... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 E'den & Brown Haruseth

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PostSubject: E'den & Brown Haruseth   Tue Dec 31, 2013 11:37 am

E'den & Brown Haruseth

:: OOC Information ::
Moniker: JQ/ Els
How did you hear about us?: CoFounder

:: Character Information ::


Brownrider/ Wingrider

E’den [ay-den]

Age/ Turn of Birth:
26/ 476 AL


Place of Birth:
Telgar Weyr

Place of Residence:
Telgar Weyr


Occupation/ Role:

Character Aspirations:
He lives in the Now a lot of times, not really concerned with rank and increased responsibilities that come with it. Partially because he knows that being a brownrider comes with its limitations, but also because he sees those things as more political, whereas he’s more concerned about the human aspect of flying in a Wing -just being a support mechanism for his wingmates and weyr. He’s content with that at his age, though it could change.

Father: L’den [Landen, Brownrider, Wingsecond]
Mother: Meisa [ Greenrider]
Siblings: Older brother (30, unnamed, dragonrider), Older sister (27, unnamed, dragonhealer), Younger sister (21, Theita, Greenrider), Younger brother (20, unnamed, Tanner craft, could be rider, impressing late and unexpectedly in the near future), Younger brother (17, Keiden, candidate).

Children: None. Any riders he may have gotten pregnant went between to get rid of the chances.
Other Significant: N/A


Face: Jin Akanishi
Hair: Fairly straight, dark brown, usually worn at medium length.
Eyes: Almonde shaped, Bole brown
Height: 5’10”
Build: A sturdy, Average, medium, athletic build.
Other Notable Physical Traits: Darkly tanned skin with a small mole beside his right eye. A broad nose and mouth with full lips. He has a heavy brow, and strong, defined jawline, periodically growing a little stubble on his chin or over his lip.
Style of Dress: Dark brown riding leathers most of the time. If not that, then something that can get dirty, or be worn casually, even if he likes to keep himself and his things as clean as possible. He keeps a well-groomed appearance. Wears a long leather cord necklace with a baby dragon’s tooth pendant hanging from it. (His dragon’s tooth from Weyrlinghood.)
Possessions usually found on persona:


E’den’s father was holdbred, from a family of tanner crafters at Telgar Hold, so preferred the thought of monogamous relationships when it came to weyrmates. The woman he chose to be with had been searched about the same time as he, and from the same territory, so they ended up in the same candidate class together. It wasn’t until they had both already Impressed and were in Weyrling classes together that they really became friends, and even then, never seemed to take much interest in one another outside of friendhip until a few years later. A deep and lasting was friendship solidified into a love affair, closed mating flights and eventually a happy family.

The couple maintained as much interaction with their children as they could, seeing no reason not to. They both valued the bonds formed within a family and wanted to give such a value to their children. It was perhaps that they feared that the more communal nature of the Weyrs would somehow deprive their offspring of a more intimate family relationship that they couldn’t see themselves living without. Their children still attended the creche every day while both of their parents flew with their Wings, but days off and time before and after Drills were usually spent together. E’den usually got along best with his oldest and his youngest brothers.

Never harbouring any real desire to learn a craft, E’den’s father did make him take up the tanner craft like his brothers, at least until he was old enough to stand. If that didn’t pan out, he’d have to have some trade to lean on for his future. That same turn was about the time that Telgar’s uprisings began. In the few turns prior, there were false rumours circulating amoungst Southern Telgar Hold that Telgar Weyr was hoarding goods; that they had gotten greedy, so things became difficult for a while. The Weyr was in a tight spot, though it was never directly involved in the conflicts that ensued, but caught in the cross fires, there were times when provisions were meager. Especially in the winter months. But that was all when he was a kid. Those days were long behind them and he remembered them better through his father’s tales.

At the age of 15, as young as he was able, E’den began standing as a candidate. Experiencing the disappointment of missing out on Impression clutch after clutch, he grew very familiar with that sinking feeling of being left out. It was at the age of 18 that he finally met Haruseth, his perfect Brown.

