... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 Jr. Weyrwoman Ambriel & Gold Eefraith

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PostSubject: Jr. Weyrwoman Ambriel & Gold Eefraith   Sat Apr 13, 2013 12:13 pm

OOC Info:
Moniker: Vivid
How did you find out about us?: Via Jess

Character Info:

Name: Ambriel

Pronunciation: Am-bri-el

Title: Junior Weyrwoman

Honourific: None

Age & Turn of Birth: 26  Born- 05.20.475

Gender: Female

Place of Birth: Telgar Hold

Current Place of Residence: Telgar Weyr (soon to be Igen Weyr)

Craft: Healer

Role Desired: Senior Weyrwoman of Igen

Character Aspirations: Before she was claimed by the Search, Ambriel wanted nothing more than to become a Master Healer and claim a spot among the faculty of Healer Hall. Having Impressed Eefraith, her goals have changed. It is Ambriel's dream to become Senior Weyrwoman of Igen, the youngest Senior to date. She believes she is more than mature enough to handle the position, having been a studious weyrling and having listened intently to everything her teachers instructed her to do. Eefraith might be a young queen but she is fertile with a highly engaging mind. They could do a Weyr proud, if given the chance.

OOC Character Development Goals: I would also really like to see Ambriel prove herself and become the senior Weyrwoman of Igen. I would also like to see Eefraith clutch a queen egg, her first, whenever the need for one arises. I would also like to see Ambriel overcome her fear of fire and I am open to whatever way the BOD things would be a good way for her to do so.

Family: (Give their name, age/year of birth, rank and signify if they are deceased.)
Father: Hanriel- 50/ Born Y.449/ Retired Guard/ Telgar Hold
Mother: Ambria- 55/ Born Y. 444/ Master Healer/ Telgar Hold
Siblings: M'brin- 24/ Born Y. 477/ Wingrider/ Brown Dragon Cheolth/ Telgar Weyr - Soon to Transfer to Fort Weyr
Hanbriel- 20/ Born. Y 481/ Candidate/ Fort Weyr

Children: None yet
Other Significant: None yet. Not that Jah'vi isn't worth looking at.

Appearance: Ambriel is a tall young woman, standing 5'10 and weighting about 185lbs. She has always been lithe and lean, even as a child. Espresso brown-black hair, richly dark, falls to her shoulders. Her skin is of a darker complexion than most, a delicate blend of caramel and olive tones.  Large, oval shaped eyes are the darkest shade of klah brown and so deep they nearly look black from a distance. She is pretty and dresses in a simple manner than reflects a humble woman who happens to ride a queen, rather than an ostentatious gold rider. She has nice clothing but she keeps it tucked away for special occasions, such as Gathers and Hatchings. As far as distinguishing features, Ambriel has a mottle burn scar up the outside of her left arm, running wrist to elbow. While the burn is large, the injury was not as severe as it could have been.

Face: Sonali Kulkarni

Hair: Dark, brown black and hanging just to her shoulders.
Eyes: Large and very dark brown.
Height: 5'10
Build: Lean and lithe.
Other Notable Physical Traits: A long burn scar on her left arm.
Style of Dress: Humble, rider's garb except for on special occasions. For Hatchings and Gathers, Ambriel has a marvelous yet small collection of beautiful earrings and richly colored fabrics.
Possessions usually found on persona: Black belt, belt knife, needle, suturing thread, vial of red wort.


Ambriel was born the daughter of a talented Healer, who as woman was a sensation as she viciously climbed the ranks, challenged male ideals of what her proper place should be, and brought valuable research to the esteemed Healer Hall. Many vied for Ambria's affection but in the end, it was a humble face of strong guard who caught her eye. Hanbriel was brown of eye, dusky in skin, with a penetrating gaze. Partly it was his strength that seduced Ambria and the other part was his giving heart. They were espoused and in six turns time had three child of their own; one daughter and two sons.

