... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 S'dric of Brown Nicath -Fort Weyr

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PostSubject: S'dric of Brown Nicath -Fort Weyr   Sun Jan 13, 2013 7:17 pm

S'dric & Brown Nicath

:: OOC Information ::
Moniker: JQ/ Els
How did you hear about us?: CoFounder

:: Character Information ::


Wing Second/ Brownrider


Age/ Turn of Birth:
34/ 468


Place of Birth:
Fort Hold

Place of Residence:
Fort Weyr

Dragonrider/ Former apprentice Guard

Occupation/ Role:
Wing Second

Character Aspirations:
Keeping his dragon’s aspirations in check! Hopes to be as capable and strong as his dragon, able to embody those great strengths one day as well as his glorious Brown does. Together, he hopes he and his brown may some day fly a Queen. As talk of a new Igen Weyr is unavoidable, he has also been wondering about transferring there to help rebuild it. As for human relationships, S’dric looks forward to one day perhaps impressing a Hold girl and marrying her so that she would come live with him in the Weyr. In his own mind, he would appreciate the stability of that kind of relationship/ romance over one with a rider who either has an incredibly flighty green or a queen that he probably won’t be able to couple his dragon with well.

Father: (Brother of Allvander) Fort Hold Guardsman Bowdric (440)
Mother:  Mina (439) (Sister of Mayune, mother of Mahyeul)
Siblings: Charkram (465) (aka Ram), Sr. Journeyman Tanner; Drenden (466), Fort Hold Guardsman; Isse (471), Seamstress
Children: Seouldric (7/ 493); Nozumie (4/ 496)
Other Significant: Aunt: Seulay, Head Cook at Fort Hold;  Uncle: Allvander, Guard for Fort Hold; Cousins: Arrowva (arr-oh-va),  f , cook; Lancelle, f, rider of Green Raidenth, Fort Weyr (played by Caoimhe); Daxe, m, Training for the Guard at Fort Hold; Bladen, Fort Hold Guardsman (played by Caoimhe); Mahyeul, m, Telgar Guardsman, (played by JQ)


Face: Kim Hyun Jung
Hair: Dark brown, near black. Typically pretty straight, medium cut in back with a thick crop of bangs cut in an attractive side sweep to cover his forehead. Though, he usually goes too long without having it cut, causing periodically long enough layers to pull back into a stubby pony tail.
Eyes: Dark, cool colour of brown, much like the bistre brown in his dragon’s hide.
Height: 6’
Build: Well muscled because of his constant physical activity as a dragonrider. Has a very trim (almost too trim), though masculine ‘V’ shaped torso. Strong cut shoulders and upper back, even if they aren’t very broad. Well defined abdominals.
Other Notable Physical Traits: The usual work-caloused hands.
Style of Dress: Usually adopts a more casual style of dress such as dark, semi-fitted pants or jeans with a simple shirt and riding jacket. Days off, he likes to wear a leather corded necklace and wrist band.
Other than that, he is typically found in his riding leathers, and arm warmers and a scarf.
Possessions usually found on persona:

    ✣Maybe a few fraction marks. Not one to find too much importance in money.✣Customary belt-knife for utility

Born in Ford Hold, Scabardric was the third of four children. He was the least problem-causing of all the boys, and typically just let his two older brothers do all the trouble making so that he could watch and learn from it, not making the same mistakes. Most of the competition between siblings was certainly between his two older brothers. The second eldest was typically always trying to show up the eldest.  Scabardric got along well with all of them for the most part, but especially with his sister.

Always having wanted to join the guard like his father and second eldest brother had done, S’dric went into training at the expected age of 12. It always seemed to run in the family and was a strong point of pride for them. S’dric never excelled as much as the rest of his family in the martial arena, and so after a time, became frustrated with the fact that he’d ever wanted to follow in their footsteps in the first place. S’dric had always had the hobby of playing guitar and lute however, so it became of great debate amoungst the family when he admitted to his father that he would rather abandon his training in the Guard to attend the Harper hall, even if it meant starting over and beginning a new an apprenticeship at a much later age than was typical. With little support from anyone in the immediate family but his sister, S’dric was pressured to complete the apprenticeship with the Guard. It was with near as much frequency that he trained at the guard hall that h e would disappear to practice with his instruments in private.

