prisms, Andalusites, and Agates ::..
..:: Atricis also has an Atricis original bondable dragonkin: Day Whers ::..
..:: New Atricis Weyr has moved to the Southern Continent and has one Hold, Southern Seahold::..
..:: The Southern Continent harbors a unique culture of people different from the North ::..
..:: New Atricis Weyr supports “Locked Flights,” a Flight option for riders who wish to safely opt out of Mating Flight traditions ::..
..:: Site wide plots with member involvement to help everyone feel engaged ::..
..:: No sexuality based Impressions ::..

..:: | Events as of November 2014 | ::..

  • Senior Queen Lilith Rose and a new Weyrleader has taken the position, Ol'ver of Bronze Kheserath.
  • New Atricis' 38th Dragon Hatching has gone smoothly, with all eggs hatching and Impressing and two Impressing from the stands!
  • The rogues were decimated by the forces of the dragonriders and foot soldiers from Walled Hold, much to New Atricis' surprise.
  • Word has come from Walled Hold about a new Holding being established by them for New Atricis Weyr. This seems like nothing but good will, but is there more behind this offer?
  • The first Gather of Southern Seahold has been announced for the end of the summer season!
  • Non-metallic riders and handlers have the chance to gain rank if desired
  • Atricis is looking for candidates for all its dragonkin (Dragons, Whers, & Day Whers)
  • We have various dragonrider and wherhandler slots open, as well as Day Wher adoptables available
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Atricis: Resurrection
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