... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 The Return to Southern Telgar Hold [Tags Sorcha and Swift]

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PostSubject: The Return to Southern Telgar Hold [Tags Sorcha and Swift]   Sun Dec 01, 2013 3:22 pm

Within that initial sevenday after Toshiro had arrived in Southern Telgar Hold, he was still investigating the matter that Lord Holder Matoi had assigned him to. The Guard Captain of Telgar's 1st Squad Division had been familiarizing himself again with the streets of a Hold he had not been to visit in several turns. His return there had primarily been kept a secret in case the Rebels still had any interest in him, or became too curious about his mission. Though it wasn't likely that Toshiro was as hot a target for them as he'd been during the Rebellion, and most rebels today, wouldn't recognize who he was, it would still be best to keep his presence widely unknown. It could still seem suspicious to the enemy if a Captain of his experience were to appear suddenly. For, surely there were Chorong informants about.

Since he arrived in Southern Telgar Hold, Toshiro avoided appearing as though he had any connection with the Guard. He wore normal clothes, cladding himself as though he were just another gather-goer. Instead of carrying his Guard-issued weapons, he carried one of his own personal weapons -one which he'd used during the time he trained under Commander Kondo. Since it was well worn by the looks of it, appearing cheap and not well-cared for, Toshiro figured it would appear less threatening on his hip than would his favoured duo of short swords. Because surely, only someone inexperienced would handle a cheap blade, nor know how to care for one properly. Of course, the truth of the matter was that it had been his practice sword for several turns after graduating from the use of wooden ones.

Anyway, the Captain didn't really anticipate running into the opportunity to use it. All for the better. He needed to keep a low profile.

A little disappointed by the fact, Toshiro's mission was proving to take longer than he'd anticipated. He had hoped that after the first sevenday, he'd have found what evidence he was in search of. He'd been investigating the rising prices of raw metal ore in the region. It was a mission that the Lord Holder hoped would link the Chorong Rebels to the Trade industry, and perhaps other industries in Southern Telgar. If things worked in their favour, they might even be able to uncover a few Chorong informants.

With the Exile Kazage no longer providing weapons and other supplies through outside smuggling connections, it was suspected that the Rebels would be forced to find another source to supplement the growing needs of whatever force, and whatever plan, they were about to set into motion. But without Kazage, they'd have to look inside Telgar's borders. And therein lies the core reason for Southern Telgar Hold's rising ore prices. It was a sure sign that someone was in desperate need. In any case, as the Captain had discussed with Lord Matoi and other officers of the Guard, Crom was likely too inconveniently located to be a reliable source of goods. The Chorong had always been in the south, and had never been able to stake any claim to the more densely populated holds of northern Telgar.

During the weekend gather, Toshiro had spoken with a number of Traders and Smithcrafters, anyone who might have any information on the raw ore. Of course, it was all under the guise of being an investor himself. And being an investor in need, he'd done all he could to garner any real clues from tradesmen in the northern districts of the city.  But nothing substantial came of it. So, having spent the first few days at an Inn in the north of the city, Toshiro was ready to explore the goings on in the southernmost districts.  

Evening was about to be upon the city of Southern Telgar Hold, and Toshiro climbed the steps up to the Inn where he'd planned on staying the night. Entering through the door, several customers were ahead of him, so he'd turned his attention to those who dined in the large, lower room set with tables while he waited.

This Inn was the same one that the Guard had headquartered out of during the Rebellion. It had been several turns ago, and somehow Toshiro expected that perhaps some of the same faces might be working here. As he scanned the room now, however, that didn't seem to be the case.

"Sir. Do you need to reserve a room for the night?"

Attention elsewhere, at first Toshiro did not hear the girl speaking up from behind him; she was so soft spoken, and there were other patrons she might have been speaking to.

"Sir." To get his attention, the girl reached to touch Toshiro's arm. Instinctively, Toshiro had grasped her hand by the wrist, but the soft skin he felt there, gave him pause. The Captain of the guard was facing her then, gently releasing her hand as he regarded the girl's surprised expression with an apologetic smile. "I'm sorry. Have you any rooms remaining? I will likely be needing the room a full sevenday."

