... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 Weyr out of Time

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PostSubject: Weyr out of Time   Thu Jan 02, 2014 1:40 pm

This is not meant to be an all traditional game, but that'll depends on what directions it evolves in. It starts with just the most basic of settings after all. And unless it catches people's interest more than expected, and someone might like ot take over the concept. It'll likely run over a limited time, but hopefully be fun anyway Smile


Where this is?

Who really knows at all? Yet at least.

Near all that is known, is that it's probably a planet. At least it looks and feels like one....except that the night sky is empty of stars and planets. Just dark and boring. Look at the bright side though, there's a sun to light the days at least.

There's plenty of plant, animal and so on types of life. Just none of the higher sapient types.

Not until dragons, riders and any passengers they may have, and maybe a few others. Start arriving, rather unexpectedly to themselves. One moment they were Between, teleporting, or what it may be called. Coming out of it though, they found themselves here, whatever that is, instead of where they thought they were going.

And trying to return home through Between, nope, none were allowed to do that. Being spat right out again into the skies of this new place. Teleporting between places here was found possible, just not to anywhere else.

The first came here just a couple days ago. And since then, new arrivals have popped up every ten hours. Some alone, others as part of a wave of several, up to as many as twenty at once. People from any time, or version of Pern that may exist somewhere and sometime.

Some few that are very different have shown up too. Others who certainly can't be of Pern, but who are just as confused.

All anyone have, is whatever they happened to carry when they were pulled here. With no way out either, none have any choice but to work to survive. Which may not be easy; so many clashing personalties, beliefs and so on, that may be found here.

There's a wide world stretching out around them. Rather like a savanna where they are, and plenty of plants and animals out there. Question is what of it may be safe to eat though, to avoid starving.

Could it be other dangers out there? Adding to trouble that may be caused by stress, differences of oppinion, or who knows what else? That is sure to be found in the growing group here. Resources are still so limted after all.

Where this goes, is all up to us Smile

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Weyr out of Time
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