In 486, at the age of 18, Searchriders arrived in Fort, drafting S’dric into candidacy. In a way, he was very glad to leave his home, so that he wouldn’t have to continue in a field of training that he had no real love for. The weyr provided him with more freedom on that account, although in all honesty he wasn’t sure what to expect if he did end up impressing...would such a thing be just another path in life he would eventually want to turn away from, just like his training with the Guard? If such a thing happened, could he be a Harper and a dragonrider? Could he leave the Weyr if he wanted to? Such a thing was unheard of. No, if it happened, then it was meant to be and he would have to see it through. In the meantime, his focus was on music.

After standing and not impressing for two clutches, Scabardric was feeling let down, and decided that he would be better off returning to join the Guard at Fort instead of remaining useless in the Weyr forever. Or perhaps he could travel directly to the Harper Hall and begin studies anew there, before his family ever found out. Yes. That would be his plan.

In 488, at the age of 20 however, he was surprised by his own Impression to Nicath. The impression happened just after the horrendous barracks fire that destroyed so many lives. The disaster had caused him a lot of heartache and made him very cautious as a weyrling. Because of the care he took about his tasks he was always considered a dependable sort and uncompromising when it came to Nicath’s safety and the safety of others. He never saw himself as a leadership type but it was obvious by their approach of him that the Weyrling Master thought highly of him and saw that potential in him as a Rider.

One of the first few flights that Nicath participated in, he caught a young and inexperienced Green by the name of Ceryth whose rider became an important part of his life after becoming pregnant with his first child. She also was the mother of his second child. After a while, Ceryth became the only dragon that Nicath would fly due to his rider’s love for her rider Surine. The two riders became rather singularly involved with one another.

Though Ceryths flights weren’t closed flights, the two of them always chose eachother, and Ceryth always enjoyed giving Nicath a little challenge. She still desired for only the most worthy of males to have her. One flight in particular, during the turn of 497, it was the case that another very daring and talented brown decided to give chase and would have won her in the Flight, but Nicath and his rider enraged at the prospect.  Just as the other male would have begun to copulate, the Green caught her own rider’s doubt and surprise and somehow, that feeling was strong enough to break her concentration in Flight. The confusion that ensued between the now enraged female and a furious and very large Brown led to disastrous results. As Nicath attacked the Brown entwined with Ceryth, the female flashed in between in that startled moment, never reappearing.

Her rider unable to contain her grief was watched closely by S’dric and other friends, but a few days later, was found early in the morning, having drowned herself in the bathing pools while others slept. S’dric blamed himself for her death and has avoided flights as much as possible since that time, but more recently, Nicath has been more inclined to participate in them. He is still a very amourous lover, but ends attachment wtih the flight itself. He has become almost completely disenchanted with the idea of ever being in another serious relationship with another Rider and of course still grieves heavily at the loss of Surine..He copes with the loss by pouring himself into his work and into his music.

Perhaps in part to compensate for the loss of their mother, or to be reminded of her, S’dric spends a smuch time as he can with his children, often playing music for them and helping them learn how to play their own little instruments. The children rarely meet with their family outside of the weyr. Nozumie is still afraid of Nicath, but Seouldric always wants to  become a dragorder like him, so he is constantly wanting to climb all over Nicath, completely unafraid of the monstrosity.

At the time that his cousin Lance had been brought from Search to the Weyr, S’dric was excited to have someone who was kin joining him. Within the first few hours of her arrival, he’d gone to greet her. After their first visit however, he kept his distance for a little while, unless they just happened by eachother or situation decided the better of it. S’dric knew how Candidates and Weyrlings could be. He  didn’t want others giving her a hard time or receiving special treatment because he was around. He knew his cousin’s strength and pride and thus was certain that Lance would fairly quickly earn herself a place of respect amoungst other candidates and weyrlings; and in doing so, it would be best in his mind, that she do it without any interference oh his part. As soon as he felt that she was well established by her own credentials, and didn’t feel as though he would be in her way, S’dric gradually made effort to spend more time with her again.

Only a short time had passed after the death of Cerynth and Surine when his cousin Lance was involved in an accident that took the lives of everyone else in her wing. S’dric was frantic at first; he didn’t want to suffer anymore heartache. Nicath’s mind searched for a touch of Raidenth’s own. When he found out that his cousin was the sole survivor of the incident, he was incredibly relieved, but relief turned into anger when she later spoke of the details to him, knowing that Lance had been ignored and... all of those lives could have been saved.

The mourning of the dragons over those that had been lost, took him back to a time not so long ago that those same keening sounds echoed through the weyrs. In the day, it was easier to ignore, because he was able to focus himself on Lance, and the fact that she had survived, but at night, it was much more difficult not to think back to Surine and Cerynth. There were times he even started walking to the creche in the middle of the night to retrieve his children, taking them back to his own weyr so that he could be with them and hold them while they slept, comforted by their presence, feeling closer to Surine. The creche workers understood his grief was deepening again, because this is something that he had only done very shortly after Surine passed away -wanting to be near his children at all hours available to him.