Weyrlinghood for E’den was a time of continuing to build on relationships made during candidacy; there were a couple of kids in his class though, whom he’d grown up with who were also weyrborn. He tended to get along with almost everyone, making it difficult to make an enemy of him. Because of his manner, he tended to be one of the default moderators of the Weyrling class, able to help defuse tense situations well enough. Once he Impressed, E’den never took much interest in pursuing relationships with girls outside of being comrades within their Wing. His focus was too intent on training and letting his dragon grow up. And once the Weyrlings experienced their first mating flights, he figured there wasn’t much need for pursuing romance. He’s not a lost cause though, when it comes to romantic relationships. He just hasn’t found the one girl that really suits his fancy, like how his mom and dad found one another. It’s because of them that he believes in such a thing as True Love. Kinna sappy, eh?

The Brownrider was never the cause of much trouble himself, though he was willing to play the role of accomplice at times. The Weyrling master never had any real issues with him not doing his work or falling asleep often in classes. They were lucky, their class.  Things were pretty peaceful outside of the minimal Weyrling accidents.

After graduation, he seemed to maintain his usual low-profile, enver overachieving or reaching much above what was expected of him, because he didn’t feel the need to. Again, he concerned himself more with socializing and integrating himself well into his new Wing. It didn’t take too much getting used to active Wing life, and he enjoyed it. E’den has yet to receive any promotions of any sort, though he is still young, and his Wingsecond has approached him a time or two to encourage him to think about putting his mind to reaching for a goal like Wingthird or Wingsecond before long. He has shown little real interest in taking on the challenge, however, though he has not yet explained his reasoning behind turning those types of promotions down. He figured he’s more likely to consider something like Weyrling Master, but that too, would seem like a distant future to him.

Usually upbeat, though that doesn’t mean he’s always a happy or optimistic person, necessarily. He’s a little borderline there. But he seems to diminish his own troubles and put a general concern for others first.
Can be sentimental and sensitive towards some things, but not good at showing what things actually bother him/ hurt him.
Annnnd, if not usually, then almost always, he at least looks like he might be looking for trouble. He has a tendency to stick his nose into other people’s business.
Perhaps unnecessarily curious about other people’s lives, or perhaps it’s that he has a concern for his friends and others where he seems to think their business should be his business,.. either way, it has a way of annoying people who aren’t used to his being nosey, even if it’s generally innocent. But, to his credit, being nosey about other people has made him a lot of friends, seeing as though he’s easy to get along with.
He gets quite worked up/ excited about Flights. He’s rather competitive when it comes to them, looking forward to them like most riders look forward to the next exciting Weyr Games or some such. He never seems to take it too hard when he loses, because he doesn’t stake too much pride in it all; it’s more for fun, for him. Well, fun and sex, because he doesn’t find it as thrilling to sleep around outside of Flights. Nothing beats a good, hard won Flight. Guys who look for a little amour outside of it are really missing out. And why settle for less than the best where that’s concerned?
Could be classified as a bit of a thrill seeker, or a risk taker, because that, in part, is what he looks forward to in Flights. This also makes him more prone to trying dare devil moves in the skies -though not all the time. Of course, his Brown won’t let him do anything unnecessarily risky -he plays it safe.
Hard worker. Doesn’t shirk his responsibilities. Though of course he’d rather be having fun with friends.
Likes to joke around.
Can be impulsive, but not generally reckless.
Has a close relationship with his family, so really values the people in his life.
Considerate of others, generally.
Pretty go with the flow until the flow upsets his happy world, or his friends.
Easy going manner. Easy to talk to. Easy to get along with. If he doesn’t agree with something, tends to keep his mouth shut about it and just accept that not everyone thinks the same.
Not generally aggressive, though he’ll pursue things aggressively in the sense of friendly competition like in Flights. More likely to break up a fight than get involved in one, if he can keep from it.
Doesn’t like a lot of drama, because that means upset people and discontent family. He rather likes to see his family getting along. He’s often been the moderator in disputes in his.. though, he’s not likely to get all deep and super serious about it. Joking around is usually his coping method; just trying to take things lightly and not too personal.