After that, the girl seemed more cautious about him, taking notice of the sword at his side. "We have no need for trouble makers around here, sir, so if you have any intention of -"

"I assure you, that is not the case. You see, I have been traveling, and as you know, the roads have been none too safe as of late. I have only taken proper precautions." Indicating the weapon he carried, Toshiro didn't know how else to reassure her or use charm to whittle down her bolster, so he left it at that.

It was to his relief though, that she seemed to approve of his explanation. The girl slowly nodded and then smiled. "Well, we do have a couple of rooms remaining."

"There room up and to the left of the stairs, at the end of the hall, on the right. Is it available? I have used that room before."

For someone to request a particular room was not necessarily common, so the girl's eyes seemed to light, even more curious now about him. "I will double check. Please wait here."

"Before you go, could you tell me the name of the Mistress of this Inn?"

Giving pause, the young lady's large brown eyes looked up at him, still curious, but not unwilling to answer. "It is Lady Leena. Before her it was Lady Gemaia."

Lady Gemaia. That was the woman who'd been overseeing this place during the rebellion. "Do you know what happened to Lady Gemaia?"

Quizzical expression returned, the girl spoke up again, "I only know that Lady Gemaia left here with her husband to Crom, where they have family."

"And she has not returned since..." Toshiro's words trailed off, hoping not to finish the thought.

"No, sir."

Nodding, Toshiro thanked her, letting the girl run off to check on his request.

Pleased to find out that his old room was available, the Captain lay down the deposit in marks for his stay. Venturing up the stairs then, light travel pack in hand, Toshiro closed the door to his room behind him, placing his things there on the floor.

For a long moment, Toshiro did not move from the spot; he looked straight ahead, through the window, and then let his gaze fall to the corner where he used to sleep in, sitting up with his weapon.

Eventually, Toshiro settled himself in for the night, drawing out plans for his continued investigation. He had been sent here on a mission, and the sooner he found what he was looking for, the sooner he could go home to his fiance, Ariadne.

Closing the doors and shading the windows, the candles were put out and Toshiro propped himself up in that same sleeping corner, weapon set against his shoulder. With the lights out though, Toshiro found himself rather uncomfortable there; not just because of the uncomfortable memories this place had the ability to draw out of him, but because he was now much more used to sleeping next to Ariadne. The absence of her warmth was poignant. For a long time, Toshiro sat there, staring into the vacant darkness, missing her, wishing she were there.

When morning came, Toshiro had already eaten breakfast by the time the sun was up. His thoughts had been on Ariadne again, happily making her his entire motivation for completing his mission as quickly as possible so that he could return to Telgar River Hold.  

Since it was not yet the sevendays end and the tradesmen would not be gathered together, Toshiro decided today to go door to door, visiting each smith crafter in the southern districts that he could. Then, if he were lucky enough to find any clues, he'd have to follow them.

It was pure luck of the draw that within the first three or four candlemarks of the day, that Toshiro happened across a smith crafter willing to part with some worth while information.

"I don't know any names." Probably wouldn't have spoken them if he did, "All I know is that some Trade master with a fair amount of weight to push around, has been buying out all the raw iron and iron sand he can get his hands on. Whoever it is has been giving a hefty bartering price for it; no one else around these parts can hardly afford it anymore. The buyer's been keeping local mines busy to supply him -which is good for them I guess. But it's bad for everyone else. Hope it passes quick. Otherwise, it'll be affectin' the gather market on a broader scale."

The burly smith craftsman went back to his work, stoking a fire that needed to be kept at a scorching temperature in order to purify the ore he had melting within his pot.

Toshiro nodded, "Do you know how I might be able to make contact with him?" A smug grin formed upon his lips. "If he's going to make it difficult for outsiders like me to source what I need, then maybe it's a better idea to form some sort of partnership."

That comment had the smith chuckling heartily while he added more wood to the fire. "If it pleases you. From what I've heard, that man is no one to be trifled with. At least take proper caution. And if you want to know how to get in touch with him, I think there is someone who can help you..." The man paused to motion off in the distance, down one of the neighboring streets. "There's a candle & glow maker down the way. Talk to him."

Expressing his thanks, Toshiro soon left the man so that he could return to his work, keeping note in his mind of all that he had learned. Of course, he had yet to learn everything he needed to know, but this at least, was a very nice start.

