... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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PostSubject: :: PLAYABLE HOLDS & RESPECTIVE TERRITORIES ::   Fri Sep 21, 2012 4:30 pm

Holding Territories

Fort Hold

Fort Hold is located to the West of the Northern Continent, is Pern's oldest Hold. It is the location to which the Pern colonists evacuated upon abandoning the Southern Continent ten Turns after arriving on Pern. Colonists Sallah Telgar and Tarvi Andiyar discovered the cave network. In Pern's early history, the colonists established a College at Fort Hold which evolved into the Harper Hall during the Second Pass. Fort's industry revolves around the seacraft, healercraft, harpercraft, agriculture, etc. Grain fields with alfalfa, wheat and fruit orchards growing apples, plums, pears and several varieties of berries are common. Fort makes a salty cheddar, Sitlton, and a few soft cheeses for spreading on bread. Mushrooms, peanuts, river grains, and soybeans, legumes, tubers, swedes, parsnips, fingeroots, sugar beets and turnips are also harvested here.

Everything you need to know about Fort Hold

Fort's Minor Holds:
-Fort Sea Hold
-Fort River Hold
-Harper Hall
-Healer Hall
-Peyton Hold
-High Hill Hold
-Retallek Hold
-Gar Hold
-possibly other lesser holds

Telgar Hold

Telgar Hold is situated at the northern end of the longitudinal center of Pern's Northern Continent, close to the Central Barrier Range. Telgar Hold evolved from the mining facilities founded by Pern contractor, and named in honor of his wife Sallah Telgar. Its industry revolves around mining, smithing, ceramics, agriculture, etc. Telgar is famous for etching and engraving, printed fabrics, silk screen, and batik.  They produce most of the north's grain and the best beer on Pern.

Everything you need to know about Telgar Hold

Telgar's Minor Holds:
-Greenfields Hold
-Campbell's Field Hold
-Mastersmith Hall
-Miner's Hold
-Hold Balan
-Southern Telgar Hold (houses a minor Healer Hall)
-Hilltop Hold
-Telgar River Hold
-possibly other lesser holds

Southern Boll Hold

Southern Boll occupies the southern end of the Boll peninsula in the West of Pern, south of Fort Hold, with the Hold itself located near the peninsula's tip. Colonist Peter de Courcis established Boll Hold in the seventeenth Turn after Landing. He named it after his wife, the recently-deceased Governor Emily Boll. Boll, a hero of the Nathi War as a planetary governor, led the initial Pern colony with Admiral Paul Benden. It is not clear whether the current Hold is in the same location as de Coucis' original settlement. Industry in Boll revolves around the weavercraft, agriculture (cotton, flax, wool, etc to support the industry), seacraft, etc. It also involves fishing, and fruit orchards. The grown wild melon vines, bananas, kiwi, mangoes, goru pears, wedgenuts, and peaches as well as crops for the weaver industry such as cotton.  Poultry, teas and fruit liquors are also found abundantly and exported.
Secondary industry would be the glasscraft providing glassware and ceramics.

Everything you need to know about Southern Boll Hold

Southern Boll's Minor Holds:
-Pierie Hold
-Masterweaver Hall

Crom Hold

Crom Hold is located in the low mountains west of Telgar Hold along the Western Barrier Range, north of Nabol and Ruatha Holds. The primary industry of Crom Hold is mining, and in the Ninth Pass the Masterminer is located there. A group of miners established Crom Hold near the end of the First Interval; similar to Ista, the hold's name is derived from the first initials of these four.

Crom's Minor Holds:
-Masterminer Hall
-Campell's Field Hold
-Keogh Hold
-Three Rivers Hold
-possibly other lesser holds

Igen Hold

Igen Hold is a largely desert region in the South of Pern's Northern Continent. Although on the eastern half of the continent, Igen Hold has a long western coastline. Industry includes seacraft, agriculture, etc.

Everything you need to know about Igen Hold -Pending updates

Igen's Minor Holds:
-Igen Sea Hold (Big Bay Hold)
-Kalz Field Hold
-Mastertanner Hall
-Igen River Hold
-possibly other lesser holds
-Igen Caves, inhabited by a large number of Holdless.

Keroon Hold

Keroon Hold sits in the prairie east of the center of Pern's Northern Continent, south of Bitra and Lemos Holds, west of the Nerat Peninsula. The circumstances of its founding have not been revealed, but presumably the Hold was named in honor of Ezra Keroon. Keroon captained one of the colony ships from Earth and served the colony as a scientific advisor. Keroon Hold is known for its livestock, particularly its runnerbeasts, though they are said to be not as good as Ruatha's. Industry includes Seacraft, beastcraft of all kind, agriculture, etc.

Keroon's Minor Holds:
-Beastmaster Hold
-Bayhead Hold
-Keroon Hold
-Keroon River Hold
-High Ground Hold
-Waterhole Hold
-High Plateau Hold
-Curved Hill Hold
-Red Cliff Hold
-Plains Hold (Will be under territorial conflict)
-Kimmage Hold
-Wide Bay Hold
-possibly other lesser holds[/b]

(Maps taken from The Atlas of Pern)
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