Ambriel, the eldest and the girl, was inspired by her mother from an early age. Ambria had accomplished so much and people respected her. More to the fact, people adored her. Ambriel wanted the same thing, well the respect at the very least. She had never been an affectionate child, sincere yes but independent from an early age. She loved to read, it was her greatest passion. Ambria saw that her daughter was firmly ensconced at Healer Hall, were she would get the best tutelage there was to find. Being so close to Fort Weyr, she often saw dragons but had little time to daydream of what it might be like to have one of her own. Her lessons kept her way to busy. Ambriel became an apprentice at 12 but at 13 suffered an accident. It had been a bitter cold winter at the Hall and Ambriel had been fetching a few more splits of precious wood for her Master's fire. Her boots were soaked and the stone slick as she reached the hearth and when she reached to deposit the wood on the crackling coals, she slipped. She wiped out her left arm to catch herself but landed in the dancing flames. Lucky, a fellow apprentice spotted her and yanked her out of the fire, beating out the flames and calling for help. The first and second degree burns were not as severe as her Master had feared but Ambriel was mentally scarred by the event. She healed, physically and thorough perseverance and no shortage of numbweed, was able to keep up with the other apprentices. She walked the tables when she was 17 turns old and as a Journeyman found herself stationed back at Telgar Hold. Four years past and Ambriel's talents grew. Shortly past her twenty birthday, a Search had been called for Telgar Weyr. All the young men and women were pulled out for the Search riders. It wasn't just any Search. There was a gold egg on the sands. Ambriel was unsurprised to see her brother Manabrin present but her jaw dropped open when the Search rider proclaimed her was suitable. She was just turning to catch up with a colleague when someone lightly touched her arm.

“You've been Searched.” the rider said, pressing a token into her hand. Ambriel looked up in shock at the sandy haired figure and blue dragon. Searched?! Ambriel said nothing but turned and walked away. She had been tempted to throw the token away when her mother arrived at her apartment, demanding to see it.

“Searched, Ambriel. You know what this means. A gold egg, my darling. You could be a queen rider. That means your own Weyr someday sweetling, if you are smart.”

Ambriel knew the rider would be back the next day and took that time to think it over. She understood it was a great honor, a once in a lifetime opportunity, and in one part she would be foolish to give it up. Her mother wanted her to go on but she loved her position at the Hold. Being a Healer was her passion, her dream was well within her grasp if she stayed and studied. In the end, it was Manabrin that convinced her to come and Stand with him. She relented, after a great deal of consideration.

Weyr life was markedly different than Hall or Hold but in it's fundamentals, basically the same. She found work to do and things to learn, though some of the Candidate Lessons she considered just good common sense and sometimes a bit dull. Ambriel, however, was always gracious to her Candidate Master and minded her manners. She had great respect for dragonriders that fought Thread and protected Pern but found herself wondering why she had been accepted. Ambriel considered herself to introverted to be worth a dragon, much less a queen dragon. Didn't they crave ostentatious sorts of emotionally malleable women? Never the less, Hatching day came and Ambriel took her place with fifteen other girls in a loose semi-circle around the queen egg. It was large and a bright, sun drenched gold. Manabrin had just made Impression to a handsome brown when suddenly the queen egg gave a lurch and toppled to it's side. A long crack split down the center and pushing her way deftly from the prison, stood a queen dragonet as bright as pure, twenty four karat gold. She was a small queen but pulled herself up decisively. She took two steps forward, swung her wedge shaped head toward Ambriel and locked eyes with her.

{{I am Eefraith.}} she said in a voice both dark and sweet. Ambriel reached out and the queen closed the distance between them, pressing her head into the young woman's hand. Impression was made and Ambriel became rider to gold Eefraith, Telgar's newest weyrwoman.