In the day however, outside of his own wing practices and other duties, S’dric was in Lance’s company as often as she would allow it, in order to help her cope with things emotionally, but also to help her in her physical recovery where he could. Though she may not have known it right away, he and Nicath were also protective of her where inappropriate gossip and her reputation were concerned. Where others doubted her, S’dric would vouch for her. He knew his cousin might be hot headed sometimes, but she was anything but negligent or half-witted. Nobody else but leadership needed to pry into the details of what had happened. It wasn’t anyone elses’ business.

As the strangely appearing naming conventions of his family ended up applying to him, Scabardric was named after the Scabbard. Of course, living up to his name like any other, his personality is more suited for containing and storing power and understanding the best time to release it. Temperance, restraint, moderation, control, discretion, constraint, all become him.  This has never been more the case than in his relationship with Nicath. With he as the sheath and his dragon as the blade, this is how he views their pairing in more allegorical perception as it concerns his name. Even so, in the end, even a scabbard proves incredibly strong, and if used wisely, may become a deadly weapon in and of itself. That is the promise that keeps S’dric from becoming undone by any doubt in himself.
Sensitive and sensual. It is rumoured that this attributes to him being a caring and incredibly amourous lover, even without dragon involvement.
Patient unless his dragon intervenes.
Rather jovial and good-natured. It is usually only when his draconic counterpart is upset that he displays any sense of anger outwardly beyond the expressiveness in his face and tension in his body.
Not as ambitious as his dragon. He finds it a little odd that his Brown is as driven as he is, without any encouragement of his own, and is sometimes embarrassed by this. Feels as though things should be the other way around. But alas, it’s usually the dragon giving the rider encouragement to be more ambitious where they are concerned.
Intelligent. He feels that life becomes a constant enjoyment of experiential learning.
Committed. When he sets a goal for himself -or when Nicath sets a goal for them- he is very committed to following through and completing the task at hand. This also manifests itself in the sense that he is typically pretty steady with women he involves himself with.
Tactful and Altruistic.
Generally calm and laid back, making him  seem very approachable. This trait may be a bit disarming of some people while around him, because he seems so far removed from being in conflict. Tends to be quiet enough at times that others might think him deep in thought or perhaps upset.
Appreciates simplicity in things. Though he’s not simple minded, he prefers not to make things more complicated and difficult than they have to be.
Quick to adapt and pick up on things
Possesses a certain quiet and unassuming charm.  
A gentle and loving father. Generally pleasant with others too; and if he doesn’t have anything nice to say about someone, prefers keeping quiet.

Becomes overly frustrated with Nicath at times, when the dragon’s need for achievement drives him to try to take things into his own hands so to speak. Also, since Nicath can be too pushy on certain subjects, he tends to be more resistant to those things because of it.
Feels a little inept because of his dragon’s drive to achieve greatness; He feels as though his dragon more than himself has gotten them to where they are at. Sometimes these feelings run deep enough to wonder if it were not for his dragon, would he by himself amount to anything at all? He doens’t have trouble differentiating their desires one from the others’ necessarily, but wonders if it weren’t for his dragon’s constant urge for achievement, if he wouldn’t achieve near as much as he has. This self-doubt is constantly pushed aside by Nicath as unwarranted, even if it does still cause S’dric to stop and wonder.

Mannerisms/ Habits:
When in thought and when writing his music, often leans his chin into one hand if he’s sitting.. if not sitting, then his hand rises to his chin.

Skills/ Likes:
[Relaxing Afternoons]: Being a laid back person, he enjoys the feeling of working hard all week, and then getting to take a day off to enjoy a day to one’s self. A relaxing day off proves all the more enjoyable to him when work has been productive.
[Music]: S’dric has an exceptional singing voice for not being harper trained, and is fairly skilled also atplaying a guitar or lutetype instrument. Generally, he keeps a stack of parchments on a desk in his weyr with scribbles of lyrics that he’s written, though most of the notes are not written out properly, rather, they are kept mostly in his head.
[Learning to be a better leader]: This is not something he feels he necessarily is or isn’t cut out to do, but he takes pleasure in learning to be a better leader, taking away from the example of others.. and a little help from his dragon’s confidence in them.