When the sun was well past its zenith, on its downward slop toward the distant horizon, the Captain of the Guard had already eaten a bite and was on his way back toward the Inn where he'd a room paid for, but something stopped him. A few paces away, where voices and light poured from the threshold, he realized that here stood the fight club which he'd heard had been under investigation by the Blood Moon Squad's own, just a few weeks prior. Toshiro tried to remember the details he'd been told of it, but wasn't certain it was pertinent to his own investigation. Then again... one never knew. And the case of the fight club had never been closed. Suspicions still surrounded it, even though no real evidence had been found to incriminate anyone connected with it.

Those things in mind, the Captain turned his steps toward the club, met at the door moments later, by a bouncer.

The large man, seeming at least a third taller than he, barred the way, "Do you have a ticket?"

Apparently by the look on his face, there was no ticket. The bouncer answered immediately, not waiting for Toshiro to reply verbally. "If you want to watch, you'll have to buy a ticket."

Just as Toshiro was nodding, reaching for his fraction marks though, the man chortled offered a bit of disappointment, finding it rather amusing, himself. "You'll have to buy a ticket for the fight tomorrow. This one's sold out." The man went on laughing for a bit, but Toshiro simply nodded his head and decided he'd have to come back. He didn't need to make a scene to watch a fight if he could get in tomorrow. That would give him a chance to compile a report of all his findings today, while it was fresh on his mind.

So, Toshiro left the fight club knowing no more than what time the event started tomorrow. He'd also found out that there were always openings for new contenders, too. So, if he decided to participate...

If he remembered right, the club was under suspicion because several competitors had disappeared for a good while after winning several matches in a row. While he was here then, it wouldn't hurt to conduct a little of his own investigation and maybe win a few matches of his own and see what that was all about.

In the mean time, Toshiro returned to his room at the familiar Inn, and after closing all the windows and doors, sat down under candle light to write down those things he'd learned that day. In the morning, he could send the report with a runner through appropriate channels and points of contact.

When he was done putting those things into ink, Toshiro tidied up his space and then blew the candle out, drawing a blanket up over himself to keep warm. Of course, at a time like that, Ariadne visited him again in his dreams. With her, dreams were much more pleasant. And he wasn't too afraid to sleep.

Toshiro made sure to arrive a little early for the fight the next evening. Ticket in hand, he'd paid his due and entered to spectate. He even dressed down a bit, thinking that at some point in the evening, he'd make a move to sign up as a competitor. He still brought his sword though. That was something he did not like parting with, and it was something legal to the rules of the fight. From what he'd been told actually, there were few rules for combatants to follow.

The rules were, just about anything goes. Just as long as someone didn't end up dead.

With that kind of ground rules though, it was no wonder so many people came to participate or to watch. No doubt there were some exhilarating matches to be seen. Hopefully tonight though, Toshiro would be providing the entertainment. If he could make himself noticeable enough to whoever was in charge, then he'd be much more likely in this circumstance, to find out what was going on behind the scenes.

When the first match of the evening had been determined, Toshiro went to write his name on the roster as a competitor. He wasn't to be thrown in at dead last, he made sure of that, so he'd have a chance to win at least five or six matches before events were adjourned until the following evening.

For now, the Captain held his sword scabbard in hand, where it was kept out of the way and out of plain view -though there were enough patrons huddled into the tight room to make it difficult to see anything beyond the sea of bobbing heads and pumping, cheering fists. Toshiro cheered periodically, too, so that he wasn't suspicious, and even got fairly involved in one of the fights. But as the rest of them took place, he simply analyzed each competitor's tactics and combat style, figuring he might be pitted against of them eventually.

Before too long however, a seemingly familiar face turned up on the arena floor. Toshiro knew he'd seen that face before. It had to be someone he knew from the Guard or...

Toshiro's jaw nearly hit the floor as he matched a name to the face. Ermon? No. It couldn't be. Could the latest competitor be the youngest son of Telgar's Lord Holder? Toshiro nearly shook his head, wanting to deny it.

But why would Ermon be here? By the sound of the cheers, the reaction from the crowd, it seemed as though the crowd knew of him. Had he been here before to compete? Toshiro watched the crowd carefully, gauging the signs. And whether he wanted to believe it or not, it seemed as though that assumption could very well be right. If it was, apparently Ermon hadn't won at least three consecutive fights just yet -otherwise he wouldn't be here still, if rumours were true.