Going from Healer to Candidate was a big jump and for Ambriel it was a major change that she considered herself accomplished to have come to terms with as quickly as she was did. Becoming a Weyrling took everything to a more intense level. Not only did she have a dragon, she had a rare and most coveted Queen dragon. Now all eyes were looking at her. For the first sevenday, she was a little shell shocked. Eefraith turned out to be a large boon to her regaining her stride. The queen, those the smallest for her color, had a hungry mind as sharp as a hunter's trap. She seemed as excited to learn things as Ambriel was to teach them. In her, Ambriel knew she had found her perfect partner. The two wasted no time dedicating themselves to the work of a young gold pair, to the revilement of some of their peers because of how they so fervently applied themselves and gained praise from their teachers. It wasn't long before Ambriel began to notice the hotbed of politics that became the inheritance of one who Impressed old. Upon graduation, they found themselves assigned to the queen's wing and thrust into a veritable maelstrom of gossip. Seldom was it personal, though Eefraith and Ambriel both gained the nicknames 'Ice Queen' during their weyrling training for how little the pair seem to emote their personal feelings. Still, there was no denying the pair was steadfast and loyal, if both slightly elitist, over achievers.  

Eefraith was just past the threshold of her sexual maturity when she rose for her maiden flight. The small queen led a dizzying chase but eventually was caught. The flight had been long and she had taken her suitors high above Telgar. It was brown Xanketh that caught her, leaving Ambriel with Wingsecond O'zel. The night she spent with him was nice, hardly her first time. Three weeks after the flight Ambriel, against her Holder upbringing, made the decisive weyrbred choice to end what she suspected was her first pregnancy. She never told O'zel and never spoke of it to anyone. To this day, the only person who knows is one of her fellow clutch mates, now a up and coming Searchrider.

Eefraith's clutch that followed was modest but every dragonet was healthy. Ambriel watched, arm draped over her queen's massive head in an undisguised display of affection, as the new dragons found their riders. Time passed and Ambriel kept herself busy. She worked side by side with the Senior Weyrwoman of Telgar, making herself available for any task. If her transfer was denied, she could always make a solid bid for Weyrwoman Second. In truth, Ambriel admired the woman. She was their leader and while Ambriel didn't view her as an intellectual equal, there was no denying she held true power over the domain of Telgar.  

When it was announced that Igen was to be reopened, Ambriel found her days and nights full of things to consider. 'You could be senior weyrwoman, one day.' she remembered her mother saying. Eefraith cause the line of that thought and seized upon it with an intensity. The young queen had ambitions of authority, chafed under the leadership of her dam though she did continue to respect her. Eefraith wanted new territory, with out an established system so that she could plant her seeds. Ambriel, wanting to please herself as well as her queen, immediately applied for transfer to the new Weyr. It concerned her and angrier her no small bit that the Holds refused to tithe properly. The refusal of the Searches was to her, a slap in the face of every queen on the continent. Should Ambriel be sent to the new Weyr, she planned to call a Conclave to discuss what was to be done about this break in tradition. Surely if she could speak to the Lord Holders, she could make them see. Ambriel herself was Hold born and Craft raised. Maybe she could make them see reason. With a little hope and no small amount of responsibility, Ambriel and Eefraith await the word of the new Weyr with great anticipation.

Personality: Ambriel was a studious sort, from the moment she learned to read she couldn't tear herself away from knowledge. There as just so much to learn. She was easily the most eager of the young people, always asking the teacher questions, always taking notes and quickly making herself the reviled 'teacher's pet' of her age mates. Ambriel didn't get it; all she wanted to be was smart. Sure she could go chase the ball or play dolls with the other girls but why? What did one gain from that? Ambriel has never had time for what she considered frivolities; work came first, always. Dragon, Work, then the reward of relaxation. She takes her duties seriously, maybe a little too seriously. Her idea of relaxation is a quiet nook with a good book and a glass of wine.