Unskilled at/ Dislikes:
[Impatience]: Such as when his dragon or other people become too pushy about things and don’t consider that he’ll have his own way of accomplishing things in his own time. Mostly this applies to his dragon, but it makes him even touchier about other people being pushy around him.
[Being pressured]: Maybe it just goes back to his situation in the Guard, S’dric doesn’t appreciate being pressured unnecessarily by anyone to do anything.

Fighting Style/ Weapon of Choice:
Before being drafted into the Weyrs for a candidacy on the sands, he spent his apprenticeship turns in the Fort Guard training halls. Almost all of his combat experience is thereby a product of their teachings. So, though S’dric has no real ‘talent’ per se, for arts of the martial ilk, he has a foundation of well-drilled technique to compensate.

:: Dragon Information ::
Dragon Name:

Turn of Impression:

Clutch Name:
[Unnamed] by Gold Galadrieth and Bronze

Weyr of Impression:
Fort Weyr

Wing Name:


#402f0a, #5e491b, #7a622d, #99804b, #a5926a, #baa882
Pale tawny brown underside that shifts into more chamoisee hues. The colouring along his back ridge evolves into a dark bistre shade with interestingly warm undertones considering its rather cool shade. The near-black brown flows from the crown of his head to the tip of his tail and can be seen intermittently shooting off into brief stripes through the chamoisee browns in his hide. This dark shade also follows the very front edge of his wings, is seen at the lower part of his wing membranes, and becomes a dark blotch on the end of his muzzle. Where the bistre brown is seen on the thinner wing membranes, it appears almost as smoke drifting up from singed wingtips.

Length: 36.3 Meters
Height: 41.2 Meters

Other Physical Characteristics:
Large build for a brown. Well defined, somewhat bulking musculature. His eyes seem a little smallish for the size of his head.

Personality Traits:
Single-mindedly focused. Often times this trait helps his rider sharpen his own focus and determination. In that way, they’ve learned to work as a team in order to better perform.
Ambitious, dominant personality type that sometimes sets he and his rider at odds with eachother. He being always ready to take action and move them forward in their achievements. It’s not incredibly uncommon that he should act on his own or become irritatingly pushy over things, usually drawing the ire of his Rider onto himself for doing so.
Good-natured toward other humans and dragons overall, though he is quicker to be upset by things than his rider, and is usually the one with outbursts that also spill over into his rider.
Rumbles a lot about almost everything. Not grumbly, just rumbly. Some may believe the sound to be him just being disconcerted over something, but he has many tones of rumbling that express his various moods without having to make many of the other sounds that dragons tend to do.
Though every dragon enjoys sunning themselves, this ones tends not to be that lazy or laid back to allow himself to do so for too long. Typically, any prolonged periods of relaxation are demanded by his rider.
Confident, although not cocky generally.
Playful with S’dric’s son.

Resonating tenor

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PostSubject: Re: S'dric of Brown Nicath -Fort Weyr   Mon Jan 14, 2013 3:22 pm

I think he's done!!!! Fin!

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PostSubject: Re: S'dric of Brown Nicath -Fort Weyr   Thu Jan 17, 2013 12:28 pm

Looks good. Just need a couple things and I think he'll be good to go.

At what age did he join the Harper Hall? (in other words how late was he and if it was really late why did they accept him?)

Maybe we should build a little background between he and Lance in the bio. (I can add some to hers) Since her being Searched as a Candidate he may have been watching out for her? And when he heard all the keening over the dead Weyrlings he might have been a bit concerned that she might have died as well as the keening would have reminded him of Ceryth's death and the WEyrling Barracks fire. Smile

Hope that helps

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PostSubject: Re: S'dric of Brown Nicath -Fort Weyr   Fri Jan 18, 2013 10:21 am

ok, do those changes work? I added a section to the bottom of the history involving Lance. If you can think of anything else, we can mix stories more from that time.. do you think that works for her candidacy? then for her incident??

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PostSubject: Re: S'dric of Brown Nicath -Fort Weyr   Fri Jan 18, 2013 1:23 pm

The changes look good to me. Approved.

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PostSubject: Re: S'dric of Brown Nicath -Fort Weyr   Fri Jan 18, 2013 1:30 pm

What rank will he be starting out as? Wingrider or Second? or Third or whatever works lol.

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PostSubject: Re: S'dric of Brown Nicath -Fort Weyr   Fri Jan 18, 2013 7:10 pm

He can be second or third. Whichever you would prefer Smile

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PostSubject: Re: S'dric of Brown Nicath -Fort Weyr   

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S'dric of Brown Nicath -Fort Weyr
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