... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 Mavros: The Next Chapter: 10th Pass Pern

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PostSubject: Mavros: The Next Chapter: 10th Pass Pern   Sun Aug 18, 2013 5:41 pm

Mavros: The Next Chapter
A loosely canon AU Pern RP.

Currently there is a suggestion to allowNon-Cannon and color-mutations on site to expand clutching dragons as well as give more Variety, Come and vote?

Mavros is on its own. The other Weyrs have withdrawn all help from the fledgling Weyrhold after their refusal to allow a ‘proper’ Lord Holder to be installed. No supplies, no transfer riders, nothing. Many of the fishers have turned pirate in order to keep their home more adequately supplied and a recent agreement with Mirran will provide them with some few new transfers, but it’s hard to say if it will be enough. The Weyrhold is struggling to support itself, struggling to keep up its dragon numbers to fight Thread.

Gold Zalmaranth's clutch has hatched, providing Mavros with two new Golds. With a total of four Golds now, things are looking up for Mavros. In a short two turns there will be plenty of clutches to provide Mavros with the dragon population it needs and lessen their worries about having too few transfers... however, it will also mean they will need more candidates, and few families are willing to send their youth away to a rogue Weyrhold. How Mavros will deal with this issue is yet to be seen.

Will you risk it all for an uncertain future and join Mavros in their struggle to survive independently?

We say ‘loosely canon’ because everything up until Dragonflight is most definitely canon, and White Ruth’s hatching is as well, but in our AU AIVAS was never discovered and Thread still falls. We have only the canon colors at Mavros (Gold, Bronze, Brown, Blue, Green, and White) and only Golds can clutch (No Green clutchers, sorry), but there are several new Weyrs and one in particular (Mirran Weyrhold) has its own rather odd culture while a certain few other Weyrs/Weyrholds from the canon series do not exist here.

Current and Upcoming Events
-Hatching! - Gold Aerroth's first clutch hardens upon the sands. The candidates are currently participating in a Touching, but the eggs are due to hatch very soon!
-Open Bronzeriders - We have three experienced Bronzeriders available for creation, first come, first served!
-Pre-made Adoptable Dragons (from past clutches) including 2 Bronzes, 2 Browns, 3 Blues, and 4 Greens. You pick the dragon and create your own rider.
-Many open positions including 1 Wingleader, 4 Wingseconds, a Weyrlingmaster, 2 Assistant Weyrlingmasters, a Candidate Master, Headwoman, Weyrhealer, Weyrharper, Holder Elect (Mavros’s version of a Lord Holder), Wherhandlers and more. All types of characters are welcome.
-Firelizards – There are a limited number available for starting characters to claim, all others will only be bonded through Hatchings or will need to be bought from the Site Store.
-Gemgliders - A new pet species has been discovered among the snowy wastes. Come see for yourself!
-Staff Search - We're accepting applications for 1 open mod position.
-Custom Hatchling Art - Each dragon that hatches onsite will come with it's own custom chibi made by your admin Zen~ They will look something like this handsome fellow: ISKELOTH
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Mavros: The Next Chapter: 10th Pass Pern
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