... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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Travel on Pern

Transportation by Dragon
Dragons are the most expensive method of transportation. Weyrs do not always allow their availability -though more so currently since they're in an interval. Much of their time for service however, is monopolized by Crafts Masters and Holders.

Transportation by Caravan
For a fee that covers meals and little more, a person may pay a Caravan Master to travel with him and see that his passage to his destination is safe. Not only do Caravans have the pre-existing knowledge of the roads being traveled and the wilderness they'll be passing through, but they have the animals and skills otherwise, to travel with relative lack in difficulty. This option is much preferred over traveling alone over long distances, even if it is by Runner beast they travel.

Caravans have at least one cook in their staffing, of course the Caravan Master himself, and Load Pullers. The Caravan Master cares for all those in his employ and is the one who negotiates transportation costs of goods with craftsmen and holders; he also is responsible for overseeing that cargo is dispensed of properly once the Caravan arrives at its destination.

A Caravan Master hires Load Pullers to care for an individual waggon (contents and drey beasts) for the journey. Load pullers get a wage for assisting and as they become more experienced, a Load Puller may acquire more wagons to handle on their own, thereby being paid more. Likewise, if a Load Puller decides to purchase his own wagon and drey beasts, he can start his own business while traveling with the Caravan Master who used to employ him.

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Special nature of freight would make prices higher for certain goods. Prices may also go up if more work or time is required to transport said freight.

Travel Time:
It can take up to a week to travel 100 miles traveling with the trade Caravan. Wagons will cover around 20-30 miles a day but must stop to rest and feed animals, stop for their own meals and stop for any repairs needed on the wagons and manage any rough terrain.

Trade Routes:
Central Continental Route:
(Travel times given are one-way)
Mastersmith Hall to Telgar Weyr: (1-2 days)
Telgar to Telgar Weyr: (3-4 days)
Telgar to Telgar River Hold: (1-2 days)
Telgar to Crom: (8-11 days)
Telgar to Masterminer Hold: (8-9 days)

Southern Telgar Hold to Igen Weyr: (4-6 days)

Masterminer Hold to Crom: (2 days)
Crom to (unnamed hold?): (2-3 days)
(unnamed hold?) to Keogh: (2-3 days)
Keogh to Nabol: (2-3 days)
Nabol to Ruatha: (7-8 days)

Ruatha to Plateau hold: (3-4 days)
Ruatha to Ruatha River hold: (2-3 days)
Ruatha to Fort: (4-6 days)

Fort to Fort Sea hold: (2-3 days)
Fort to Fort Weyr: (1-2 days)
Fort to Minehold: (1-2 days)
Minehold to Peyton: (2 days)

Fort to Southern Boll: (10-12 days)
Minehold to Peyton: (2-3 days)
Fort Sea hold to Hold Gar: (5 days)
Southern Boll to Peyton: (5-6 days)

Total approximate time traveling from Telgar to Southern Boll: 45 days

((Holds located near major rivers and coastal areas mostly frequently use river ferries and ships to transport goods and people.))

Transportation by Ship
((pending updates))
Sailing ships of the Pernese can travel around 13-15 knots per hour. Travel time is still determined by knots and the distances by nautical miles. One knot is equal to about 1.14 miles. (do I have that right? anyway)...More info to come

Special nature of freight would make prices higher for certain goods. Prices may also go up if more work or time is required to transport said freight.

Travel Time:
((pending updates))

Trade Routes/ Ports of Call:
((pending updates))
Hold Gar to Fort Sea Hold -7.6-8.7 hours in good conditions.
Fort sea Hold to Ruatha River Hold -6-6.9 hours in good conditions.
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