That said, Ambriel craves romance. Eefraith might scoff at the idea of needing a male but Ambriel, no matter how she tried to tell herself it was silly, has always wanted to be swept off her feet by someone worthy of her. Trouble is, she's more than a little elitist about what qualifies as 'worthy of her'. He needs to be a smart of her, which might be asking a lot since Ambriel has been very educated since childhood. Good looking, dragon rider, and tall are also on that list.

Ambriel strives for perfection, believing that a gold rider is to be such. One thing that stands in her way is her pyrophobia. A bad accident as a child gave her a powerful fear of fire and intense heat. She's done everything she can to control and hide it but it is slowly winding out of control. She needs help but she is too proud to ask for it. Ambriel never wanted to be seen as prey or weak, therefore she has grown into a sharply intelligent but often cold and aloof women.


• Pyrophobic- A burn injury she received as a child scarred Ambriel, physically and mentally. She is afraid of both fire and intense heat, like from a blazing oven, heated metal or a dragon flaming too close. This has made working with flame throwers an uphill battle. It must be dealt with.

• Obsessive Compulsive- Order. It is the most important part of her daily life. It isn't just of question of disliking messes; Ambriel cannot seem to concentrate in a disorganized office or room. She almost always go into a cleaning and organizing mode, straightening everything until she can once again think.

Mannerisms or Habits: Ambriel shakes her foot while she reads, usually as it is propped up on one knee. She also rubs her feet together in her sleep, which can be a surprise to any of her flight mates. She also snores when she sleeps on her back. She has minor OCD, having to have her books organized by author, time line and title. She can get quite piqued if someone has the gall to take on of her books without asking. She is very neat and tidy; everything has a place and she can waste hours perfecting her office or weyr. That being said, it is a handy aspect of her personality when it comes to record keeping or store inventory.

[Like 1]: Reading. Books are a needful luxury and Ambriel has quite a few of them in her personal collection. She can really loose herself in a good book ad she reads all manner of things, from records to poems. Her books are precious to her and she saves her marks all turn to make sure she can add to her collection when a trader comes to the Weyr.

[Like 2]: Compliments. It is easy to flatter Ambriel, especially since she never got much positive attention in her child hood. As much as it galls her, someone remarking on her clever mind or organizational skills, much less her physical appearance, will make her blush almost uncontrollably.

[Dislike 1]: Insects. They are disgusting and the very thought of them makes her skin crawl and itch.
[Dislike 2]: Disrespect to Crafters. These peope play a vital role in the Weyr and Ambriel will not suffer abuse done to them.

Fighting Style/Weapon of Choice: Hand to hand and knife skills, pressed upon her by her father, who was a guard. Weapon of choice is a leaf blade knife, appox 5 ½ inch fixed blade on a handle of black walnut. She wears the blade she calls 'Saa' on the hip opposite her belt knife.

Dragon Information:

Dragon Name: Eefraith (E-fraeth)

Year of Impression 496 (5 Turns)

Clutch Name: Thread's Bane(This can be changed if the clutch is already named by the BOD)

Weyr of Hatching: Telgar Weyr

Coloring: Eefraith's hide carries the luster of a young queen, with no dithering of shade or muddle of color. Her body is covered head to tail spade in the most concentrated and alluring shade of twenty four karat gold. Only her soft tissue, wing membranes, neck ridge and tail shade, differ in color. Each of these darkens to a rich, burnish gold. When she is close to rising, Eefraith's hide resembles molten pure gold in the truest sense of shade.

Text Color FDD027 - Twenty Four Karat Gold

Length: 38 meters
Height: 44 meters

Other Physical Characteristics: Eefraith is a small gold, on level with the bronzes of the Weyr. Her wings are just long enough to make a full Fall a possibility but that being said, this gold lacks power of her larger sisters. Eefraith won't be saving anyone larger than a small brown from a nasty accident, at least not without risking harm to herself. She is a lithe, graceful creature. Her small status does give her the benefit of more speed, though for the most part she is like any other gold in that regard. Her large eyes give her a look a human might remark as 'young' or 'innocent' but make no mistake. Eefraith might be small but she is a queen and packs a punch.

