... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 Candidate Azreah at Fort Weyr

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PostSubject: Candidate Azreah at Fort Weyr   Candidate Azreah at Fort Weyr I_icon32Tue Apr 23, 2013 6:04 pm

OOC Info:
Moniker: Trouble/Melissa
How did you find out about us?: JQ and Jess

Character Info:
Name: Azreah

Pronunciation: Azz-ree-aah

Title: Candidate


Age & Turn of Birth: 19 / 482

Gender: Female

Place of Birth: Tillek Hold

Current Place of Residence: Fort Weyr

Craft: Father was fishercraft, owned his own boat, she did figures and calculations for him

Rank/Occupation/Role Desired: Former clerk, current candidate

Character Aspirations: Once upon a time, the only thing Azreah had to look forward to were more papercuts, pained eyes from reading and writing in dim candle light, and perhaps a marriage to a holder boy if she was lucky. Now things are different. She has dragons on her mind and a strong desire to Impress as soon as possible.

She doesn't have the ambition to be a queenrider, or the rare combination to attract a blue, so her sights have been set on a green since she arrived. She's also learning to be Azreah the Woman, not Azreah the little number cruncher. She has her eyes on a certain bronzerider, in fact, and if he's not careful he might just find himself cornered by the dark haired, dark eyed beauty. That is, of course, if she can summon up the courage to talk to him instead of stare from across the Hall.

OOC Character Development Goals: First and foremost she's going to be pursuing her man. She'll in some way get that man, but in the process lose her capability to stand for several months. She'll be going to Igen Weyr when it opens, along with her new addition, to Impress there.

Father: Master Fisherman Yulio at Tillek
Mother: Fisher's wife Chrissi at Tillek
Siblings: Apprentice Fisherman Jojo at Tillek, 15 ; Hold child Nettie at Tillek, 6
Children: None
Other Significant: Has her eye on a certain bronzerider, but needs a little help getting the nerve to approach the devastatingly handsome man.

Face: Kendall Jenner
Candidate Azreah at Fort Weyr AzreahPicture_zps289bfbbf
Hair: Deep brown, almost black. She wears it long, though it will definitely have to be chopped off when she Impresses. There's enough wave to it to make her happy with just running a comb through it. Lucky bitch.
Eyes: Just like her eyes, so dark of a brown they might as well be black. She has heavy, dark eyelashes, giving her a sleepy, bedroom look almost.
Height: 5'9"
Build: Rail thin from a very high metabolism, it will slow down in the next few Turns though and she'll have to work to keep herself in shape and slim.
Other Notable Physical Traits: She is slightly nearsighted from Turns of bending over a desk and doing figures, and sometimes slips out a pair of reading glasses when no one is looking. She can have awful posture as well, another left over of her old job, but that's usually after a few drinks and laughs with friends.
Style of Dress: Her clothing at Tillek was... boring. Her mother made her clothing, and didn't ask for input, so it was invariably peasantry dresses with layers to hide her body. She's excited to be building a new wardrobe at the Weyr, taking the lessons she learned from her mother and applying them to odd materials.
Possessions usually found on persona:

    ✣ Her glasses✣ A silver cuff bracelet that her father gave her on her 16th birthingday, she treasures it and the thoughtfulness of her father, knowing that it cost quite a few marks.✣ One odd article of clothing, be it an old fishnet dyed to drape across her tunic or a pair of tight leggings with rips through them.

History: Azreah was the first born child of a young fisherman and his wife, a coddled and spoiled woman whose husband did not allow her to do much more than household chores. He had expected a son first, which may account for the strong tomboy streak in her. While some women were allowed on the docks to help with the nets and gutting of fish, her father was well aware of how beautiful his daughter was. He would have loved for her to stay at home with her mother, but she was a daddy's girl and quite persistent. When she was young he would slap a hat on her and have her join the younger children playing near the docks, close enough that he could keep an eye on her on those slow days. And she quickly made a mess of herself each time, disguising her gender and how lovely she was.

She went to class with the hold harper, of course, and quite frankly startled him with her aptitude for figures. He suggested multiple times she go to Harper Hall, but her father would not hear of it. She quickly passed the Hold Harper in his own mathematical abilities and continued her education with material sent from the Hall.

She was fifteen when she demanded her father allow her to assist in his business. She had a real knack for numbers, and became his book keeper. Her younger brother Jojo was just then beginning his apprenticeship with their father, and Yulio was touched and excited to work with his daughter. He presented her with a firelizard egg that hatched a brown, Toll, to assist in her duties. As had become the norm now that she had begun to blossom into womanhood, he kept her away from the docks and the men there. They were good men, to be sure, but no one was good enough for his darling daughter.

It only took two Turns of this for Azreah to get to the point of wanting to throw herself from the docks to escape. The figures she had once found pleasure in became nothing but irritants, and she found her life as a clerk, hidden away where no one could look upon and spoil her, a boring chore. Her father will never know that she sent a missive to Fort Weyr, applying to be a candidate through firelizard correspondence. She'll always let him believe that it was chance that the dragon from Fort came and Searched her not long after her seventeenth birthingday.

Two Turns later, Azreah of the Weyr is completely different from Azreah of Tillek. She's jovial, teasing, prone to pranks and well aware of her beauty. There was enough shyness that she's never moved past the point of kissing, and has her heart set on being with a certain bronzerider. He makes her heart skip a beat, and she's spent the past Turn slowly getting closer to him in the hopes that he'll see her as a viable partner.

Personality: A mix of tomboy and playful vixen. She's as rough and tumble as the male candidates, none of whom she's allowed to get too close to her. Her heart belongs to another, and though she doesn't have the courage to truly approach him yet she's thisclose.

She loves to exercise, and has enjoyed learning swordwork from other candidates and bored riders. Nothing will ever remove the tom boyish streak from her, but she is enjoying discovering her feminine side.


    ✣ Overly critical of her own mistakes, especially when it comes to mathematical errors. And for her, everything is math.✣ More interested in her bronzerider crush than Impressing currently✣ Sometimes more interested in having a good time than duties

Mannerisms or Habits:

    ✣ Has a habit of staring off into space and day dreaming✣ Chews on the tips of her hair when nervous✣ Has a very special walk, almost boyish with a hint of hips in it.


    ✣[Like 1]: Music of any kind, she loves to dance✣[Like 2]: Math✣[Skill 1]: Math, really a mathematical genius

[Dislike 1]: Reminders of how repressed she was at Tillek
[Dislike 2]: Butterflies. They just... no, ick.

Fighting Style/Weapon of Choice: Rough and tumble like a boy, she can wrestle with the best of them. She's been learning swordplay from the Weyr residents that know it, and enjoys it quite a bit.

Fire Lizard Information:
Name: Toll

Turn of Impression 497

Colouring:) Deep chocolate brown

Other Physical Characteristics:

    ✣ Small for a brown✣ Almost overly large eyes

General Personality:
✣ Lazy, loves to sleep
✣ Very loyal and cuddly with his owner
✣ Not very interested in other people, kind of attached to Azreah.

Candidate Information:
Searched?: Yes

Dragon Colour Preference: Green

Standing Only?: Will Impress at Igen
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PostSubject: Re: Candidate Azreah at Fort Weyr   Candidate Azreah at Fort Weyr I_icon32Wed May 15, 2013 12:21 pm


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Candidate Azreah at Fort Weyr
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