Frantically in his own mind, Toshiro counted ahead to see how many matches were left until he entered the arena. More than three matches would have passed by the time it was his own turn to compete. Toshiro wouldn't have a chance to stop Ermon from winning all three rounds and being taken, if that was the case. He would have to wait and see what happened, and then make sure he won all the rounds after he entered the arena so that he would surely draw attention to himself and be called out to them -whoever 'them' was.

Toshiro had gone to the event coordinator and tried to talk the man into allowing him to fight Ermon, but the man wouldn't have it. Soon after, it was to his grave disappointment that Ermon had won three matches in a row. The dolt didn't know what he was getting himself into. Toshiro honestly didn't think that the young man knew of the rumours surrounding the fight club, he was just in it for fun, but now.. what would happen?

Toshiro didn't like the looks of it.

With greater motivation to win at that point, Toshiro was called to the arena. Sword scabbard tied to his belt now, he ascended those stairs to the battle platform and faced his first opponent.

Toshiro's first fight had been a hand-to-hand match. He'd let his opponent get away with a few good hits, but each time, he'd lessened the impact of the blow by flowing through with it instead of trying to create an opposing force of counter action and then trying to recover. So, it was to everyone's surprise that Toshiro had been proclaimed the victor; not to mention the man had been largely muscled and unbeaten in previous matches. But Toshiro'd caused his opponent to black out in the end, having fractured his jaw with that last punch.

Now, however, Toshiro stood against another swordsman -a man who stood barely taller than he. When the call to begin the match had come, the other man leaped into action, rushing forward as he drew his sword.

To please the crowd, Toshiro decided to play tricks, taking the most unexpected course of action. Instead of drawing his own blade, the guard Captain postured himself just outside the swing of attack, catching his opponent by the wrist of his sword arm. Twisting that arm into a joint lock so that it was immobile, and then used it as a fulcrum to forced the man's posture into a pose that was doubled over forward. And since his opponent was doubled over at the moment, Toshiro's feet left the ground, using the other man's back as a platform to tumble into a more advantageous position. Having never released his grip on the swordsman's hand, Toshiro came out of the roll behind the man, and as he stood back upright, released the weapon from its master’s hand, taking it for his own.

Of course, Toshiro didn't forget to turn around and, before his opponent could recover, gave the man firm kick in the behind, face-planting him into the arena floor. The man sprawled forward while Toshiro spun the blade in hand. Taking its pointy tip and angling it toward the prostrate man's form on the floor, his opponent had begun to roll over so that he could stand back up, but found the end of his own sword at his throat.

Thus, the second match was declared, for Toshiro, another victory. The spectators were alive with laughter because of his swordplay antics and they cheered. Now, maybe bets would start to swing in the other direction?

The next match also, was declared a victory for Toshiro's part; but instead of allowing him to continue to compete, the ringman escorted Toshiro away, to where a waiting room had been set up with refreshments for all the grand champions -those who'd won thrice in a row. They were told to wait there, and that someone would be coming by to congratulate them after the final match was over. For the moment being though, it was just himself and Ermon.

The Captain acknowledged his understanding to the ringman before the fellow departed, closing doors behind him. But Toshiro didn't move from that spot just yet. He stopped to stare at the Lord Holder's son.

The young man was also staring back up at him, from where he sat and enjoyed some food and drink, seeming rather merry. "You'll have to pardon me for having already gotten started. I didn't know they offered such fine food and drink to the winners or I'd have started competing long ago."  He laughed and motioned for Toshiro to join him.

Apparently the boy didn't recognize Toshiro out of uniform -which was for the best. The had certainly met a number of times, perhaps three or four, but those occurrences were few and far between.

With a cordial sort of grin, Toshiro went to sit across from him. The Captain did not make any suggestion that the two of them actually knew one another because, if they were indeed being penned in here, being wined and dined for a reason, they would soon meet some interesting hosts whom Toshiro did not want his identity nor purpose revealed to. He would side with even more caution now. When their hosts arrived, if they discovered his identity, it was likely that his life would be put at stake.

Either way, just having Ermon here, in this room, made him feel incredibly wary.

