... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 Party Planning Time

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PostSubject: Party Planning Time   Sat May 18, 2013 3:57 am

Olivier had collected all the materials needed. Old pieces of hide to make notes, sketches, pieces of fabric, even a list with suggestions for gifts... now all she needed was the rest of her class to join her so they could plan their graduation party.

She'd chosen a table in the hall and spread all her materials across it, looking over it all with a critical eye. Now that Jeneveth had flown surely their graduation wouldn't be delayed further.

She was neatening one of her piles when a man flopped down at the table across from her, earning a glare from her. "Wingleader Jah'vi," she said cautiously. His reputation was well known, and she didn't quite care to learn more about him.

"Please, don't be so formal," Jah'vi said with a grin. "I heard you're planning a party and I thought you might want some help."

At that she raised an eye brow. The bronzerider was also well known for his get togethers, if they could be called that. Most of them turned into massive drinking fests that inevitably spilled out of his weyr and into the bowl. "You never offered to help with any other weyrling graduation parties," she said warily.

"We have a gold graduating," he reminded her, tipping a drink that he had conveniently had nearby towards her. "I think this calls for one hell of a celebration."

Olivier smiled slowly. "Well, the others should be meeting me here soon. I think they'll be excited to have the help."
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PostSubject: Re: Party Planning Time   Sat May 18, 2013 4:44 pm

The greenrider had yet to patch things up with Belisse but she figured she could still help with the Graduation party. She didn’t think Belisse would hold it against her that she had inadvertently caused the Gold to fly. No doubt the Queen would have flown at some point that day anyway right? Thankfully Olivier was in charge of planning the party, she would be a little less angry with her than Belisse at this point anyway… or so she hoped. Unless Liv heard what she had said about Joi, then perhaps she wouldn’t be welcome no matter who was in charge of planning.

Lance was feeling a little testy the last couple days herself. She didn’t doubt that she was acting what rider’s called proddy. Pre-flight hormones would do that to a person! It would be best for anyone involved in this party planning to give Lance her space and not start anything that might get them punched in the jaw.

Olivier is waiting. Hurry up.
Who died and made you my mother?

If you can’t be mature then you probably need one.
If you were in here right now I’d throttle you!

You wouldn’t dare.
I would dare…

The dragon was then proving her point by being the mature one and shutting up. Lance then got to brood about her dragon’s increasingly bad humor and her own worsened temper.

“How can I help?” She asked as she approached Olivier. She didn’t say anything to Jah’vi just then because she was concentrating on making her arrival to help as inconspicuous as possible. He wouldn’t be able to keep himself from flirting with whomever arrived to help and Lance quite frankly at this moment could do with a little less of that and a little more distraction from what was going to happen sooner than later, her green’s flight.

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PostSubject: Re: Party Planning Time   Sat Jun 01, 2013 9:42 pm

Tashamoretta was looking forward to having a reason to leave Sionnath's side. Her green, usually independent and mischievous, had turned clingy-- something she usually only did when hurt physically or emotionally. This was slightly different, however-- there was a bit less whining and more demanding-- and the greenrider was at the point where she wished it would stop.

As a result of being in close confines with her dragon for the past couple of days, catering to Sionnath's every need, whether it be to hunt, to fly, to be oiled, whatever the case, Tasha knew she, herself, was a bit more on edge. She hoped she could control it for her classmates, though-- she didn't want to snap at any of them when the real culprit behind her attitude was waiting for her back in her weyr.

Heading straight for the kitchens to commandeer some snacks and drinks before they were to meet (especially as she was feeling the need for something to bite into), Tasha wasn't too long behind Lancelle in joining Olivier at their usual table. "Hey, Lance, Liv," she greeted her classmates as she set the tray she carried down. "I grabbed us some snacks." And only then did she notice the unepected guest. "Ah, I'm sorry. Wingleader. Please, help yourself."
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PostSubject: Re: Party Planning Time   Mon Jun 10, 2013 2:42 pm

You better hurry, my darling, or you shall be late.

I promise, I am. I'm all but pelting down the hall. Oh, I hope I don't slip or something. Nearly had to leap over a puddle of Faranth knows what in the hallway. Rue said as she skittered into the area everyone was gathered, spotting Olivier. She waved, extending the greeting to Tash and Lance as well. She dropped her hand shyly in the presence of the Wingleader.

"I'm here." she said, sliding among her fellow weyrlings.
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PostSubject: Re: Party Planning Time   

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Party Planning Time
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