Lack of any real ambition yet in life. Too content to want for his situation to change too drastically, and likely to not respond as well to big change when it happens.
Doesn’t really know how to communicate when something bothers him unless he thinks it’ll affect others outside of himself.

Mannerisms/ Habits:
Stutters when he gets nervous -which could be around girls he finds attractive or otherwise.
Known for keeping a hard candy in his mouth -usually a sucker. If not that, then has a habit of biting his nails.
His head must be busy a lot, because he has a way of conversing with his dragon and humans at the same time; like including his dragon in the conversation. So, he will talk for his dragon with some frequency, “Haruseth says ‘this’.”

Skills/ Likes:
[Participating in Flights]: He enjoys the thrill and competition involved with flights, and there’s a certain risk to it, too, just like in gambling.
[Playing peacekeeper]: Doesn’t like a lot of drama, because that means upset people and discontent family. He rather likes to see his family getting along. He’s often been the moderator in disputes in his.. though, he’s not likely to get all deep and super serious about it. Joking around is usually his coping method; just trying to take things lightly and not too personal, and getting others to calm down and do the same, not get too worked up over something that’s probably not all that important in the long run.

Unskilled at/ Dislikes:
[Romance]: A little lacking in the arena of romance, it’s not that he doesn’t like it, but he’s not very practiced. He hasn’t really seen a need to do so; probably because he has a fair number of women friends to hang around, and he takes part in as many Flights as possible, which require no real human courtship at all, for the most part. Buuut, he’s not dense enough to be a complete dunce when it comes to romance, either. Just kind of borderline.
[Limitations on rank]: Though it’s understood by him the reasoning, it’s an unspoken frustration to him that a dragon pair can only achieve certain rank based on their colour. Granted, it seems to have something to do with the traits bred into them, but he has hated in the past, to see his father want to achieve something like Winglead or Flightlead even, unable to do so because he’s a brownrider. It just wouldn’t make sense for him to make ranks like that. So, since there’s nothing he can do about it, he doesn’t usually voice his displeasure about it. Perhaps it’s after watching his father reach for something like that, unable to achieve it, that he himself does not set greater goals for himself.

Fighting Style/ Weapon of Choice:
Typical style taught to riders in training. Primarily hand to hand or knives. Though he’s probably too honest to use a knife unless it were life or death. Sharp things are a little too dangerous for his generally good intentions.

:: Dragon Information ::
Dragon Name:

Turn of Impression:
494 AL

Clutch Name:
unnamed by unnamed Gold & unnamed Bronze

Weyr of Impression:
Telgar Weyr

Wing Name:


#893F45, #9a4e54, #a35f64, #ae7378, #bc8f8f, #d8bebe
Dark shade of Cordovan brown that graduates to a shade of Redwood. , Darkest along the spine and top side of him, the shade becomes fairest on his underside. This particular brown has a rosey undertone to it. Eeevery now and then he gets teased for being ‘pink’.

Length: 33.8 meters
Height: 38.8 meters

Other Physical Characteristics:
Nothing that would really stand out.

Personality Traits:
Calm but alert and attentive.
Enjoys being included in on human conversations, finding things of human nature curious.
Down to earth, he’s sensible and not one to take unnecessary risks, though he likes to surprise his rider with the unexpected stunt periodically, because he knows that his rider would like to be humoured more often considering such thrills.
Acts as his rider’s personal schedule keeper, making sure he stays on track. He knows his rider doesn’t care when he gets his work done, just that it’ll get done when he’s ready to do it and sees no problem with that, but Temanth likes to be a little more proactive.

Youthful Tenor

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PostSubject: Re: E'den & Brown Haruseth   Wed Jan 01, 2014 3:32 pm

Wasn't sure if he was ready....

Looks like he needs some history between Weyrlinghood and now

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PostSubject: Re: E'den & Brown Haruseth   Sun Jan 05, 2014 10:26 pm

Okay! Updated history as per request. Think he's ready >D

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PostSubject: Re: E'den & Brown Haruseth   Mon Jan 06, 2014 4:57 am


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PostSubject: Re: E'den & Brown Haruseth   

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E'den & Brown Haruseth
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