Arm folded, Swift stood with his shoulder leaded against a wooden pillar, ankles crossed in repose. With his drab attire and a deep evergreen poncho gathered to wrap thick about his neck and shoulders, the little hooligan fit right in with the rest of the crowd. Of course, he wasn't worried about fitting in or not fitting in; Swift carved out his own existence as he saw fit. But here, he did feel comfortable.

The fight club was one of the few places he didn't feel like he had to worry about who he was or why he was there, his birth rank or anything else insubstantial. He could simply be, and enjoy himself. That's what he preferred.

There was a minor amount of work involved for him here, though. He'd been assisting the Chorong in their selection of a few 'champions' who could be elected to join their ranks and serve them well. Even now, Swift watched as another competitor was taken behind the scenes, where he or Sorcha would be making invitations to them later.

As the fights drew to a close though, the last round coming on, it was apparent that this night, there would be no more than the two 'grande champions'. It wasn't as though top competitors appeared frequently. Often times, it took a bloke several visits as a competitor to make that kind of progress. So, tonight was actually fairly successful -if they both decided to join their little army.

Most competitors they'd taken into their fold, joined the cause unknowingly. Lies had been spread to them and through their ranks of just what kind of militia they were forming. Most of them had no idea about the real identity of the Chorong Rebels. That secrecy was a measure of protection.

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PostSubject: Re: The Return to Southern Telgar Hold [Tags Sorcha and Swift]   Sun Dec 01, 2013 7:21 pm

Before the club opened for business, Sorcha made an appearance. She was waiting for a specific person to attend today. Her mission was made quite clear to her through subtle hints in messages sent to her in code. Sorcha knew better than to kill a man in his own home unless it couldn’t be traced to her. This would be better, she would be able to get out of there before anyone realized what had happened and by that time anyone who was there would have forgotten her entrance earlier in the day.

Patience was something she worked on daily. So waiting wasn’t as hard on her as it could have been. She waited till the noise below her grew louder and louder. Someone was winning. Sorcha didn’t watch the fighting but remained in a secret passage that ran from the balcony to the room they had the Champions wait in. It looked to almost anyone who peered inside to be a closet. The door was to the side of the rectangular shaped space.

When the men were brought into the room, she could hear the outside door being shut and opened the door from the closet. She walked in when the men were not looking her direction, which was purely coincidental. She knew Ermon immediately and smiled. The target then, was there as expected. Her face was half hidden behind her cloak but the man would know her when he heard her voice.

“Ermon! I was told you were winning.” She smiled proudly, acting as if she would love to hear about his victory. He looked at her, eyes full of his usual desire for her. Ermon wasn’t bad looking really and in fact was a fairly good patron but she had no love or desire for men who used her as he did. She was at the very least apathetic toward them. So she had to act once more to be the loving and devoted courtesan.

He stood up and came toward her so she wrapped one of her slender arms around him, her other was already holding a dagger, which she planted firmly into his chest. Holding onto him like they were enjoying an amorous hug, she watched the lust and adoration turn to shock and then pain and then at last the light left his eyes.

It wasn’t how she had planned it but she had had to work differently with the other man in the room. Which was why, she now had to act even more. She let him slump to the ground. Then warily, she pivoted, preparing herself to flee and defend any attacks that might come from the other man. She didn’t need to kill him but if he interfered then there would be nothing she could do.

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PostSubject: Re: The Return to Southern Telgar Hold [Tags Sorcha and Swift]   Sun Dec 01, 2013 9:25 pm

Toshiro had barely seated himself when the lady made herself known. He was surprised to see Ermon treat her with such familiarity, as he took note that her dress was like that of a courtesan. But who was he to monitor the lifestyle of the Telgar Lord's son? So, the captain stood to greet her as well.

With Ermon standing between them, Toshiro hadn't noticed Sorcha's dagger. Nor did he notice when she planted it into his chest. But almost immediately he could tell that something was wrong. The signs of a man about to lose his life were all too familiar to him.

Still, the reality didn't want to sink in, and even after Ermon's body was lain at their feet, Toshiro's mind couldn't accept it. In fact, the only thing that kept him from freezing in shock, was well trained instinct. Even so, Toshiro remained, staring in disbelief at Ermon's figure on the floor, a little quick thinking helping determine that he still had a purpose here, and should let this bolster his disguise.

