... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 Nightwatch Weyr

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PostSubject: Nightwatch Weyr   Fri Jan 17, 2014 7:14 pm

The Deep Ones have struck a killing blow. Ista is no more, its once-thriving weyrs now a hive of animated corpses. The shell that was once Ramoth presides over its Sands. Nightwatch Weyr, Pern's only defense against the creatures that wait beyond Between, lies in ruins. Its people have fled, scattered and terrified, to the surviving Weyrs of Pern. The island lies abandoned, lifeless but for a few holdouts.

But not all is lost. A group of Nightwatch survivors have found a new home, a Hold built in the fertile basin of a neighboring island. The native inhabitants, however, are wary of the refugees. They’re worried that the riders may have brought the attention of the Deep Ones. Nightwatch's scarred riders and strange colors - unpredictable reds and violent, alien blacks - have been relegated to carving their own weyrs in the barren volcanic cliffs of the basin.

It has been ten months since the fall of Pern's last stronghold against the Deep Ones. All has been eerily silent. It cannot remain that way forever.

Nightwatch is dead.

    Long live Nightwatch.


  • Small, frequent clutches, and an opportunity for EVERY member to have a clutching dragon and participate in the Hatching process. It's not even a big deal.
  • Abyssal horrors from beyond the stars and a uniquely Survival/Horror take on Pern.
  • Two new dragon colors and one new wher color, with more to come as the story unfolds.
  • A democratic approach to Pern RP, both IC and OOC, and an open, welcoming community.
  • Loosely-restricted availability - essentially, ask and ye shall receive.


  • Metallic dragons! No gold-fever, no shiny panic, no OOC jostling for status.
  • Impressions based on sex, gender, or sexuality.
  • Fussy doHTML.
  • Word counts.
  • Canon.


  • Tensions rise between the Holdfolk and the Nightwatch refugees. Dragons are high-maintenance and difficult to feed, and many blame them - especially Nightwatch’s dragons, blighted and battle-scarred - for inciting Deep One assaults against Pern on a massive scale. The dragonriders at Edinnu are largely those too proud or too wounded to find shelter at other Weyrs, but even with that, resources are scarce.
  • Thus far, the riders of clutching greens have subsisted by making their greens clutch on the warm black sands of Edinnu’s shores. But as the weather chills further, the beaches are no longer viable to incubate dragon eggs, and green Valiath grows egg-heavy by the day… The race against time is on to negotiate a safe place for her to clutch.
  • Meleoth, the black who killed his rider's first dragon in Impression frenzy, was the winner of Valiath's Flight. What new and strange mutations may lurk in the genes of such a Blight-riddled parent?
  • Strangely, since the catastrophic fall of Nightwatch, Deep One sightings have been few and far between. Edinnu has suffered no major incursions to speak of, and the odd straggler is easily held off by a coordinated force of whers. Where are Pern’s greatest scourge? Why are the Despairs amassing in such numbers at Ista? Most of Pern accepts the reprieve without questioning it - fearing whatever answers they might find...
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Nightwatch Weyr
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