... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 Western Bay Weyr

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PostSubject: Western Bay Weyr   Sat Aug 24, 2013 11:05 am

Western Bay Weyr is an AU semi-canon 9th Pass Dragonriders of Pern roleplay, where Lessa died in the attempt to bring the Oldtimers through time, and where F'lar was later killed in a duel with Fort's Weyrleader. Benden's only remaining gold, together with any who supported her, were banished to the Western Continent when Fort Weyr usurped her position and took over Benden Weyr.

Within months of the founding of Western Bay Weyr, a clutch of 12 dragon eggs appeared on the sands, including a gold egg. The only clues were the footprints of dragons and their riders, so the assumption was that the eggs were brought to the Weyr by riders from another Weyr, but no one could know for sure. Gold Isith adopted the clutch as her own and took to the sands in order to tend them. But the biggest surprise was yet to come: the golden egg hatched into twin golds, and three other eggs hatched into dragons the likes of which no one had ever seen. Two were gray females similar in size to blues, and the third was a pinkish red female with a golden sheen to her hide.

Where did this mysterious clutch come from? It seems inevitable that someone will eventually come looking for them, and the Weyr cannot hope to keep their new Weyrlings a secret for long...

Unknown to Western Bay Weyr, they were not the only recipients of dragon eggs. Many miles to the south, the various criminals exiled to the Black Mountains by the Oldtimers had founded a Hold of their own under the leadership of a conman named Nuradus. And in the valley near the Hold, they found two unconscious dragons carrying four eggs. They took the eggs and cared for them until they hatched. Their eggs also contained a surprise; a male that appeared brown except for a golden sheen in his hide. The exiles' Hold had also discovered a clutch of wher eggs that hatched at the same time; one contained twins of a silver-flecked brown mutation, who Impressed to the same man.

But trouble was brewing; not happy with supporting dragons, whers, and their bonds, the criminals of the Hold staged a coup...

And thousands of miles away on the Northern Continent, wherhandlers trying to reach Western Bay were stranded at Tillek Hold, prevented from sailing by storms. While waiting for the chance to sail and finally escape the Oldtimers, they encountered a wild wher, a pregnant gold who'd fled her territory in the north. She claimed that her mate, a brown with silver flecks, had been killed by dragonriders from High Reaches Weyr. When she laid her clutch in Tillek Hold, she agreed to allow her eggs to be taken by candidates; if any were like their father, they would be safer at Western Bay than living wild near High Reaches. And one of those eggs was revealed to contain a female that was neither green nor gold. She was red with flecks of gold.

Their mother fled into the wilderness after the clutch hatched, but her story of her mate's death at the hands of dragonriders stayed fresh in the wherhandlers' minds. The threat from High Reaches Weyr could not be underestimated...

This is what we're all about:

  • Females can Impress anything but bronze dragons.
  • Males can Impress anything but gold dragons.
  • Sexuality does not affect Impression.
  • Personality does not affect Impression (no personality stereotypes!)
  • Creativity and activity does affect Impression.
  • Whers!
  • Non-canon colours for dragons, whers and firelizards! (Logic of new colours may not be evident until all colours are revealed, but there is a system.)
  • Plots aplenty!
  • And the Weyrwoman's gold will soon rise to mate, which means later there will be eggs.

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Western Bay Weyr
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