Though Sorcha was a murderer and Toshiro was a Captain, he having ever reason to take action to arrest her for her crime, he also was still conducting an investigation. There were certain questions which still deserved answers. He would do everything he could to get them. And after that, capture Ermon's killer.

Disbelieving expression turned up to meet Sorcha then, "But they said the winners of the matches were offered work, here. Not that anyone would wind up dead." Toshiro allowed himself to become shaken enough then, that his voice rose to an enraged shout. "Why did you have to kill him!?"

[sorry lol i accidentally deleted my first almost finished post and had to repost >< not sure its as good lol]

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PostSubject: Re: The Return to Southern Telgar Hold [Tags Sorcha and Swift]   Sat Dec 07, 2013 7:10 pm

"Shut up." Her voice came out a little irritated. "Shut up or you're next." The hood still concealed her face enough that he would have a hard time discerning who she was without it on. The less she spoke the better.

It might be better to destroy the evidence, including the man who was now in the room with her. She knew better than to start something with someone who had done well in the fighting ring below. When she killed it was quick and generally there was an element of surprise.

Sorcha had left the bloody dagger in the man's chest but she had another in her hand now. One she had pulled from somewhere under the cape that she hid behind. She was about to leave out of the main entrance but she heard something peculiar down below. Everyone was evacuating the building.

SHARD IT! The Guard must have been alerted to some suspicious goings on, or something. They were awfully prompt! How annoying. She thought about what to do about the other man but shortly realized he had already been thinking about how to dispatch her.

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PostSubject: Re: The Return to Southern Telgar Hold [Tags Sorcha and Swift]   Sat Dec 07, 2013 8:32 pm

After the mysterious woman snapped at him, deciding to make herself a threat to him, the Captain's demeanor shifted, and his eyes sharpened, speaking of the great and ominous hazard he posed. The shrouded female hadn't decided to make herself an enemy of just anyone; she'd barred her fangs at a Captain of Telgar. And he would break them if she dared cross blades with him.

They would have only a few more moments though, before the Guard arrived within this room. He, too, could hear them from below now, assuming that some stir had been created in the arena, or perhaps that Lord Hirate, Ermon's uncle and the holder of Southern Telgar Hold, had found out his nephew's involvement here and sent the Guard to escort him home. Either way, Toshiro didn't have time to find out. For now, he'd either have to head off the murderous woman before she could creep back into the hole she came from or capture her himself. Which he was perfectly okay with; but then again, if he did that, wouldn't it blow his cover, when he was supposed to have no involvement withe the Guard in this guise? If he blew his cover, he'd never have this kind of chance to investigate the fight club.

As far as this woman knew, he was still just a regular joe, but one who liked a good brawl. As far as she knew, he was just posturing because he now feared for his life, beleiving that he could be the next dead man.

The lower floor of the building, the arena itself, all seemed to be getting quiet. Toshiro could hear now the steps of men on the second level. Then, momentarily, those footsteps and the Guardsmen's urgent voices could be heard directly outside.
And in that moment, Toshiro did nothing. He opted to save the secret of his identity so that he could pursue her later on his own terms.

Unless of course, the Guard rushed into the room and were able to capture her before then.

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PostSubject: Re: The Return to Southern Telgar Hold [Tags Sorcha and Swift]   Sat Dec 14, 2013 7:33 pm

Sorcha was not an ordinary young woman. She never had been. She could easily see the change in the other man's demeanor. The real question was why. She took just a moment to decide what the best coarse of action would be. So instead of fighting the man, who had obviously done very well for himself downstairs.

"Stay there. I won't hurt you." She said, softly, as she would to an injured child perhaps. Her voice sounded much younger when she was being kind. Dropping the dagger on the dead man's body, she quickly armed herself again with an unused one from her boot. "Good luck." She spoke in a whisper as she walked quickly and lightly to the back corner, from whence she had come. Suddenly let out as masculine a shriek as she could manage although it wasn't that deep. She figured, she'd never found Ermon to be extremely masculine to begin with so it should suffice.