Personality: Eefraith might be small but she is a cunning dragon. Puzzles and problems have always fascinated. She has always performed well under pressure, keeping a level head and a keen eye on the situation at hand. A pragmatic dragon, at times the direct way she handles things comes off as uncaring or even cruel. Eefraith doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings but she cannot give a mind to that beyond the immediate needs of her rider. Eefraith doesn't neglect to show Ambriel affection and while she would be spectacularly defensive should her rider be threatened or harmed, Eefraith does not coddle. She is very matter of fact, to the point, and while her mind is articulate, it is not romantic. Eefraith is, however, very involved in the lives of those around her. No one needs to be perfect but every dragon should strive to be competent. Eefraith encourages other dragons, often by dropping a one or two word compliment, and is easily impressed by those who try without complaint, no matter their color. Her size has never dictated her role in life; she is a queen. Eefraith is also an ambitious dragon and she is the driving force behind the pair to accomplish their goals. With that ambition comes a stubborn streak; Eefraith refuses to be intimidated or overruled in context to her personal goals.

Eefraith doesn't seem to notice males as anything other than good soldiers until she is at the threshold of rising, after which the victor might find himself under sharp attention for the duration of her pregnancy until Hatching Day. Eefraith would never let something like color dictate her choices in flight. It is to the victor, be he strong, clever or fast, that the spoils do go. Tradition must be a keystone to the Weyr.  

Voice: A darkly intelligent mezzo-contralto.

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PostSubject: Re: Jr. Weyrwoman Ambriel & Gold Eefraith   Sat Apr 13, 2013 12:59 pm

Very well thought out and detailed.

We can certainly plot something that will help her with her fear of fires. Igen is a very dry, hot place...(muahahahah-- character torture!)

Oh ho... someone has a crush on Jah'vi...
(Karene nudges N'kyr, you better get going with the sweeping off her feet thing.)

History, I'd like a little more on whats been going on with her since she has become a rider. Going from a healer to a rider would be a big transition as mentioned. How does she get along with current Senior of Telgar? Feel free to add some details about Telgar Weyr, you won't step on any feet, I promise Smile. Since Telgar Weyr is sending 1/3rd of the support staff to Igen Weyr (helping Fort the most), how supportive has she been on the subject of Igen, even before they discussed the possibility of sending her there? How does she feel about the Holds not wanting to send more tithes and Candidates to help? (Does she think they are being greedy or does she sympathize?) Igen Weyr opening is a really big deal for all the Weyrs right now. Their territories are being re-zoned to when Igen Weyr was a full functioning Weyr again, tithes are going to be different, support will be difficult

Very minor detail, which I failed to point out on I'ver as well. We're measuring length of dragon in meters. Smile

She looks really good! Can't wait to have a meeting for her with Karene and Belisse.

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PostSubject: Re: Jr. Weyrwoman Ambriel & Gold Eefraith   Sat Apr 13, 2013 1:53 pm

I made the changes and added some things. I hope you like!
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PostSubject: Re: Jr. Weyrwoman Ambriel & Gold Eefraith   Sat Apr 13, 2013 7:40 pm

Approved. Smile

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PostSubject: Re: Jr. Weyrwoman Ambriel & Gold Eefraith   Sun Apr 14, 2013 8:04 am

I love her too Vivid! I can't wait to play her and Belisse together
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PostSubject: Re: Jr. Weyrwoman Ambriel & Gold Eefraith   Mon Apr 15, 2013 9:44 am

Awesome, Vivid!

Haha, JQ, I'm sure she and N'kyr would get along splendidly. LOL

Although, her description makes me want to bring around Master harper Gavriel just to throw her, even if she's not interested in him. He likes to be late to meetings and flirt Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Jr. Weyrwoman Ambriel & Gold Eefraith   

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Jr. Weyrwoman Ambriel & Gold Eefraith
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