Within a moment, she had disappeared into the closet and closed the hidden door to the side behind her. To someone who didn't know what to look for, the door would be very difficult to find. Walking down the staircase, she went as quietly as she could. The real trouble would be to get out without the guards noticing. Luckily for her, her scream seemed to pay off. It seemed a number of the men previously outside the building had rushed inside.

She looked out the small hole in the door leading out of the back of the tavern. When it seemed no one was watching it, she exited. Sorcha was quiet, light on her feet and her cloak kept her well camouflaged when she made it into a treed area. She would wait until nightfall to leave the area.

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PostSubject: Re: The Return to Southern Telgar Hold [Tags Sorcha and Swift]   Sun Dec 15, 2013 2:28 pm

Sorcha's actions confused him at first. He watched the young woman warily while maintaining his position. Toshiro started to go after her as she escaped, looking back at Ermon where he lay on the floor, wondering if he might just possibly still be alive. He had to make sure, or he wouldn't be able to live with himself not knowing; the possibility might still exist that he could save the man's life -even though all logic denied it.

Still, Toshiro knelt momentarily, feeling at Ermon's wrist for a pulse. Then he checked again closer to the heart, fingers at Ermon's neck. There was no sign of life about him. Not in his eyes, not in his nervous system...

"Chi!" Toshiro echoed in disgust, launching himself from the floor where he could chase after the woman.

Of course, by that time, there was a hoarse yell and then shouting again from below, and Toshiro could hear Guardsmen charging into the room behind him. But he was already racing toward the corner where her hidden door was at, bursting through it to trail after Sorcha.

Shouting behind him now became louder and he could hear, even feel, the other Guardsmen giving chase through that same cleverly located exit. It took them a moment to discover it exactly, but soon they were also in pursuit.

Toshiro leapt down those stairs, vaulting over any stair rail he could to reach the bottom so that he didn't lose track of Sorcha. Did she expect him to take the blame for her killing? Was she even the person he needed to be in pursuit of as far as the rebels were concerned? She could have just been there by chance and absolutely no relation to the fight club. If he wanted to join her, how could he stay?

His mind was all in disarray. He didn't seem to have a plan.. he was just running now. After her.. after questions he thought she could answer...

But little did he realize that the Guards clamoring behind him, were actually after him as the suspected killer. Perhaps he was too accustomed to being in uniform, too focused on Sorcha ahead of him, too shocked over Ermon's death to realize that. Otherwise he may have tried to escape them instead of pursuing Sorcha.

He'd already lost her though.. the girl had so easily slipped unseen into the busy streets, there were too many alley ways she could have gone to.. too many buildings to have disappeared within. But then he caught sight of a similarly cloaked, figure and went after it. Of course, when he caught up to it however, hand reached for the girl's shoulder, it turned out not to be the same woman.

"Ah! How dare you! Ruffian!" The woman proclaimed, when Toshiro had spun her about rudely.

His eyes left her face though, returning to the search about him for Sorcha. There was no sign of her.

Backing away, he apologized to the woman and started in another direction. It was about that time though, that the Guardsmen of Telgar caught up to him.


The team of men all rushed to encircle him then, their team leader being the first to approach him with sword drawn. "You! Surrender yourself. I am placing you under arrest. For murder."

Echoes from bystanders overhearing the commotion could be heard whispering the dreaded word, murder. Suspecting, fearful eyes turning on him.

Toshiro's own eyes grew wide; had the situation been any different, he might have found that kind of funny considering his background. But this was no time for laughter. Toshiro's expression grew stern, and he straightened his posture to address the man, making no movement toward his sword.

"If you are hoping to capture that man's murderer, then we are after the same person. It is a cloaked woman you are looking for. I was also in pursuit of her; but the longer we stall here, the further from us she is going to be."

The team lead however, didn't seem to want to take it as bait, though it was true, and motioned a pair of the surrounding guards to take him captive.

But Toshiro insisted, "What.. How are you.. I am not your murderer. It is someone else... "

Struggling with himself not to resist; not to give his identity up in the open so that if she were still nearby, Sorcha would not hear of his identity. Just in case they were to meet again. He was quickly realizing that he had no choice but to let them take him into custody.

Toshiro's weapon was taken from him, and taking his arms behind him, the men bound his wrists there in unkind fashion. Soon he was being drug away by them to the jail house.

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The Return to Southern Telgar Hold [Tags Sorcha and Swift]
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